⚽ FC Porto Football Stadium Tour (Estádio do Dragão)

So guys welcome to another episode
of ultimate bucket list and today I’m in Porto? a stereo Laura how the Dragon
Stadium this is home to SC porto portugal most successful and most recent
european champions and this stadium is effing massive guys this is one
seriously big ass Stadium I mean I’m not kidding it’s technically about five
minutes just to walk around the place and I still won’t even found the
entrance okay I’ve done about two laps of this down Stadium already apparently
the entrances are gates well allegedly but I can see when I walk past it before
so yeah it’s only the bloody side of the stadium under I’ve only got five minutes
left to make the next tour so see whether FC Porto boss is going
that’s the metro station and here’s the entrance I didn’t need to do to you up
to the stadium at all so yeah that was a little bit of a waste of time the tour
unceremoniously starts in the carpark and this is the part where they tell you
that you can’t video anything which is really annoying but does you know guys
I’m a bastard I recorded anyway you actually get to do a nice little lap of
the pitch and it’s pretty cool to walk around the pitch but they don’t let you
stand on the grass the only time that they do is if they take a picture of you
and try and sell it to you at the club shop afterwards I obviously didn’t do
that when walking around the stadium you’ll notice that there are names all
over the walls if you attended the first game here at a
study of the foul your name is forever engraved into the
brick here which i think is actually kind of cool there are a lot of names on
this thing you get to go into the presidential box
and surprise surprise this is where all the rich and imports people sit the
seats are nice and comfortable and this is the best view of the stadium you’re
probably going to get so take plenty of pictures here they then walk you
downstairs and into the media bits where they take your picture and try and sell
it to you afterwards at the gift shop and the underground car park where the
rich and famous park their cars in and amongst a lots of artwork imagine that
parking your car and then walking to your seat literally two meters away you
also get to see the bus which is a thing of beauty in itself take lots of
pictures and they don’t actually let you into the home team’s dressing room it’s
a rule apparently nobody’s allowed to go in there so instead you make do with the
visiting teams dressing room now it’s actually not bad this is actually better
than a lot of visiting pressing rooms that I’ve been into and you get some
great photo opportunities but my advice is to wait until everybody clears out so
that you can take pictures on your own and they don’t hesitate to tell you that
they are champions you actually get to walk out through the tunnel which is
kind of cool except that every time I do one of these things some idiot gets in
my way anyway my shop was completely ruined so I’m now having to walk through
without smoke decent tunnel shots and you actually get to sit into the players
and coaches dugouts this provides some great photo
opportunities and if you are bored it provides you with a nice comfortable
seat to rest your feet and chillax until the end of the tour sadly this is
actually the end of the tour as they frog march you back past the pitch and
into the club’s gift shop where the tour ends it’s a nice gift shop and there’s
plenty to buy and you can also go upstairs and go to the ticket office
where you can buy tickets for the next match if you want to now at any time
before or after at all you can go into the museum now the
museum is fantastic it’s actually one of the best museums I’ve ever been sued and
that includes all sports you get some interesting exhibits such as this the
goddess of revenge for some reason and their trophy room is absolutely mammoth
this is possibly the most impressive trophy room I’ve ever seen and I’ve been
to the Hockey Hall of Fame and that was cool also have won every single trophy
that you could possibly win as a football team and this is an amazing way
to display all the trophies that they’ve won you even get see the championship us
when they parade through the streets of Porto once they’ve worn a trophy and
technically you can actually go inside the replica dressing room whereby you
can see all the shirts that have gone by in past and you get a cool CGI
thing to go into you’ve got a bit dedicated to just the media and you can
also take photos of yourself green screen in a polo shirt
overall the museum was definitely worth the money and I highly recommend you do
this if you are in also so I’ve just kind of finished the state
limits for and the museum here in people’s they let you finish check out
the club shop but I gotta say that was probably one of the best football
specific stadium tours and museums that I’ve ever seen you know and I’ve been to
a lot I’ve been to a lot of football stadiums and I’ve been up to a lot of
Tours but honestly this was probably one of the best if not the best one I’ve
been to the museum very interactive it had a lot of cool stuff to see and it
was nicely presented the staff here were absolutely amazing and to be honest even
though it’s a Portuguese club everyone speaks English which is a massive bonus
okay nin I’m salt what do I do well you need to come here to estádio do
dragão which is the dragon stadium you can
easily find it on any metro map because it’s one of the main stops on pretty
much most of the metro lines so it’s really not that difficult to find
because to do the talk well it’s about fifty euros for both the museum and the
stadium so if you do just want to do the museum I imagine you would it’s 12 euros
so if you want my advice to pay the extra three euros technically I paid
three euros for an audio guide that was a little bit of waste of money because
apparently you can download it for free on a mobile phone app which I completely
didn’t know about so yet save you three euros and download the app that goes
with the museum and stadium tour it’s also operate literally every hour so
they will literally start on the hour and they generally lasts for about 50
minutes is there anything else I need to know yes it’s quite a hefty walk so if
you don’t like walking all that washes as probably
a good state is offered you they don’t actually let you record so the path I
mash to get away with it just using my standard canon camera instead of the
GoPro which is what I’m on now a couple you’ve actually got away with it but I
did so guys if you have enjoyed this episode please like share subscribe
comment on the comments below and if you’ve got any other ideas for bucket
list ideas tweet them at me and if I get enough suggestions I’ll go ahead and do
that first I absolutely recommend the toy here at Porto if you do get to come
let me know how you get on on the comment section below and see you in the
next episode no regulus of this channel might be
asking me to name why you’re not trolling these guys with the amount of
the United sure ordinarily I would do but honestly I didn’t even realize I was
actually coming here I just decided to come here on the fly so I never actually
packed a Manchester United shirt though the next time I do this I probably do
that Ninh Ly – www.ninh.co.uk – @NinhLyUK

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