✅DISCUS THROW -❌ Avoid Over Rotation In Your Throws🔄

✅DISCUS THROW -❌ Avoid Over Rotation In Your Throws🔄

Over rotation.
We always hear about it. Everything you go through looking
through Instagram or YouTube and you see everybody oh you’re over rotating,
over rotating. Oh God. But why are you over rotating? Well we’re going to talk about are quick
fixes during crunch time in a season to help you fix that over rotation
and pickup big distance fast. Here we go check it out Hey everybody. It’s Erik Johnson from Arete Throws Nation
and today’s YouTube video we’re going to talk about one of those common
mistakes that’s really plaguing lots of throwers out there.
The dreaded over rotation. So one of the things that you hear quite
a bit or you can see or a lot of people will point out, a lot of times I’ll notice
posts on Instagram or YouTube
and people are pointing out mistakes people are making
and they’re very obvious. But we want to look at why these over
rotation mistakes are occurring in the first place. So we can start to look at ways to
address him and help you improve faster. So the idea here is we get to the crunch
time of the season and we’ve got to make simple adjustments that
are going to yield big results. These are going to be some of
those things. So number one, what is one of the biggest
causes of over rotation? Young throwers when they have too much
foot motion and they stay on a high toe. So you’re going to notice how,
tall the heel is. And so you see some kids and they do this
and they stay up and you see how tall that foot staying. So that is going to cause over rotation
because what they’ll do is they get up here and you can see
that does help me rotate, but we need to be driving and
pushing the left knee into the throw. That’s what we refer to as “pillar 3”.
We call it dropping in and sprinting. So what we want to feel as we’re
coming into the throw here, if we’re driving into the throw, we’re pushing the knee in and
creating that nice wide sweep. So if we have the high heel,
we can’t do that. So one of the things is don’t do this. And then what we’re going to talk
about are how do we fix that? So the quick fix for fixing the over
rotation if you have the high heel, is simply to turn with the
heel lower to the ground. We want to stay on the inside of the foot
and we want to keep that foot lower to the ground. And that’s going
to set up this type of an axis. So we’re going to be here and you’re
going to see if we look at somebody like who I think does this extremely
well, Daniel Stahl , you
look at Gudzius, again, a little bit taller, but you’re going to notice again how
the left side turns and heels going to come down into that low position.
So that’s mistake number one. That’s a simple fix for mistake
number one. Okay, mistake number two. Mistake number two is too
active with the upper body. And what I mean is opening the arm and
chest and you’re going to see how that’s keeping me here.
And so when I do this, you’re going to notice how that
helps me really spin around. And so now if I’m throwing
and I open the arm and chest, you’re going to see that
big over rotation and yes, there is a proper way
to throw the left arm. One of the things we talk about inside
the Throwing Chain Reaction System is every pillar has a window. So in “pillar 1” we have optimal
position points. So what we’re looking at is, especially with the entry side arm, we always want to be thinking
take that arm to 12, 10, 8, 6 and so then it’s going to be opening
around. So we’re taking that long path. If I’m a left handed thrower, it’s 12, 2, 4, 6. You can
see how it’s this way, right? And how everything’s going to pull
that way. So we want to be active, we want to be aggressive and
we want to use that entry side. But what we want to do is avoid ripping
the chest and the arm open because you’ll see that does help
facilitate rotation. But again, if I’m throwing and I throw, it does
help me kind of push. But again, what too many young throwers are doing
is they don’t truly understand that and they’re just opening and kind
of stepping into the throw. So that’s mistake number two.
And again, try to take the long path around
aggressive with the upper body, be aggressive,
move the arm properly. We talk about how we’re going
to move it into the throw, but if we just rip it open and turn the
chest, that’s going to be game over. You’re gonna over-rotate and if you have
mistake number one combined with that so you have the high heel and that you’re
going to really over-rotate badly into the throw.
Okay, so item number three when we talk about
is one of the key things is we talk about turning the knee in.
So now when, sometimes if I have
everything along and I do this, I bring the sweep leg goes narrow.
When the sweep leg rolls over, we’re gonna again create rotation and
that ultimately is going to have a really negative impact on what you
do in the middle of the ring. It’s actually going to stop rotation. So
you can over-rotate and then it’s not going to allow you to rotate properly
into the middle of the throw. So again, we tend to see this again with a lot of
younger throwers and where you’ll see athletes and they rotate here and the
toes pointing down on the sweep foot. So quick fix number one, we talk about leading with the inside
of the knee and keeping that toe up. I’m not a big proponent of super high. I just want the toe open so
that it can create that nice rotational rounds,
sweep path. A long time ago we did a video on the
sweep and we kind of show that how we take that wide long position with the
sweep leg that creates again, the right entry path that if you
coordinate that with that 12, 10, 8, 6 upper body and you’ve got that
sweep leg following in that same path, that’s where you set up that
really nice dynamic throw. I think one of the guys who I think on
the world level is doing that in a super pretty way now is Frederick
Dacres. Really nice, big wide sweeps, really pretty
easy and it’s super dynamic and so, and when you look on the women’s level, you look at Sandra Perkovich
really awesome, right legs, super wide and around and she
really cranks that sucker in. But those are the things that are
going to help create the right path. So you think about it logically. So keep the toe up and
keep lead with the inside. Some people say inside of the thigh,
I don’t want to see this, we want to just see the legs staying
open so that we’re going to create more rotation.
So item number four, common reasons for over rotation are
the combination of you’re doing one, two and three.
And so when you put all of those together, you have the perfect storm
for severe over rotation, you’re probably going to hear that
kind of hard landing in the middle. And then the rotation is going to stop
and we’re going to talk about why that’s bad in another video. But for today,
hopefully you found that helpful. If you find yourself doing a couple
of these things wrong, go back, review the video. Hopefully these are some quick tips
that are going to help a lot of you out there that don’t have coaches,
are a lot of you, young coaches that are doing your best
and trying to do that and haven’t, don’t understand these small details
and hopefully they’re going to help you. If you did find today’s video helpful,
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  1. Love this video coach. Working with a thrower currently that is having these exact problems. I'll definitely be implementing these techniques into practoce for him. Thanks for everything that you put up, it has really helped me in my first year of coaching!

  2. Thanks to make videos like that ! It helps a lot of throwers I'm sure ! I have no coach and you act like one, it is helpful. Thank you and continue to help people all around the world !

  3. I found it. For a long time I have had problems to sprint and fall to the high point beacause of overrotation. Especially on discuss throw. I can sleep in peace.

  4. Omg my throws have been hurt so bad by over rotating. I do all one two and three, and I think this is gonna help me win my class😤👏🏼

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