My name is Timmy Eads, 66th Mountaineer
here at WVU, and these are 10 things you don’t know about me. Number one, I hate ketchup. Cannot stand it. Oh, it’s disgusting. I don’t know, it’s just
something about it. What do you put on fries? I just eat them plain. What about hot dogs? Chili, mustard, sometimes onions, slaw. Now that’s a hot dog! So number two, I used to have long hair. Started growing it back in third grade. Didn’t cut it all off until ninth grade. That’s awful. And the bad thing is I thought it looked
cool. (Laughs) It’s like, what? Number three, I’m scared of mice, rats, anything like that. I can see a mouse and, like, I’m out. Don’t ask Timmy to kill it. I’m out. Number four, I am the proud owner of a donkey. Yeah. Is it good? Is it good? I just happened to mention to somebody that I thought it’d be cool to have a donkey, and about three days later I had one. It
just kind of a just showed up, and he’s been around ever since. I always just call him Donkey. Like Shrek. Number five, in high school, during baseball season, I hit a home run. Sophomore year. But was called out. I missed second base. Devastating? It was awful. To this day, I’m like, you know, how did I do that? How many more home runs did you hit in high school? None. That was the only one and… Yeah. Yeah. I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that. Number six, I never played football growing up. Looking back at it now, I do regret I guess not playing football, just trying another sport. But I’m getting more time on a college field than most of the guys I went to high school with, so I guess it works out. Number seven, I have not clean shaved my face since I was a sophomore in high school. So I shaved it right before prom my sophomore year and that was the last time. I don’t even know what I would look like without a beard. I don’t think I would even recognize myself. Number eight, the first Mountaineer that I ever met was Scott Moore back in 2000. I was one at the time, and I still have
the postcard that he gave me. Signed to Tim. I actually found this not too long
ago. My grandmother still had it pretty cool that she’s kept it all all these
years. Number nine, in first grade, well, the summer after first grade, broke my wrist by playing in a round bale hay feeder. You ever play in a hay bale feeder since? I’ve never gotten in one to this day. That was the only time. And I broke my arm. Number ten, I had never flown in an airplane until I became the Mountaineer. Since then, I’ve flown to Oklahoma City, Washington, D.C., and Dallas, Texas. I’ve only flown commercial one
time out of those out of those three. They spoiled me and then put me on
commercial Dallas. What is this? There you have it. Now you know more about me. This is Timmy Eads, 66th Mountaineer. Can’t wait to see you guys this season

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. Seems like the perfect Mountaineer, except for the "scared of mice and rats" part. HAHAHA. Lets Go Mountaineers!!

  2. Facts about your mom and dad. I was her roommate in college at Tech and went to church in youth group with your dad. Awesome people. Congrats Tim!!!

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