2 MINUTE DRILL | How the NFL Schedules Their Regular Season

2 MINUTE DRILL | How the NFL Schedules Their Regular Season

Hey welcome to Lurks Lessons! In roughly
two minutes, I’m going to show you how the National Football League creates
their regular season schedule in today’s 2 Minute Drill video. Cue the intro! The NFL regular season of play kicks off in
the month of September and last to the end of December. The 256 game schedule is
spread out over a span of 17 weeks where all 32 teams in the league play 16 games
each and have a rest day or what is known as a “Bye” week. Since each team
can’t play the rest of the 31 teams in one season like other professional
sports, the NFL has devised a really cool way of how they do their scheduling. To
show you their formula in action, I’ll use the Cleveland Browns as an
example. We begin with the Browns will play six games against their divisional
opponents, one home and one away. Next up, the Browns will play four games against
a different division within the same conference, having two home and two away games. For this example, I’ll pick the AFC West.
Then there’s another four games against a different division, but out of
conference, same as two home and two away. I’ll choose the NFC South. Finally the
last two games scheduled are against teams from the two remaining divisions
in the same conference. So in our case, the AFC East and AFC South. How these
match-ups are determined are by the division rankings from the previous
season. So for example, if the Browns finished fourth last year, then they
would play the fourth team in both of those divisions. The schedule rotates
every year, ensuring that every team will play each of the 31 teams at least once
in a 4-year period. Pretty cool huh? So the rotation for the AFC North
is AFC East, South, West and NFC North, South, West and East.
So in the 2020 season, the Browns will have their AFC match-up
be the South division and the NFC match-up be the East division. A WaBAM! You learned something new today!
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  1. Great video! I didn't even know I wanted to know this stuff lol. I love the way you don't drag out videos just to make them extra long! I'll keep an eye out for more videos from you!

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