3 Key 49ers Players vs Tampa Bay Bucs (Week 1 2019)

3 Key 49ers Players vs Tampa Bay Bucs (Week 1 2019)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing another Top 3 video.
This time, talking about the Niners and Bucs again. I know right? Three days in a
row talking about the same game, but hey. There’s a lot to dissect. A lot to talk
about in this game and so far for the past couple of videos, I’ve had a very
polarizing comment section, which is fun. If you’re a Buccaneer fan, I do enjoy
this. Don’t think you know. “Oh my gosh! this guy…. he’s…” I don’t know what I’m
saying. Pretty crazy going on right now with the comments section. I do enjoy
it. I read most of the comments. I should respond back to you guys, but there’s a
ton of comments that I have to respond back because I did not expect to get over 100 comments from you guys. 49er Buccaneer fans, please keep going
because this is a fun discussion. You know what, this is all for fun and
hopefully you guys are not taking my prediction position edges seriously. I’m
just a guy just talking about my opinions and just having a good time
talking football because that’s what I love to do. That’s what gets me out of my
bed every morning. Going to be talking about this game. Going to be talking about which
players for the 49ers that are important. The keys to these players to winning the
game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. Anybody that is very important;
every impactful player as much as possible. I’m going to be mentioning them on
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channel. That’s it guys. Let’s do it. Top 3 important 49 players, keys to win
against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday.
Number three, offensive tackle Joe Staley. I could mention the whole offensive line
because they’re very integral to our running game. They’re pretty good at it. We got Tevin Coleman and Matt Breida that are running the ball
hopefully down Tampa Bay’s throat this Sunday. That would be amazing to see. Also
past protection you know Jimmy Garoppolo has to have time to throw the ball at least
to the receivers and hopefully the receivers don’t drop the ball. Anyways
going back on topic. Joe Staley, I think him in particular because we all know
left tackle is the most important side of the offensive line for a quarterback,
particularly if they throw with their right hand, which is pretty much almost
everyone in the NFL today are throwing with their right hand. If he can protect
Jimmy Garoppolo’s blind side, that would be amazing because Garoppolo can have time to connect to his receivers. He can look at the play down
the field, see everything is going well. If not, you can make some last-minute
changes. If you have a good offensive tackle, it’s going to work out well. I’m
saying Joe also because you know I’m a little bit concerned from the preseason
about him getting blown up by Bradley Chubb and Frank Clark of the Chiefs.
Hopefully this is not going to happen this week against the Bucs this Sunday. If it
does, oh my gosh! Jimmy’s good not going to have a good day in Tampa and a hot
weather day. Joe everything goes well. Hopefully he can be the offensive tackle,
All-Pro guy that he usually is for the past couple of years and it’ll all work
out well for the o-line that will hopefully lead us to a victory. Number
two, cornerback Richard Sherman. I’m mentioning him because he is the leader
of our defense for the most part. The veteran guy. Also he’s going to be leading
our secondary to hopefully victory this week against Tampa. With a horrible
secondary that we had last year and a little bit concerning wobbly start to
the preseason, Sherman has to get this team together. The unit will hopefully
sync up and do well because we all know last year, it was pretty terrible. Only
two interceptions as a team. Witherspoon and Colbert were getting burned like toast.
Hopefully this year in 2019, it does not happen as much. We do have a tough
challenge with Mike Evans, OJ Howard and those guys. Sherman, got to tell these guys
to be with their man and don’t get burned like last year. If they can do that;
if Sherman can hold his own as well, which I’m pretty sure he’s going to be
alright because I never worry about him. I’m always worried about the guys
around him in the secondary, then I think it’s going to work out all well. Hopefully you
guys are motivating each other. We can lead us to victory again just like Joe
Staley on the offensive side of the ball. Number one, the most important player, key player to
victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday is quarterback Jimmy
Garoppolo. I mean seriously? This was pretty anti-climatic if you already
figured this out. He’s the quarterback; leader of the team. Not just on the offense,
but defense as well. Hopefully everything works out with him. He’s coming back from
ACL surgery. So it’s a little bit concerning although he looked pretty
good against the Chiefs. Getting the flow of playing football just a little bit again.
Getting the feel of moving around; getting tackled just a little bit. Now
full game against the Bucs, they can be playing 100%. Nothing holding
back. They’re going to try to hit him as much as possible. So Garoppolo hopefully
you, your offensive line, your wide receivers, running back to everyone can
get into sync. Everyone can get together. Have a marvelous performance like a
couple of games from last year like the game against the Chiefs when they almost
made a comeback. That was a great performance, but then he tore his ACL.
Stuff like that. If he can do that; if he can just take care of the ball. Don’t
turn the ball over like Jameis Winston because
I mean I’ve mentioned that pretty much this whole week. If he can just take care
of the ball. Throw to his receivers. Link-up with his receivers. George Kittle,
give it to the running backs, everything’s going to work out well and
we’ll see what happens. Tampa’s defense is questionable I would say. I mean last
year they were not that good, especially against the run. The running game was not
good for them. Breida and Coleman, they can take advantage of that hopefully. I know
they got Suh, but still. With the team mostly together for the most part. Some
players leaving due to free agency and what-have-you,
then I hope the 49ers can kind of take advantage of that. That’s it guys. Jimmy
Garoppolo, our man, our quarterback. The guy that we paid a lot of money.
Hopefully all the investments come into fruition. That’d be amazing. Yep that’s it
guys. Please let me know who you guys got for an important player, key players
to win this game against the Tampa Bay Bucs?
I’d like to what you got guys have to say in the comments below. If you guys like this, please
“Like” and Subscribe. That’s going to help me out a lot. I’ll be catching you guys up
on Thursday for some injury and news updates for this game. I’ll see y’all
then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your day. Go Niners all day!

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  1. #1 Ahkello Witherspoon. Sherm will be fine, but TB throws more than anyone else so AW will be tested often.
    #2- Weston Richburg. Guy is just getting back on his feet (litterally) & TB's strength on D is the front 7. I'm worried about chemistry with Jimmy & rustyness.
    #3- Dee Ford. I don't think Bosa will get many snaps so it falls on Ford to apply edge pressure on a QB who embarrassed us last year. It'll be interesting to see if fatigue is a factor late due to the heat & the fact he missed so much practice this preseason.

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