50 Ways To Use Gaff Tape

50 Ways To Use Gaff Tape

[MUSIC] It’s June and time for a new giveaway. This month we’ve
got great prizes from two of our sponsors, Rosco and Photoflex. Rosco’s giving away three
cases of their gaff tape, GaffTac. And Photoflex is giving away a Starlight Octodome Lighting
Kit. These prizes are valued at over $1900. So four lucky winners are gonna walk away
with something fun this month so go over to theslantedlens.com and sign up today. [MUSIC] Hi this is Jay P. Morgan. Today on The Slanted
Lens we’re gonna show you 50 ways to use your gaff tape. Ew that one’s got a hair on it.
That’s kinda gross. Anyway. Rosco’s version of gaff tape is called GaffTac. So when you
hear gaff tape, think GaffTac. What is gaff tape anyway? Gaff tape is just a strong tape
that allows you to tape things on set that does not leave a residue. That’s the most
important thing. Does not leave a residue. So it’s really made to be able to put on things,
hold ’em in place and take it back off. So here we go. 50 ways to use your gaff tape.
Or Tac, or tape… Anyway we’re wasting time. Let’s get started and see what we can do. Number one. Attaching gels to lights. This
is one of the most common ways to use gaff tape. It’s great for strobes because they
are not hot lights. It’s not so great on hot lights because it melts. But then everyone’s
using LED’s anyway and so it’s great on not so hot hot lights. Anyway. Number two strike
a tripod. No it’s not a football dance in the end zone for a fat photographer or videographer
but it’s where people place little bits of piece on the ground at each end of leg of
the tripod so you can get the tripod back in the same place every time. Number three:
marks for an actor. Actors need to know where to go when they’re not out waiting tables.
So gaff tape give them a little direction. Here’s where you stand for the still shot.
Here’s where you move for a video shot. Number four: taping a seamless or a backdrop to a
wall or floor. Gaff tape is great for taping to walls or paint. It will not pull most paints
off the walls. Or the floor. Let me emphasize most paints. Proceed with caution. Number
five: Tape down cables on the floor or in a walkway. Every time you lay a cable down
you’ve got to tape it down so Grandma doesn’t trip on the cord and break her hip. Number
six: prevent microphones from accidentally getting muted. I can’t stand it when the lav
gets muted accidentally. On the other hand when you go to the bathroom, please turn the
mute button on. Biscumber Biscumber. Gaff tape will not fix the embarrassment that that
will cause when recorded and played back at the company party. Number seven: attaching
a small light to a handprop. Lighting from behind a bottle looks
great. Little bit of gaff tape to hold a small LED in place is great. Number eight: Secure
your cable to a stand. No one likes a cable that’s hanging into the shot from overhead
so tape it up to the stand or the boom when you’re using a cable overhead. Or to the stand
on the side of the shot so it doesn’t start to fall into the shot. Number nine: attach
filters to a lens. When I don’t have the correct step down ring or a filter is too large I
just roll some gaff tape, wrap it around the lens, and stick on my filter and off we go.
Number ten: secure two cables together at a plug. Roll the end of the tape so it’s easy
to pull off. Number eleven: hang up a schedule or a sign. Yes, that’s correct. Gaff tape
will hang up paper. It’ll also hang up duvateen or cloth. So use it to hang up a piece of
duvateen to cover a window. Number thirteen: when you’re on set and gaff tape is the closest
thing at hand, use it as a sticky note. Number fourteen: giving cleavage an extra lift. We
have no b-roll on this one for obvious reason. I will say, though, Julene has helped some
very famous actors which will remain nameless, Halle Barry, with her personal situation.
Number fifteen: Patch a spot on white or black cyc that is the wrong color. Just give a little
piece of tape on there, white’s on white. Black on black. Works perfect. Number sixteen.
Edges of a bead foam reflector. Keep the two pieces together. If you can’t fix it with
gaff tape, it probably does not deserve to be fixed. Number seventeen: attach plastic
to a light or camera to keep it dry. When water’s on set I will attach a little piece
of plastic over the light to keep it dry. Yeah right, it’s gonna stay dry. Number eighteen:
attach an umbrella to a light stand to keep a light dry. When all else fails just tape
it. Number nineteen: keep a laser pointer turned on. Number twenty: Keep the power plugged
into your laptop. Twenty-one: keep cables plugged into the wall. For those of you who
have those old outlets and the plugs keep falling out, little piece of gaff tape will
hold your plug in. Twenty-two: Mark safe walking path on the floor. Arrows for groups to move
this way and that way. I don’t know who ever looks at those any. But they look good on
the floor. Twenty-three: label cases or boxes for storage. Nothing is worse than not knowing
what is inside a box. A bit of gaff tape solves that problem. Twenty-four. Label dimmers and
circuits on power outlets and plugs. Great way to make are you know what light goes where
and on what dimmer. Twenty five: label walkie-talkies or personal items on set. Nothing says stay
away from my walkie-talkie like a bit of gaff tape. Twenty-six. Label camera cards. This
is a great way to label your cards and keep them organized for digital tech or for downloading
later. Twenty-seven: seal light leaks on black wrap. If it leaks use tape. If it needs to
be secured to the head, use tape. Twenty-eight: Use it as a bandage or on top of a bandage
to keep it from coming off. Use a bit of toilet paper before the tape. The toughness of the
tape protects the wound. Twenty-nine: attach nesting poles for backdrops so they stay put.
I use different sizes of conduit on set all the time because it just sleeves together
and it’s cheap. Gaff tape is a great way to keep them from coming apart or going back
together. Number thirty: Label the filters in your map box as a quick reference. A small
bit of tape will help you to remember what filter you have in. Thirty-one: secure two
apple boxes or SKB cases together to make one platform for a talent to stand on. You
can turn two boxes into one apple box with a bit of gaff tape. Tom Cruise quickly becomes
LeBron James. Thirty-two: Close and seal boxes. It’s handy and I use it all the time. Thirty-three:
label strobe heads to identify and mark the power settings. If I’m changing the strobe
headings from shot to shot I will label the settings on a piece of gaff tape, attach it
to the cable, and then I know exactly what the power should be when I plug it back in.
Thirty-four: spike prop locations. You can do this for props on a table and label what
goes where so when you clean off the table and put ’em back they’ll go in the same place
every time. Thirty-five: keep a door from latching. No key? Put a piece of gaff tape
over the latch, works every time. Thirty-six: attach a baby plate to anything if you want
to suspend it with a c-stand. Thirty-seven: tape up a backdrop. Thirty-eight: tape up
a piece of plastic tarp or a drop cloth. Thirty-nine: wardrobe fixes when there’s no time to sew.
Most talent have a-clamps and gaff tape all over their backs to make the wardrobe fit
and look good. You can also hem pants which is forty! Forty-one: a lint roller. Lint,
lint, lint, lint. Get rid of the lint. Forty two: Stop a hummingbird from visiting the
wrong spot on a bird feeder. That’s enough. Forty three: hold a lens together if a horse
kicks it and breaks the housing. This was sent in by Charles Mann. His camera was kicked
by a horse and he used gaff tape to tape the lens back together and went on shooting. Fix
it the gaffer way. Forty-four: make artwork. This grip makes great artwork using different
colors of gaff tape. Forty-five: seal leaks in a kiddy pool. Of course, what else? Forty-six:
mark prop food so people don’t eat the props. Don’t eat the props! Forty-seven: fix props
when there is a time-crunch. Nothing is a fast as a piece of gaff tape. Forty-eight:
label sand bags for gimmicks. This says two hundred-fifty pounds. If it says it it must
be. Forty-nine: Make a fine vest, bow-tie and hat. They fit like a glove. Fifty: Tape
Jay P.’s mouth so he’ll stop talking. Wait a minute. I am not done talking here. So there
you have it. Fifty ways to use your gaff tape. Those are my ways to use gaff tape, let’s
see yours. Join our Facebook group and post your images showing us how you use gaff tape.
There are a million things you can do with gaff tape. Like right now. I could tape..
I could tape my hat to my head. I could tape my hat right here to my head. To my head just
like this. I could tape it right here to my head. And there you go. Keep those cameras
rollin’, keep on clickin’. [MUSIC] The Slanted Lens coaching class is back. For
those of you who didn’t join us last time, you missed out. Has your business grown like
you wanted it to? We’ll help it grow. Get involved with us. It’s time to go. Go to theslantedlens.com/businessclass
and I’ll help you grow your business. [MUSIC] Fifty-one: tape it on your grandma’s mustache.
Fifty-two: tape it on your dog. Fifty-three: tape it on your cat. Fifty-four: tape a cucumber
to your cat. Fifty-five: tape your cat to the wall. Fifty-six: tape your grandma to
the wall. Fifty-seven: tape your grandma’s cane to the wall. Watch her look for it. Fifty-eight:
Tape your g–

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. Got to love gaffa tape. I always have some around my tripod leg just in case. Those velcro cable tie things are pretty handy to have around too.

    Also, we don't tend to have the issue of plugs coming apart here in the UK with our monstrously sized plugs lol.

  2. Love it! Just picked up a roll yesterday from my local shop. Thanks for always making great vids! #55 was my favorite. 😉

  3. Nothing against you personally, just a bit of constructive criticism – you're talking a bit too fast which makes the words you say a bit hard to understand

  4. Meanwhile, in my head: 'Gaffer' or 'Duct'. Not 'Gaff'. And certainly NOT 'Duck' (which sounds suspiciously like a back-formation from 'duct'). 😛

  5. I always enjoy watching your videos! Great information in a VERY nice package (and many times a very funny one!). Thanks!!!

  6. Great tips, and excellent conniption-fit in this episode. But where is the credit for the musician? Tamborine-Man was pretty good, too.

  7. So it's like a matte mix between the strength of duct tape and cleanliness of painters tape.

  8. The writing department gets a "Hats Off" award for being funny as all get out!! Great video… gotta get me some of dat tape!!

  9. would love to hear your thoughts on the apurture lightstorm cob 120t led light having a integrated bowens mounts sounds like it would be a useful light and starting at only $595

  10. You're a good photographer and educator, but I think you missed your true calling as a studio and touring tamborinist.

  11. You missed one that I use it for. Pasties for your model during a boudoir shoot when she's not a 100% comfortable on set. It also works on the cough downstairs area as well.

  12. you can make a daisy. It's similar to your #9. When you have larger rectangular filters you can wrap tape around your lens leaving slack. Then you cut slits along the slack and you can push your filter against the tape. It looks like a daisy i guess. Use yellow gaff tape for kicks.

  13. #43 (7:02), that's one jaw-dropping capture! Someone who isn't into gear nor technology AT ALL probably don't get the same feels, but i was twisting my face to all directions when looking at that. Gotta love the spirit of the photographer, just tape it and get back to it. That's right! To be fair, someone in that line of work probably knows what they're getting into. That it's just a matter of time.

    Makes for great footage, no doubt. I wonder did he manage to trigger any shots of the impact? Additionally, i also wonder was the horse simply too fed up to the glamour, and went for the solution with style? All will be revealed in due time.

  14. I have actually done #14 was it? female enhancement? When i was doing it, i never imagined pros did it too! I've also done #50… well not for JP, but as a less painful alternative to Duct tape when i needed a gag for a fetish shot.

  15. I've just stumbled upon this and I wanted to say I really loved the intro! Great singing and playing, especially in that reversed style. That was impressing!

  16. I'm an audio/video installer/integrator which really has nothing to do with production or studios but I can't tell you how many times gaffers tape has come in handy or saved the day. Securing cables to the backs of TVs or displays alone is a good reason to keep a roll or two on the vans.

  17. I used Gaff tape to temporarily hold my cars headlight and side marker lenses in place after a minor accident until I was able to fix them "properly". When I removed the tape 2 days later, there was no residue on the paint or the plastic lenses. Now I keep some in my car as well as regular duct tape.

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