$50,000 Game Of Extreme Hide And Seek – Challenge

$50,000 Game Of Extreme Hide And Seek – Challenge

– We are playin’ hide
and seek for $50,000. There’s 10 of them. Last one
found gets the $50,000 in cash. You have 20 minutes to hide. – What? – 19 minutes to hide. – That would be a second. Whoever’s found last
gets to keep the money. I don’t care who it is. – Let’s do this. (suspenseful music) – I don’t know if I wanna be with people or away from everyone. I don’t know which one’s
more nerve racking. I gotta poop. I gotta poop. This is not the time. – So, I woke up this morning, grabbed 10 of my friends and
$50,000 and told ’em to hide. That’s the extent of my day. I wonder where Chandler’s hiding? – All right, I’m gonna go poop real quick. Dude, this doesn’t lock?
Are you kidding me? This building has hundreds of rooms and thousands of hiding spots, so, there’s no way I
can find them on my own. So, me and Chris are
gonna be working together. We need to devise a strategy, Chris. You should use your
eyes and I use my eyes. – That sounds like a solid plan. – Let’s do it. I wonder who has the dumbest hiding spot. I’m hiding in a theater. It’s like high school all over again. – Shhh no one will know. – Me and Jake are currently
hiding in the catwalk. – We both showed up at the same time. We’re just gonna be here, together. – So, there’s this treasure
chest. I can hide in this. I’m gonna hunker down and
stay in here for awhile. Bye guys. – We got rid of the ladder
so there’s no way to tell where we are. – We are up here. We did
it. Hopefully win it. – Guys, you can walk away
with $50,000 or nothing. – There are one minutes left. Remember, Chandler you can’t get out until we start the challenge. Dab. – One minute left guys, wish me luck. – I’m a student here so I
know all of the hiding spots. The good ones, that is. – 30 seconds. – 30 seconds. Me and Ben found a spot. If they tell us to move, we’re gonna go our separate ways, but until then, right
here, this is a good spot. – What do you think about this spot? – It’s a good spot. – Pretty good? (loud horn blows) – Times up. Ready or not here we come. I think a good strategy
would be to just walk down all the hallways and then
afterwards we go in all the rooms. – Okay. Oh, that would be a great hiding spot. – Hey, Drake, someone’s in here. – What? Got him. – There’s 10 people. We
haven’t found anyone yet. (suspenseful music) All right, this is the basement. We’re gonna start with this room and we’re gonna work our
way around all the rooms. Whoever’s in this room, you’re done. I think there’s someone
in that corner back there. Awwwww, man. – Dude, look at this place. No freakin’ way. We found Chandler. Nooooooooo. – All right, c’mon Chandler,
you have to go to jail. – Am I the first one? Yes, you are the first
– you really are the first one out
– You’re the first one out. You were the first one found, you must now spend the night in jail. I am happy to report that
Chandler has been found. Nine to go. – You hide in plain sight
and it doesn’t work. – One down, nine more to go. We’re comin’ for you. This building has a movie theater in it, and we’re only on the second floor. – There’s so many places to hide in here. – I guarantee you there’s someone hiding in one of these seats. – I found a ladder. – This building is huge. Thought for sure someone would be up here. – Honestly, it’s a
miracle we’re still here. – They were about to take both of us out. – Oh, we’re on the third floor guys. Somehow we went up a floor. Abracadabra, nope. – [Jimmy Johns Employee] Thank
you for calling Jimmy Johns. – Can I make an order for delivery? Yes, I’m starving. (doorbell rings) – Thank you so much, thank
you, this is amazing. Let’s go.
(door slams) – Jimmy and Chris are right beside me. – Take this off. Is there a way to get in it? – They literally hit the box I’m in and said there’s no way to get in. (screams) – We never checked this ballroom. – Wow, you could have a lot
of balls in this ballroom. – Eh, eh, eh – Wait a second, I hear something. It’s just me winning $50,000, I’m sorry. – How did you know about this? – What in the world dude? – Thought for sure someone
would be hiding here. Whoa, what is this? – You want me to check it out – Dude, we just found a secret crevice. – Dude. – Ty, nooooooo. (screams) – C’mon, let’s go to jail Ty. – Dude, yes. – Another contestant has fallen. Only eight remain. All right, Chandler, we
brought you a friend. All right Ty enter. Jail broke. – I was talkin’ mad junk, too. – I thought you found a good spot. – I thought I had it too, man.
– Man. – All right we’re back. This things like 400 pounds. I got three of ’em, want one? There go. (phone rings) – Our hypothesis is either
Tyler, Jake or Garrett is constantly calling us. – They’re probably tryin’
to find our location. – Saw someone run across, like run run. – Saw someone run across, like run run. – Let’s go. – Oh, there he is. – Where’s he goin? – Probably gonna take the stairs. Where did he go? As soon as this elevator door closes. We’re comin’ after you, over and out. Let’s do this. – It’s only 50 grand. It’s not like I got
bills to pay or anything. – I’m gonna go probe
Chandler for some info. Hey, Chandler, can you give me some intel? Give me a little scoop. – Who you lookin’ for? – Not like a giant scoop, a small scoop. One that sinks in the cone. Is it up or down. – What floor are we on? – Two. (laughs) Roger, I got the inside scoop. – What do I get? – I’ll think about it. (laughs) Chris, Chris, Chris, might already be on the move. – I’m gonna starve. We are gonna find a new spot. – Is someone, by any chance,
hiding under your desk? Have to check. Okay, you’re clear. Chris, I think I found
somethin’ over here. Wait, it’s just a giant version of myself. This things kinda cool. It reminds me of the new
figures we’re selling in partnership with You Tooz. I’m a little pressed for time
’cause I’m finding people so, I’m gonna let future
me tell you about You Tooz. Before we go any further, I need to tell you about
our new collectable toys. You see, we’re spending
millions of dollars next month and I wanna feed Chandler. – I’m hungry. – These are giant versions of our You Tooz which we’re gonna do
a limited edition run. And, here’s a fun fact, if you buy a Chris toy, Chris gets money, and if you buy a Chandler
toy, Chandler gets money. And also, buy my toy and
I’ll probably give the money to Chris or Chandler still. These were designed and
modeled exactly how we wanted. I mean, Chandler’s literally
wearing the same thing and we didn’t even tell him to. Now, Chandler, how much are they? – $29.99. – And what’s free? – The shipping to anywhere in the world. – And, are you gonna buy, yes. Also, three random people
that buy one of our You Tooz will get a golden ticket. If you get this giant golden ticket, we will deliver this to your house and also, we might let you
be in a video, I dunno. Limited edition, they’re out now. Go buy. Buy, buy, buy. You could be in a video, who knows? Go buy and I’ll remind you at the end. Let’s go back to hiding. Chris, this is a big room. Someone’s gotta be in here. Not there. Not there. Check, no. No one’s up there. Let’s check up here. – What do you think we can do in here? I’m gonna get behind here. – We just discovered a brand new area. I didn’t even know this was here. These are motion sensor bathrooms. This motion sensor was already triggered when we came down the hallway. – I can currently hear Jimmy, he’s coming. This is it. – We’re in the fridge. – I found you. Oh yeah, yes. (screams) – All right, here you go. How’s it feel, guys? – It feels great, honestly. (laughs) – Oh, yeah, dude. – Oh, I heard that. – Came from the air vent. – You do that again,
– No. – you’re kicked out. – How’ve we not found Viking yet? – I know.
– He’s huge. – But, to be fair, we haven’t
even gone in every room yet. Because we really need to find people, I’m gonna have to play a cheat card. You all have to move to a different floor than you currently are on
within the next 10 minutes. We are gonna be scouring.
I’ll even give you a hint. We’re currently on the
second floor. Good luck. – That was less of a hint and
more of an exact location. But, I like your style. – All right, so I’m on the way. Got my You Tooz I found. I gotta get to a different floor. Jimmy just radioed us and told us that we have to go to a different floor. – What if we found
someone in the elevator? – That would be hilarious. It took awhile to get up here. It was at the basement, too. It’s not opening. Somebody’s in there. Go, go, go, go, go. Go, follow him. (grunt) – There’s a bottle of
water. Somebody got thirsty. – I gotta be ready to sprint. (suspenseful music) wrong way. Oh (laughs) – Darn it. Dude, I heard someone
coughing in the elevator. – It stopped on this floor. (suspenseful music) – Gotcha. (laughs) oh man, how did you see me? – Garrett has been found. I repeat, Garrett has been found. Welcome to prison. – So, we have to think about it. Marcus is smaller. He can
fit in smaller spaces. – Unh, huh, hul. Dude, I’m callin’ it. – Hold up, hold up. No freakin’ way. – Someone was in here. – No freakin’ way
– I bet you they were in here when we checked
– No. – Jimmy and Chris are right beside me. – When we went to move
that earlier it was heavy. Moving it just then was like a feather. There was someone in there earlier. We’re runnin’ outta time. We need to do somethin’. Do you think we can pull
another double whammy, hut, hut hike 420? Attention, we are definitely
running out of time and there’s still a lot of you left, so, I’m gonna need you
guys to go to a floor that you are not currently on. You have 10 minutes. Good luck. They’re probably all on the move. Let’s do it. – Hey. – That’s where I was hiding. You know they’re gonna wait in the stairs. I’m wingin’ it dude. I’m literally just tryin’
to be lucky at this point. – Me too. – My current hiding spot
might be the brightest spot in this whole place. I had no idea where to go. (beep) – That light was on. Now, we play the waiting game. (beep) – We’re moving. Someone
called the elevator. We’re goin’ to the basement. (screams) – Why did you go in the elevator? – We got you
– why did you go in elevator? – Noooooo, no. Two at a time. Oh my gosh. – They were havin’ special,
we got two for one. – There are currently six people in jail, which means there’s only four of you left. Only one of you are gonna
walk away with $50,000, so I hope you guys hide well. – By finding this You Tooz, you’re now awarded two grand, again? Four grand all for these You Tooz. Oh, Jimmy, I give up. Psyche, it’s about to be 54 grand and I’m about to hide in these chairs. Think he’s gonna look for me down here? This is pretty risky. – See ya later. – How graceful was that
shuffle though? I mean, c’mon. – We have a dilemma. We have one hour left
with this giant building and there’s four people that remain. I think we need to devise a plan. What if we told ’em all
to go to a single floor. To the four of you that remain,
we have about an hour left. We need to spice some things up. So, we’re gonna limit
the range to two floors. You have 10 minutes to
get to floor two and three and you need to hide on those two floors. – They just told me to move floors. So, we are on the second floor right now. We’re actually gonna go back
up to that third floor spot in the theater. – So, Jimmy’s havin’ a
hard time finding us, so we have to move. – I found my new hiding spot,
floor three, in the theater. It’s very, very dark back
here. They could overlook me. I hope they do. – We can do this. – I believe in us. – I don’t. These people
are really good at hiding. – Let’s go back to the theater. Someone’s definitely in here. (suspenseful music) – Dang it. – Nooooooo. Noooooooooo. Nooooooo. – I’m so disappointed. – That was so good spot, though. Hey, it looks like you got
some You Tooz back there. – Oh yeah, I got Chandler. – You know what the best thing to do with Chandler’s You Tooz is? – Wow. – Buy my You Tooz, it’s better. – He said it. – I was in the chest. – You
– Yeah, you called it – I said it was Jacob. – We have a new friend for you. – Oh, noooooooo. – Three more. Let’s scare ’em off. (screams) – oh, there’s Chris
again. What a loud boy. – We found Jacob, so
only three of you remain. – Jimmy just said on the radio that it’s only three of us remaining. I think we’ve got a
really good hiding spot. It’s kinda like behind some blinds. – Somebody just ran from me but I couldn’t see who it was all I saw was shoes (beep). – I’m comin’ I’m comin’. – Oh, noooooooo – What? Who’d you find? – No, Marcus. I found you Marcus. – Marcus, no. – He literally goes Marcus, I’m sorry, and then I just see you just bolted. We found a new member, c’mon in. – Nooooooooooooo – Oh my God. – I just wanna win my first challenge. – Wipe your tears, son. – Dude, you almost had
it. It’s not my fault. It’s just the name of the game. Your hair’s so soft. There’s two people left. – Jake Weddle and Ben Malone. We found Marcus, which
means two of you remain. Mister Weddle, Mister Ben, you two are now competing for $50,000. – I hope I win this thing. I really do. – I am not getting found.
I am taking that money. – Now, since there’s only two of you left, you both have to migrate
to the third floor. First one found loses and the
other one will get $50,000. – They’re confining it to the third floor. I’m on the third floor, so I don’t have to move anywhere. – My battery’s almost
dead. I’m on the move. I am out in the open.
I am exposed right now. – We are now ascending from
the second floor to the third, where Ben and Jake reside. Let’s start off here.
We’re gonna do a sweep. We’re gonna hit every room
and work our way around. (suspenseful music) – Oh, I see him. Weddle, no I saw you. – Go that way. I’m goin’ this way. – Weddle no. – Weddle. – I’ve known all along. I’m so tired. I haven’t eaten since three p.m. (laughs) – Jake, your fly is also down not to add insult to injury. – Let’s not tell Ben (laughs). – Should we just go
home, forget about Ben? – Yeah, I think we should
probably just head out. – What up? (laughs)
dude, that’s a good spot. – Ben, come on out (laughs) – How good is that spot? The winner of the $50,000
game of hide and seek is Ben. (group cheers) We need to let Weddle into prison. – To where I belong, this is what prison’s like kids. (laughs) – All right Ben, now I’m
gonna awkwardly hand you the money in front of everyone. (applause) Maybe you should buy
them some stuff, I dunno. Subscribe. I hope you enjoyed. Goodbye. – It was such a good time and now I’m gonna be able
to actually give my family and everything a good Christmas, you know? I’m really excited. – Well, Ben, congratulations. Enjoy your 50 grand. – Thanks, man. (explosion)
♪ Mister Beast, ohhh ♪ (explosion) ♪ Mister Beast, ohhh ♪ (explosion)

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  1. Because of what Chris did to the Chandler toy I’m gonna buy a chandler toy take that Chris and the f you a reading this Chris Chandler was always my favourite

  2. Ty: i think i hear something, no its just me winning
    Literally 5 seconds later
    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Chris is such a g, he doesn’t care about the money, he is fine to miss out on the chance to win money and help jimmy. 🙏

  4. chris:no freaking way !
    chandler:im i the frist one to be found
    jimmy:you are the frist one to be found accutally

  5. Chandler: "Hiding In Plain Sight Doesn't Work."

    Me At Home: Hides In Plain Sight Three Times And Wins Twice.

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