8 Highly Efficient Goal Keeper Warm Ups You Need to Know About

8 Highly Efficient Goal Keeper Warm Ups You Need to Know About

eight essential warm ups kronis academy we starting with two touches passes
would transition into one touch pass most of the time you want to start
between five to seven yards and increase the range as it goes in as we go in for
the for the shots we want to go in on each side with parallel movement on each
step responding to a standing catch for six reps each side which would then
transition to a low shot scoop after again for six reps goalkeeper was
starting this in the center position step up respond to right side and low
and left side low dives which then shots would get a little bit higher to create
high parallel dives on the next station of the warm-up we go into crosses we can
run here from both right and left side before the game after each cross if the
goalkeeper is able to catch it then we can put it down and play balls on the
right or left side or heater from side volley it is important to keep the
solution passes on the warm up to kill the next rally and to get mentally aware
of how and where to pass the ball before the game a few of the aspects that are
important to hear on the pregame warmup it’s a wonda mentality make sure as you
step in to do a warm-up you need to be already in the mindset ready to compete
and ready to win each second of the warm-up is really important make sure
there’s no goofing around make sure we’re being as professional as possible
because I already set the mood in for the game also when dealing with the
shots focus on the movement and the catches but most importantly don’t get
yourself down on the warmup if catching or not coming right away maybe slow down
as the coach goes let’s get a little drink and then reshape again get back in
and make sure mentally we’re ready to compete and we’re ready to get into a
game hey guys the bell here thank you for watching the Khronos youtube channel
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