A Day in the Life of a Student on TCU FOOTBALL Gameday | SATURDAZE

A Day in the Life of a Student on TCU FOOTBALL Gameday | SATURDAZE

*Club music plays* – What’s up, everybody? This is Dez from COISKI and I’m in Fort Worth, Texas right now for TCU versus SMU, Battle of the Ion Skillet, and this is “SATURDAZE.” So we tried to get some student tailgates for y’all but security around Fort Worth has kind of been cracking down on things. So today we’re just going to walk around the stadium and see what the vibes are like before the big game. What separates TCU from other Texas universities or any universities in general? – TCU’s got so much pride, man. We love this school. We come out hard every week. This is what we got, man. This is all we got. Our football is what brings this
school together. – You got a campus of 10,000 people, super small, you get to know everyone and we’re playing in the big 12 conference – Everyone’s all in, you know a lot of people at big state schools You’ll see they’re just doing it because everyone else is doing it. Everyone here has a stake in TCU. – Everyone out here is here for a good time. Everyone likes each other and look at this, look at the campus. – Give me your best attempt at the fight song. – I don’t even know where to start. I have no idea. I’m just gonna plead the fifth on that one, bro. I don’t know. – He knew the whole thing. He said he didn’t know it. Tell me your first impression about TCU.
– It’s a good time. Football is electric here. People love to tailgate. It’s awesome. I love it here. I love it.
– Do you know what a horned frog is? – No, no idea. – It’s a type of frog, right? – A horned frog is actually a toad right? Or a lizard or something. – It’s a lizard. It shoots blood out of it’s eyes. Honestly, not that big but it looks badass. – Tell me how do you do the hand sign? – All right, so you got, you get your peace sign like this and you crunch your fingers down like this and it’s a horned frog and you say, “Go frogs!” – Ready? Three, two, one, go frogs. Go frogs!
– Go frogs! – Tell me what it’s like when TCU plays SMU.
– Bro, the TCU/SMU man, I’m from Dallas myself. It’s a rivalry, dog. Even if the, even if the teams look different on the score sheet, it’s gonna be a good game. You’re always in for a good one, TCU/SMU. – Score prediction
– Score prediction? Frogs by 90! – Frogs by 90. – GO FROGS! – FROGS BY 90! – Yo, it was a great game. Bot the ending we were looking for but it happens. Let’s go grab a bite to eat and see what the
rest of the night has in store for us. All right, I’m at Buffalo Bros at their TCU location
and I’m with Kari right now. Kari, tell me about these Suicide wings.
– They are the best in Fort Worth. – I’ve had some hot wings before and we’re gonna try these out today but before that tell me a little bit about Buffalo Bros, how it became TCU hang out of sorts. – When we opened 12 years ago, right
here in the heart of campus, we wanted it to be a place where people can grab a beer after class or come in and study for finals really just an extension of the campus where they can get a cold beer and good food. – Tell me what’s the best memory you’ve made while being here related to TCU? – So many of them, I mean the game days are just so much fun. There’s purple everywhere everybody’s having a good time. – From Buffalo New York, y’all have
Buffalo inspired dishes. Y’all are known for other things besides wings. Run us through some of those dishes. – Pizza is amazing here. A lot of people say we have the best pizza around. I personally really like the subs.
– Okay. – You can kind of get creative with those.
Lots of different flavors, fresh products. – All right, so now I’m with Ed, the owner of
Buffalo Bros. How you doing, Ed? – Very good. Good to meet you. – All right, these Suicide Wings. Tell me what’s in them. – Our Suicide Wings are habanero based and we use a Frank’s RedHot as well and kind of blend them all together to a delicious spicy sauce to make you sweat a little bit. – Let’s get into it. Wait, we need your Frog Bombs.
– Okay, let’s do that. – Let’s get it. Thank you. Tell me what’s in this real quick. – Lemon vodka with Blue Red Bull. – All right, we’re ready now. They’re saucy. Whoa. These are really good. They’re actually really good. How did y’all come up with it – with the sauce – the idea to make it this hot? – Yeah, well when we opened we didn’t
have this sauce on the menu but we had so many people request to have some sort of spicier sauce and so I played around with it in several months or so and came
up with the idea of doing this. – Look how much sauce is on this. Look how much sauce they put on the plate. Oh my God, I don’t know which one’s hotter man. The last one or these. You can taste the hot sauce and I think that’s what’s staying on my lips right now.
I’m starting to get that tingle in my face again. – It’s the fresh habanero.
– Oh, yeah. Okay. That’s what it is. It’s the habaneros. It’s the all of it. Really. They’re good wings, man, they’re really good wings. I can’t feel my face right now. I don’t wanna sound ridiculous but, they’re almost too big. – I feel bad to see you struggling.
– Man! All right, how’d I do?
– Very good. I’m actually impressed. – Yeah? Ed from Buffalo, New York is impressed
with my wing eating skills that’s all I need to hear. If you’re at a TCU game or if you’re
ever in the Fort Worth area come to Buffalo Bros. Maybe try these, maybe try some other wing sauces, but these are some really good wings. You’re not gonna regret it. Thank you for having us. Thank you
for letting me try these wings Go Horned Frogs right?
– Go Horned Frogs. – What’s your favorite memory here? – My wife and I used to come here after games and so we’ve been doing that for quite a while. Just a chill place man. We really love it. – First time here? – Yeah, it’s the first time here.
– How do we feel about it? – I love it. I mean, Seth over here told me to get the wings and it’s like really good. I also got the Frosty Buffalo. – If it was my first time coming here. What’s one thing I have to know – Get a frosty Buffalo and the wings no sauce.
Don’t need any sauce. – No sauce?
– Yeah. – If you ever find yourself out in Fort Worth and you’re looking for a finer establishment Come on over to the Buff Bros. They treat you like family. – Yo, we’re at West 7th right now, TCU’s premier nightlife and let’s see what happens. Three words to describe West 7th. – Amazing. – It’s fun, wild – – It is actually crazy. – Fun, exciting, and very sweaty. – Yellin’, runnin’, and fightin’. – Denim skirts, bad decisions, and regret. – That was five words. – Fun, spontaneous and lit. (laughs) – I have a really good one if everyone could just be quiet for ten seconds. I would just like to say that West 7th is, wait for it, superb! – Best thing about West 7th?
– Um, the traffic sucks. I can only, I know I can only name bad things. Bye. – What makes it unique – The diversity. There’s other people here, all races.
All kind of people, everybody is chillin’. – You said everybody was racist? – No! I said it’s all races, it’s diversity. Everybody chillin’. I’m not racist. We good. – How you feel about West 7th tonight? – Oh it’s poppin’ bro. It’s poppin’! – I need you to call my mom bro.
– I got you. – Please call my mom. – Best thing about being a TCU student? – The campus, the sports, everything. TCU’s incredible. – If you liked this episode make sure you check out “SATURDAZE” with Texas A&M and “SATURDAZE” with the University of Texas. Also, don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and comment where you want to see us go next. Peace. For all my sneakerheads out there make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Jacob Bailey’s amazing shoe rooms. Part 3 is on it’s way and you’re gonna see something that you’ve never seen before.

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  2. yo im in some of those shots of the drumline at the game and i didnt even know you were here! glad you enjoyed yourself man

  3. Great video! I’d like to see some HBCU’s for a change. Such as Texas Southern, Prarie View A&M, Grambling, Southern University; Etc. Thanks

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