Adam Ruins Everything – Why College Rankings Are A Crock | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – Why College Rankings Are A Crock | truTV

♪♪ Oh, perfect, “US News
and World Report.” They rank every school
in the things that matter most. Smartness,
how many books they got. Which school’s colors match
my dopest Flyknits. (Adam)
No, they don’t. “US News and World Report’s”
ranking may be popular. But they’ve rewarded
schools that lie, cheat and manipulate the system. Oh! Ahh! But I thought it was created
by scientists or whatever. Nope, in fact when “US News”
created these rankings in 1983, they were basically
a popularity contest. They would just ask
college presidents what they thought
of each other’s schools. Get this, Harvard told me
that Yale told them that they heard Princeton say Brown’s
MBA program is super basic. Oh, I love gossip. But this opened them up
to criticism. You’re being
so rude. Princeton doesn’t
even know me. They’re haters,
and you’re a hater! Unfriend. No, don’t unfriend me. I can change! And change they did. Starting in 1988, “US News”
reworked their ranking system into a complicated formula. (Cole)
Numbers, percentage signs. Looks like some
legit science. Uh, it’s not. We weight these categories
however we want. It’s subjective.
Check it out. This year, alumni giving
is gonna be… 69 percent. (chuckles) Uh, that’s too silly
even for me. So, this pseudo scientific system became incredibly powerful. Now when a school
slips in the rankings, it can affect the number of
applications they receive, their research funding, even the
all-important alumni donations. We dropped two places?! I’m taking my check
and my name back. Enjoy your lame bookstore,
failures! Because of this, schools
are under intense pressure to keep their ranking up. And that’s good, right? It’s a free market. It forces schools
to be better. Nope, it forces
them to seem better.

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