adidas freak X CARBON Mid Football SKU:8681468

Hey guys my name is Richard and today we’re looking at freak X CARBON Mid from adidas These football cleats here are gonna help take your game to the next level Here you have a sturdy synthetic upper here, offer long lasting durability It’s also would be easy to keep clean through that new look for a long while You have a LOCKWEB lacking system here in the front to really make sure you get that secure fit that you’re needing IRONSKIN toe box up there for some added durability It’s lined with mesh on the inside, super moisture-wicking and breathable along with an EVA insole It’s very very lightweight but still give that comfort that you need And then a really sturdy outsole here on the bottom with all types of cleat configurations So you have sprint studs, quick studs and blade studs to really give you that enhanced boost of speed and incredible stopping power when you need it Can the cleats take the game to a whole new level from adidas

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