Adventures With Austin: First Football Game – Georgia State University

Adventures With Austin: First Football Game – Georgia State University

Hello I’m Austin Birchell from Adventures
with Austin. We’re here at the first football game. How are you guys feeling? Let’s. They got a good thing going on here. Good sport team. Good game. So I love your suit. thank you very much. What made you wear this? Well it certainly wasn’t for another school. It was strictly for GSU. Go Panther! What’s your favorite part of being a panther? Yeah. Are you excited for the first football game? You heard here people. That’s really good. Who do you think’s going to win? Georgia State all the way. Go Panthers. Wow. You heard it. I just took a huge KSU in there. We’re heading into the game. It’s time to get ready. Alright we’re about to run onto the field. Let’s go! Adventures with Austin! I see your wearing 76 is there someone you’re
supporting here? My son. He’s the offensive lineman for the Panthers. Go Panthers! It’s great to be at Georgia State. Three… Two… Whooo. You know the fight song? No, I do not. It’s Ggggg Sssss Uuuuuuu … Go Panthers! You think their going to hit any homeruns
tonight? Hit any home runs? They better hit some home runs, c’mon now! It was great speaking with you. Yes, you too. Thank you. Go Panth- This has been Austin Birchell reminding
you to always pounce at success! This has been a great game. Whoooo

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