Alabama Crimson Tide Fans | College Football Playoffs in 60 Seconds

Alabama Crimson Tide Fans | College Football Playoffs in 60 Seconds

(electronic tone) (drum cadence) (whistle blows) – All right, here we go, Bama! Wait, we have to play in the semi-finals? – I figure they do a round robin thing, and the winner’d get to
lose to us in the finals. – Thatta boys! Roll Tide! – Roll tide! [Men] Roll Tide, Roll
Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide! (laughing) – I can’t believe Washington scored. – It’s just a field goal. – No one scores on us! Jalen Hurts is a monster! I can’t believe he’s a true freshman! – Man, I hope I have the poise
of that eighteen-year-old when I grow up. – No mercy, Tide! Just because we’re up 45-3
doesn’t mean we slow down. [Men] Roll Tide! – Championship, baby!
– Woo! – Here’s the kickoff! – And, touchdown Bama! – Took ’em long enough. Only up by 17 in the third quarter? This is a disgrace. – Just like that Old Miss game, we were down and they we won. Or when we had that bye week, and we just couldn’t beat anybody. – Oh, no! – What? – We’re only up by 24
in the fourth quarter. – No! Saban is amazing. I mean this gonna be
his fifth championship. I’m gonna say it. – Don’t you say it. – I’m gonna say it. – Do not say it! – Saban is better than Bear Bryant. – You take that back! – The Roll Tide, the Roll Tide. – Roll Tide! (upbeat music)

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  1. Yikes funny skit but thats about it. I will bet anyone on these boards as well as give 50-1 odds Bama will never be up 45-3 at any point in this game. Going to be funny as heel when Wa stuns Bama and pretty much every smug ahole that said they had no chance in hell will just disappear. Keep overlooking Wa and making fun but the laugh just may be on you. GO DAWGS!

  2. I literally did that when we broke down on defense and allowed Notre Dame to score a TD on us in the 2nd half in the 2012 BCS Championship game. So depressing….

    I know we were up by 5 TDs but still– I really wanted that shutout!

  3. Alabama is over rated and I hope they get curb stomped. Such a bandwagon team. I hope Ohio or Clemson stops them. And I'm a Penn State fan

  4. Clemson… please make it back. I hope Alabama make it . Don't send those Big 12 officials. If they officiate the game everybody knows that it's no need to play Clemson will win. Obviously, the Big 12 still upset with Alabama for winning the 09 championship.

  5. Everyone wants to be like Alabama. When, you at the top of the Mountain, it's hard to maintain. Clemson your not there yet but I promise, your going to get everyone best next year. Alabama deals with it all the time…can you? pressure!

  6. “Pregame Baby! Annnnnnndddddd Touchdown BAMA! Took us long enough.” (In their heads) I’m so glad we didn’t apply for Auburn. “ROLL TIDE!”

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