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  1. Nice video. Thanks for not putting music over the announcers calling the game. More people should do this. And I'm totally fine with that footage being gone, aside from Derrick Henry's runs in the Choklahoma game. 8 plays and they were all good.

  2. Just echoing an earlier comment, Thank You so much for not putting lame montage music over these highlights!!!!!

  3. 8:49 That play there is just awesome! We lost to Auburn simple as that no excuses just a good game going back & forth. We kick FG & Auburn made a play which for-ever be a memory. To bad Auburn lost in the BCS which another good game Florida just toughed it out & won. I think we had a good season even though we lost the last 2 games. OK just had better up tempo. Saban should have known this but we shall see the changes my concern is the QB's. 

  4. P.S. You know an Auburn fan is going say yeah right rest of the film is lost…LOL! I say show it. I really do not care I can take it & say so we lost it is not like Auburn never lost to us. You ask me it's childish to act that way to act like a fool to rub something in someone else face…I seen it on here an Alabama & Auburn going at it post after post of past videos just ridiculous of insults & name calling just plain dumb. Alabama & Auburn we are better than this…

  5. Lol at the lost footage… Sounds good to me
    And Im glad the OKLAHOMA footage was never recorded… Awesome video brother Roll Tide

  6. LOL! i'm a BAMA fan forever, but "the rest of the footage is lost"? Lol I hate to say it but Auburn earned that win and Cabe Foster fucked up big time that game.

  7. They r good! Check my sons out. He is only a junior so I can imagine when he is playing at a higher level Kennan Solomon. He is only a junior. ! http://youtu.be/SzjRAQBzOEk

  8. im a big alabama fan and i live in tuscaloosa alabama where the stadium is and game days it is really loud here. I went to about 10 games in 2014 and 2015

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