Alabama HS Football Game Shooting

Alabama HS Football Game Shooting

THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND…. CHARGED WITH NINE COUNTS OF ATTEMPTED MURDER…. AFTER SHOTS WERE FIRED AT FOOTBALL GAME FRIDAY NIGHT. CHAD PETRI REPORTS. Chad: Some of the chaos at Ladd friday night–Mobile police say it was caused by 17-year-old Deangelo Parnell Lawrence Battiste, MPD Chief: this was a cowardly act, someone who did not know how to deal with the conflict or the disagreement he was having with someone else other than recklessly discharging a firearm into a crowded venue. Chad Petri, @wkrg.chad.petri: In an unusual move, Mobile Police say the suspect knew the heat was on and turned himself into Mobile Metro Jail early Saturday morning. Lawrence Battiste, MPD Chief: he knew we knew who he was and we were doing everything we could to take him into custody. Chad: Mobile’s Police chief says Parnell was seen clearly on internal security video firing into the crowd and police say people in the community who know something need to step up. Lawrence Battiste, MPD Chief: we have knowledge that some of this that occurred last night that there were adults privy to information of this type of event potentially occurring in our community, we need those adults when they have that type of information to step forward. Chad: The chief says they’ll meet with stadium personnel this week to discuss ways to improve security. In Mobile I’m Chad Petri.

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  1. What a shocker; a mass shooting that isn't covered by the mainstream media because the shooter was black. And before the leftist moron reading this starts shrieking like a Body Snatcher, I'm black. I wonder if the lack of coverage is the same reason why no one reports the near-daily mass shootings in Chicago.

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