All Iowa Hawkeye Football Scoring Plays (2016 – 2017)

All Iowa Hawkeye Football Scoring Plays (2016 – 2017)

Fullback It’s Daniels And it’s a touchdown *Cheering* They’re hoping for a healthy LeShun Daniels all year And he can be that power-back for this team *Band playing and crowd cheering* Textbook drive for Iowa offensively It’s excactly who, who they- I-formation Pitch to Wadley The five Touchdown! *Cheering* Might’ve started high-stepping a little early, but it doesn’t matter, he finds the endzone *Band playing and crowd cheering* Not the way to stop Jerminic Smith, so now back in Miami territory, this is Daniels to the right, has an alley Has the first down and more, he can go! He will go! Forty-three yards All Hawkeyes right now *Band playing and crowd cheering* Huge break for Iowa He’ll toss it out to Wadley And he’ll score with ease Move the sticks with Beathard Looking over the middle Caught! For a touchdown! Jerminic Smith! Guess the coach knew what he was doing after all Yes he did Twelve yards *Band playing and crowd cheering* Tough catch in traffic, for the sophomore out of Garland, Texas He’s been known to make the “wow” catch, but not the- Tough catch, this time the ball was drilled on target, on time And Smith had no choice but to catch the football So now Duncan back out there for another extra point Certainly The throw, the ball was in his hands, twenty-two yard kick by Duncan is good Derrick Mitchell Jr. the running-back Takes the toss from Stanley Keeps going and scores, Derrick Mitchel Jr. finds the endzone for the Hawkeyes *Band playing and crowd cheering* Straight drop for Beathard, good protection to the endzone, touchdown! George Kittle In for six Play action Beathard Over the middle, wide open in the endzone touchdown Akrum Wadley! *Band playing and crowd cheering* And that was the old, simple wheel route coming out of the backfield for Wadley Great play action fake right now by C.J Beathard, and the offensive line staying low and selling it I like this, they’re going a little bit more man here Pressure picked up Beathard on the roll, for the endzone jump ball plucked out of the air by VandeBerg for the touchdown! That is all on the throw Great catch, but great placement of that ball because the coverage was all over him, Chuck I think C.J Beathard does as well as anybody in College Football on the run In fact, that’s where he’s most dangerous in my opinion On second and goal Driving for the goal line, touchdown Iowa! *Band playing and crowd cheering* Two backs, Daniels, and Wadley combined for over 9 yards per carry in the opener Wadley again, stops on a dime and takes it in for six They’ve made change in that dime, there’s two nickels out there Hahaha, you can’t find- Chuck, that kind of skill right there, you just, (you can’t find find) you have it or you don’t have it Akrum Wadley’s heading out Keep in mind, a few years ago He was heavily in the doghouse, I mean, he was scratching fleas that’s how foreign he was in He was going to defensive back, excactly! And a lot of time your competitiveness gets you in that position Daniels on second down, a cut back and Daniels with a lot of green space! Daniels turning on the jets, touchdown Iowa! *Band playing and crowd cheering* Turn out the lights The party’s over We went back to our now and Chuck Everybody flowed strong side His eyes took him back *Cheering* VandeBerg is not out there, they go with Two guys to the right, Beathard looking that way, he’s got McCarron , the defender slipped and Riley McCarron will take it in and score! *Band playing and crowd cheering* Watch this route, eighty-three he’s going to fake outside, look how that defender leans And look at that zone that hole up the middle, no safety help Twenty-three is down, Wimbush What a play design- Iowa Matt VaneBerg, eighty-nine in the slot is always a good dangerous target Beathard looking his way, firing across the middle for VandeBerg, touchdown! *Band playing and crowd cheering* -For that top of the screen, number eighty-three, he’s dangerous. Quick reciever Pressure coming Beathard able to elude it Thought about the run, to the back of the endzone in traffic, caught, touchdown, Matt VandeBerg *Band playing and crowd cheering* When the quarterback breaks contain, Beth And you’re a receiver on Matt’s side, you got to find a way to get him a hole and get open, and they just kind of drew this up in the dirt -Yards Beathard Lobs one to a wide open Kittle at the twenty, the ten, and the cut back for six Touchdown Iowa! Unbelievable play design And they get it to one of their top targets George Kittle, I’ll tell you, really creative As, just the second time in school history, that they have put together a ninety-nine yard scoring drive Iowa in that situation Forcing to their twenty yard line Will get the call Running left, finding some room, skirting down the sideline, touchdown Hawkeyes! As they cash in the turnover *Let’s go* One thing we mentioned about Wadley Is his ability to sprint through small holes He’s only five foot, eleven He gets a nice lead by his fullback, forty-five, receivers are blocking And again, just having the awareness, watch the feet And he knows he’s tight and keeps it Inside the-the chalk there, just a heck of a job finding that small opening to make that big run Now the I-formation with Wadley at tailback From the five They give it to Wadley to the left Still on his feet, lunges for the pylon Touchdown Iowa! *Band playing and crowd cheering* Wadley does it to coach Fitzgerald again -Tunity under duress to make that play Now they give it to Wadley to the left, and he walks right in Wadley gets the touchdown, but it was the catch that set it up Yeah-ily or negative play Puts you in bad situations, now third and long at the fifteen Here comes pressure, into the endzone, looking for McCarron, touchdown Iowa! *Crowd cheering* Started with excellent field position Duncan has not attempted a kick Since the opener This will be a twenty-four yarder He tacks on three points So they get points After the impressive return by McCarron Kulick the fullback, Daniels the tailback Ninth play of the drive Northwestern jump Does it matter? No signal yet Touchdown Hawkeyes! Now with a drawn off, certainly didn’t look like it, they would’ve stopped the play Offside, defense, number ninety-two. Penalty is declined, touchdown! -Iowa will go back to their other kicker here, Kieth Duncan. He’s two for two On the year, this is a twenty-two yarder, and it is good The ten play scoring drive, they cap it off with a field goal. Three, nothing Hawkeyes They’re gonna go for the field goal here, on fourth down. A twenty-eight yarder For Kieth Duncan. He has hit from twenty-eight Excuse me, twenty-two earlier today And that one is good On the Iowa sideline right now, but as the score stands It would go to Minnesota. Five thirty-five to go. Wadley! Breaking free! A footrace for the endzone, touchdown Hawkeyes! *Band playing and crowd cheering* Fifty-four yards for Akrum Wadley! It’s just a matter of time Beth These backs have been getting closer and closer And they finally break a big one And now they will go for two, to try to make this a touchdown lead The Junior out of Newark, New Jersey with the huge play As he goes over a hundred yards rushing on the day That is their longest play of the year, folks offensively And it grabs them the lead with five and a half to go. It’s Daniels the lone set back They’re gonna run for it, and their going to get it Power football from Iowa, they lead it fourteen to seven -ing and a fullback, this is big time Big ten football, Iowa smash mouth Daniels, into the endzone, and Iowa scores on it’s opening drive -Slot on top Beathard will tuck and run, he’s got an angle, touchdown! C.J Beathard Beathard takes a shot down field, he’s got McCarron Touchdown Iowa! Forty-two yards On second and one, Daniels to the outside, angles in for another score And it is twenty-seven, zero, Iowa And who needs a first down when you can get a touchdown Against the Blue Devils Akrum Wadley on first down, Wadley across mid field! Open sesame! Seventy-five yards to the house! Beathard endzone, that is caught by Fant. Did he stay in bounds? No It is ruled incomplete After review, the receivers left foot was down-was down in field of play With the ball in possession, results in a touchdown Oh ok, alright j-j-j-just when you think you know what a catch is, right? Hey! Blough on the move Into coverage, intercepted by Desmond King! King, inside the ten! Endzone! Touchdown, by the All-American! There’s that anticipation guys, the route recognition Like I said, not, a little bit of tightness, not the fastest, but he can see routes, get an early break on the football And when he’s able to lock in, he finishes. That’s the one thing you like about him That’s his twelfth career interception -The outside, Todd Here’s Kieth Duncan, the field goal kicker, from forty-one And it is good! And the Hawkeyes are on the board Three forty-nine left in the half, seven, three, Badgers Take what they give you, and get- -Get what you can, down to the twenty-nine yard line, where you give your field goal kicker a chance They’re gonna let him kick this one, make him think about it Ooh, in your eye Good! From forty-seven And at the half It’s a one point game Go to Adnan Virk, Joy Galloway, Danny Kanell, get ready for the Lexus halftime report -Ow Yeah, now you want a field goal, and then onside kick, and Try to get down in position to t-take up all those shots at the endzone Here’s Kieth Duncan Third try And that is good From twenty-five Back to a one score game, but there’s forty-three seconds left Iowa has no timeouts, and their kicking off Back at the twelve yard line Tight coverage Beathard to throw, Wants the screen He’s got Wadley, little slip Oh, nice move by Wadley! And in for the touchdown That was a gorgeous move Back inside Kevin, thats running with your eyes, few people can do what he just did right there He got a little talking to at the end of the play By the official after he gave the ‘Shush’ sign to the crowd as he scored On second down Beathard, a dart Picked up by Jerminic Smith! And he’s gonna take it for the touchdown And once you beat the safety, there’s nothing there Jerminic Smith got to the inside of the safety And it was six quick Decent protection He’s able to see the corner’s hanging to the outside And now the safety, if you beat him and he fell And once that happens, there’s-there’s nothing there Nice job guys, nice job Speight, six of twelve for sixty-eight yards More would you expect, Smith in the I-formation. Hit and a safety by the Iowa defense! Jaleel Johnson Bursts across the line, and the Hawkeyes get on the board with a safety! Chris, and we talked about how quick Jaleel Johnson is Six, four, two hundr- or three hundred ten pounds He’s-he’s like Wadley is on the offensive side. Watch him shoot this gap And watch how quick he is able to come off that block Kalis kind of gave him a shoulder, but nobody accounted for him Kirk Ferentz saying “hey how many times against this defense are you going to get down inside the five yard line?” And we just talked about We saw this just a few weeks ago against Michigan State Eight times inside the ten, zero points Can they now look to their left? That rub route Beathard retreats, flips it in the flats, screen, touchdown! That whole drive was Akrum Wadley! And the Hawkeyes are hanging tight! *Crowd cheering* They’ll go for two now, try to tie it up here Great call, against man to man. You had the rub out to the left and the back Wa- -Forced Beathard out of the pocket to the left and McCray waiting on him Kieth Duncan is the true freshman kicker. Very reliable on chip shots And he has still not missed From inside the thirty yard line, good from twenty-five, and Iowa has the lead Eleven, ten, of course it is! Remember how good Michigan has been at getting their hands on kicks UCF, it was a-a PAT, a field goal, we know what they’ve done against punts Nothing’s been automatic here Harbaugh can’t ice him again Kieth Duncan, true freshman from North Carolina From thirty-three yards, and a walk off winner *Crowd erupting* Right through! And the Hawkeyes, have stunned the Wolverines. Michigan unbeaten no more! *Band playing and crowd erupting* Thanks brother *Band playing and crowd erupting* Respect between King and Peppers there With the Wolverines challenged on the road for the first time Don’t pass the test And the Hawkeyes who’ve been questioned And criticized Very few of these folks mobbing the team believed this would happen tonight, Kirk What a scene! Not after last Saturday This is a heck, of a moment, for Kirk Ferentz and for this Iowa football team So now with the wind at the back There’s a punt thats gonna be returnable Big time! Right through the middle! And all the way back to the house! Riley McCarron! With the punt return for a touchdown Fifty-five yards! -Nothing Now midway through the third, this is when Iowa started pounding With the run game, LeShun Daniels from a yard out They’re sitting in a good spot right now. They send Wadley in motion And the give through the middle, big time room to run for Daniels Inside the twenty-five, one man to beat! And he’s still on his feet, in for the touchdown! Fifty yards! And Daniels’s second score of the game puts this one on ice. It’s twenty to nothing Next possession after Illinois fumbled it away, Wadley From two yards out for the touchdown. The Hawks, take it twenty-eight to nothing Hand it off to Wadley again, nice shift in the hole! Got open field ahead! Akrum Wadley! Streaking to the endzone, for an Iowa touchdown! *Band playing and crowd cheering* His offensive coaches told us his ability to make people miss in the hole Is one of the great things to watch about him, he did there -After try here from Kieth Duncan the freshman kicker Is blocked! Huskers with a chance to scoop! But they aren’t able to make it happen -The Hawkeye offense starts from their own twenty-three C.J Beathard to throw, wide open receiver, McCarron’s got it! Foot race down the far side! Another long, Iowa touchdown! *Band playing and crowd cheering* On Senior day, Riley McCarron, the senior receiver, takes the pass from the senior quarterback, C.J Beathard, seventy-seven yards! For the second, long, Hawkeye score of the day Hehehe Daniels! Touchdown Iowa! *Band playing and crowd cheering* A lot of the times when they score, it is a touchdown, and not a field goal Beathard, throws to the fullback, touchdown Nebraska-Uh excuse me, Iowa! That was George Kittle, i’m sorry, the tight end who got it! *Band playing and crowd cheering* Beathard throws, touchdown Hawkeyes! George Kittle! His second of the game They were hoping he could play tonight, weren’t sure exactly how much he’d be able to do Two touchdowns is pretty good. I think he’s had a pretty fair senior day -Colt McCoy, major Applewhite, I mean guys that won a lot of football games in their careers He will hand it, and into the endzone untouched for the Hawkeye touchdown, goes LeShun Daniels *Band playing and crowd cheering -From Kieth Duncan who’s made eight out of nine this year Including the game winner against Michigan And Iowa takes advantage of that second interception, and breaks on top, three, nothing

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