Amazing Catches & Bicycle Kicks: Müller vs. Süle feat. NFL Stars | Game Recognize Game

Amazing Catches & Bicycle Kicks: Müller vs. Süle feat. NFL Stars | Game Recognize Game

-One more time.
-I’m scaring myself here. -Brilliant! Brilliant!
-What’s up! What’s up? Hey, everybody. MJ Acosta here with a special matchup
forGame Recognize Game.Now, today we have
a two-on-two matchupfeaturing Thomas Muller
of Bayern Munichand Cam Jordan
of the New Orleans Saints.They’re squaring off
against Niklas Sule of Bayern Munichand Equanimeous St. Brown
of the Green Bay Packers.We’ll be taking them
into each other’s sportsusing a series of challenges.
May the best team win.Challenge one,
the Gauntlet Obstacle Course.Each player will juggle a ball,then will run the gauntlet
catching passes down the line.The player will run
to the top of the penalty boxand kick the ball into the goal.The best team time wins.The young kids are going first. -You guys rock, paper, scissors.
-Kids before men. -Kids before men.
-Yeah, that’s right. Two out of three, two out of three. -Two out of three.
-One and done. -Okay, all right.
-It’s okay. Hey, I can start
with the ball in my hand, right? -Whatever is harder. No.
-No. Three, two, one. -Right.
-There you go. Juggling. Just focus. What do you guys think? -How is he doing so far?
-It’s a strong time. “It’s a strong time.”
Right, ten seconds. All right, here we go. He went right through that. That was only three! He’s got to catch a fourth! I think you guys gotta go
through with it. All right. -We need a ruling!
-22.81. -There was a flag!
-Twenty-two. White flag! We have a white flag. Penalty, Mr. Niklas. -Twenty-two.
-I go first. Ready? Three, two, one. -Yeah!
-Remember, time to beat 22 seconds. Good hands. -Nice.
-Fly too fast. They’re clean, though. -We’re coming up on 20.
-Four snags, that’s a win. -That’s a win.
-Twenty. We went first, so it was harder. -Were you counting in your head?
-Yeah. Accurate. -Twenty.
-Twenty! -All right.
-That’s a win. Team Cam and Thomas won. -20.4.
-A surprise, a big surprise. -And everybody expected that.
-By two seconds.For our next challenge,
the Action Hero Challenge,our players will lay out
for epic diving football catchesand bicycle-kick shots on goal.Come on!Teams will rack up points
based on catches and goals made.-Can you show us the bicycle kick?
-Hip dysplasia. -No chance?
-There’s no chance. -You going side?
-Yeah, I was just gonna go side. You will be, “Hey!” -Okay.
-All right, guys, here we go. First stop, Thomas Muller. -Damn!
-That’s what we call a “tug,” baby. -A big snag.
-That was aggressively ballet-esque.When I catch it,
it’s nothing special, I know,-because it’s normal.
-You make it look normal. -Yeah, makes it look normal.
-Just another day at the job. All right, rule it, rule it. -Nice one.
-I don’t know. We got three tries. We went one-for-one. -No, she said two tries.
-Fight for it. Two hands this time. No! We call that, “Match.” -Thank you.
-Okay. We gotta do the bicycle kicks. -All right.
-Okay, here we go. Two touches are allowed? Here we go. That was a shin show. Yeah, shin show. That’s right. Yes! It’s enough? No! No! -That was all shin.
-Right. -Brilliant! Brilliant!
-Nice shot! Fuck. -Yes!
-So much fun. -That’s number one. Let’s go!
-Hey, we went for the harder one. Okay, that did not work out
in my mind. -That hurt?
-It was a slide. ‘Cause you need a running start. Absolutely not. I just stopped. Can we slow…
Can we run that back in slow-mo? You gotta get one of these fillers
in here though. -Yeah.
-Good as new. Nobody sees it. The spin move, the spin move, yeah. That was a very good first one.
Not gonna lie. -Brilliant!
-What’s up? -One hand!
-One-handed. He did it with the one hand. All right. Is that a good toss? Show us. -Yeah!
-Nailed it. That’s clutch. And the diving celebration. There we go. That’s… -That was strong.
-That was strong, yeah. -That’s strong.
-Wow.You win!For our final challenge,
Target Practice.Players will kick balls
at this massive dartboard.Plain and simple, the team that gets
closest to the bullseye wins.Rock, scissors, paper, shoot. -That’s okay.
-It’s okay. All right, EQ. -So much curve.
-Go for it. -All right.
-Curvy. Curvy. Okay. -All right.
-Under pressure. Wow! Okay. -That’s target.
-Wow. -Move him up?
-Really close. -Oh, yeah.
-All right. -That was good!
-That’s good. -Okay.
-All right, Cam. Here we go. But that was good. -No pressure.
-Second one for Cam. -No pressure. No pressure.
-Okay. -I’m trying to get the height right.
-Be the ball. -Not bad.
-Wow. Okay. Here we go. -This is hilarious.
-Yeah, we got this one. We won. Thomas, this is it. Good game, good game. Good job, guys. -Hug it out, hug it out.
-Yeah. -Good match, good match.
-Yeah. -Hug it out.
-Thank you, Cam. Thank you. Everybody, wait,
we’re having a moment here. -Bring it in.
-You’re gonna cry. -Niklas, good game
-No doubt, no doubt. -It’s all good, so…
-Thank you.

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  2. Hab mir zuerst gedacht ob ich behindert bin, weil st brown aufeinmal mit Süle Deutsch spricht bis ich draufgekommennbin, dass er Deutsch-amerinaner ist😂😂

  3. Ich denke Müller benötigt mal für 4 Wochen ein American Football Training, danach sieht er auch nicht mehr so dünn aus!:-)

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