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  1. This is more than ridiculous!
    This guy doesn't deserve to get into any trouble for a butt slap !
    He was playing, it wasn't like it was a female cop !
    It's a male cop .
    So what ! They're all guys!
    He was just horsing around!.
    Sounds like that cop needs to go for some counseling though!
    He's a little Crybaby ..

  2. Maybe we should stop making jokes? If the officer were female, it would be different. We should understand that everyone can be offended or uncomfortable with being touched without consent. Male, female, gender doesn’t matter. It’s an invasion of privacy and I, for one, feel bad for this guy.

  3. Now we get some truth. "The officer was there to ARREST players who were smoking cigars!" Whoever sent the guard in the locker room should be arrested! Always harassing black men for no reason.

  4. Perhaps if the shoe was on the other foot, we'd hear an old song and dance. Respect is not given, it is earned.

  5. Verse 33 of Dudearonamy says “When one enters a lockeroom, he automatically consents to any and all physical contact

  6. WHen he enteres the cell….a little angle gets her wings..for all the white women this punk harassed on campus and the scumbag athletic heads did NOTHING about.

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