ASMR Eating Gacha Life Christmas, Edible Trees, Snowman, Miniature Handbag, Shoe, Football Mukbang방

ASMR Eating Gacha Life Christmas, Edible Trees, Snowman, Miniature Handbag, Shoe, Football Mukbang방

Hello 👋🏽, I have been waiting for you our theme today is Gacha life Christmas everything you see here is all edible and I made them all myself for us to enjoy we are going to be enjoying today edible snow edible trees edible gifts edible snowman our friends here are waiting to receive their gifts Santa’s Helper Mrs Claus Santa Claus Lets Tuck In! Let’s start with Sant’s helper that was delicious I love mint chocolate Let’s try a gift box opps I am always dropping things that’s what happens when you are enjoying your sweet too much. I made these gift boxes all of them with chocolate this is Ethan he wanted a new phone for Christmas I like eating phones .have you seen my edible iPhone 11 videos? This snowman is so cute white chocolate taste so good this is Adam he asked for a football for his present his football gift that was really nice I can taste the orange flavour I have been dying to taste one of these trees this was a sweet surprise I couldn’t remember which treats I put inside for us do you want to see it? trying to get out for you theres one there I go again dropping sweets there was chocolate on that that was very chewy its a sweet and sour flavour this snow tasted so nice on trees I want to eat more edible snow for you this taste like coconut a little bit more snow I love edible spoon this is me MAG I asked for a nice pair of shoes time to get my gift so cute I love cakes have got glitter on my lips from the tree it is nice and sparkly we only have gift left so we don’t need this Vip Gacha Xmas list any more This is Emma she loves handbags Emma’s gift I almost do not want to eat this bag it is so beautiful this has jelly beans inside. I love jelly beans but it is very very chewy let me show you there’s more but I think it is stuck Santa Claus dropped is bag I am not going to eat Santa because we need him for next year I will just take the weight off him Merry Christmas my friend I hope you enjoyed my Gacha life Christmas Theme Thank you for giving me your best currency which is your time I will see you soon 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

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  1. I was unwell when creating this theme for you, and still, under the weather 🤒. My voice might be little off so please use CC if you can not hear me. I couldn’t miss uploading a video for you. I had so much fun making the props as a gift🎁. There was only 4 Christmas background to choose from, so I chose to create the two that was outside. I hope you enjoy my Gacha Life Christmas theme. Please Like comment and share with all your friends. I love💕 and appreciate you so much🎄☃️😀

  2. Wow!!! I love this it’s so cute. I think you should do some videos of how you make these things. They are so amazing and I know you work so hard on them. I would love to see how you do it. I could never do anything half as creative but I would love to watch and see how you do it.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! And I always have my CC on. I don’t celebrate Christmas too, just like thanksgiving. You might remember me from ur last two vids. I hope I’m not annoying! And again, I hope u feel better!

  4. I’m British myself and I come from London and I don’t know why but your voice is sooooo relaxing I love your videos 🥴🤤🤤✨❤️

  5. Yay gacha life! BUT A CHRISTMAS VERSION AWH ITS SO CUTE! Your homemade desserts must be very delicous! And I hope you have a great Christmas 🎄

  6. I found you from a video called "Underrated ASMRtists", and I'm so glad I did! You're so creative and your videos are so relaxing. 💞

  7. Sooo cuteeee! Another great gatcha life theme! The presents are so precious🥺 Also, Love what you're wearing! Really matches the whole Christmas aesthetic!

  8. OMG!! I love this!! This is so incredible and amazing! I really love the sound quality, your extremely underated! I like how you eat the food, and you dont smack your lips 😂💕 this bring a ton of support to my community!! Thank you!! 💕💕

  9. OHHHHHHH🥰 This looks soo good🔥I pray that u get better soon 😢Thx for being so sweet to ur subies and making me hv something to watch during the vacation ☀️

  10. You made two things that i love!Christmas and gacha life!I am senting this to my best friend!
    We both love gacha life!Love your videos!!!😊

  11. Dude you really need more likes and love like THIS CHANNEL IS AMAZING why is it so underated?😞 love this channel though! ❤️

  12. Hello! I just wanted to say that I appreciate you SO MUCH! I love how much time you take to make these and maybe you could make a tutorial 😏😏 but anyways thank you!

  13. I’m from London to but right now I’m not in the United Kingdom in the United States I moved here four years ago so yeah I really miss LONDON

  14. Hello i wanted to say,i found your channel from a video of underrated asmrist you were on the cover i picked it be because of you.I wanna say im subscribing because i love gacha life,also everything you do is beautiful you’re very talented!❤️💙❤️💙😊

  15. New subscriber! I think it's already so kind of you to make every little detail on the candy for us! I am so far LOVING your videos!

  16. I love gacha life so muchhhhh!!! New sub. I love all the soft crunching sounds when you are the gacha people. The hard crunches made my ears hurt though. I don’t know how either. OwO friends?

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