Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool | Injury time Mane header wins it for Reds | Highlights

Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool | Injury time Mane header wins it for Reds | Highlights

That’s Wesley, Sadio Mane
with the interception, it falls nicely! And Alisson has to make
an important early save. In it goes again – Mane! Oh, big chance, first chance for Liverpool. And the man coming from deep
is Trezeguet, who scores. Now Mane. Oh, lovely ball – flag’s up,
Firmino’s goal won’t count. Mane has it, outside Robertson, inside Salah! Got underneath it. Here’s Alexander-Arnold,
and Mane coming round the back. And Tom Heaton makes a very good stop. Robertson, tees up
so many goals for Liverpool… Not this time, Salah did get there. Alexander-Arnold,
Origi tries to dummy it, and Origi! But here’s Sadio Mane. Horrible slip. Origi and Firmino wait in the middle. Firmino. Oh, big chance for Liverpool – not taken. That’s Mane, round the back,
Robertson! It’s always Liverpool, it’s always late,
never write them off. Alexander-Arnold’s there. It’s Alexander-Arnold,
and the wall does its job. Alexander-Arnold’s corner – oh, it’s down and it’s in! It’s Sadio Mane, and Liverpool’s near-post
corner works for them again! And it’s Sadio Mane, who’s had one
of his hardest days in a Liverpool shirt, who comes up trumps.

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  1. This Liverpool team reminds me of Sir Alex Ferguson's Man U, they have the ability to turn losses into draws and one point into three points. This squad hasn't looked unbeatable but they always get the results.

  2. Liverpool and M. City 2.0 for Liverpool I saw it before the much but Chelsea will win the title 😂😂😂 just kidding 😂😂😂

  3. Ketika kamu kecewa, sedikit luangkan waktu untuk bersyukur, karena di dalam hidupmu masih tersimpan banyak hal yang berjalan sebagaimana mestinya

  4. It’s a great compliment to Liverpool that every team we play are throwing bouquets 💐 at themselves for playing well or not getting hammered 5-0 even though they’ve lost they want an open top bus ride

  5. Yuhu trending di indo youtube bro. Selamat liverpoolfc. .. dramstis banget sih kasian aston vila.. makanya kagak baek maen full defence saat sedang unggul tipis wkwkwkw …

  6. for some reason I couldn't watch the game so I opened live report in the 90+ minutes waiting for the final whistle, turned out Mane scored and I literally screamed so loud 😂

  7. This was a sloppily done highlights video. Only 1:30min, no replays of goals and some misses that do not even come close to hitting the target.

  8. VAR is trying so hard to not let us win this title, but Liverpool are like move over we don't need your useless help.

  9. It seems everyone disagreed with VAR AGAIN worst thing EVER introduced ! Firminos armpit off side then the red card to SON at Everton giving by some idiot overruling referee yellow card ,not fit for purpose at present 💩💩💩

  10. There is a reason why Messi voted for Mane. Obviously, he had seen him in Camp Nou and Anfield what Mane brings to the team. Nothing to do with tactical voting.

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