Avengers Endgame Trailer Reaction – FNAF Voice Actor (And Avengers Extra) Andy Field

Avengers Endgame Trailer Reaction – FNAF Voice Actor (And Avengers Extra) Andy Field

Hey, what’s up everybody, I’m Andy Field I’m one of the voice actors from the five nights at Freddy’s series of video games And as some of you already know I am also gonna be in the upcoming Avengers movie! Now I’m just a background actor So it’s nothing huge but it was an awesome honor and a great bucket list item to be part of one of the most historic movies of all time, certainly with such an awesome franchise So I’m about to watch the trailer for the first time. The last trailer was the most watched trailer in movie history So there’s no telling what this one’s gonna do, but I’m pretty excited to see What’s going on with the Avengers? Will the Avengers save the day? I’m gonna put on my headphones so I get the full experience. Gonna go fullscreen here This is December 7th, 2018 Pearl Harbor Day. Here we go All right. Here we go Ominous Aw his helmet’s all jacked up Oh man…Hey Miss Potts No way we’ve waited a year to see the end of Tony Stark…he is floating out in space He’s dying Somebody’s gonna save him Could this be the end of Tony Stark? I don’t think so. Yeah! This music give me chills. What’s that? Whose is that I wonder? Oh here’s Thanos out in his paradise. These are our good guys that are left Thor’s… thoughtful Who’s this? Is that…? Haha, he’s back! Finally! Yeah it’s gonna work. The Avengers can’t lose. A little dramatic, Steve. Avengers here’s the name: Endgame! That IS a pretty good name. Ha! Yeah! He’s awesome All right, looks like it’s got some promise looks like it’s gonna be fun Not quite as epic as I would hope but still uh, looks like it’s gonna be good Looking forward to some other trailers All Right. See you guys in the theaters. Bye

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  1. Very cool to know you are in End Game, congratulations for doing such a good job, that I know you have done, Andy! 🙂

  2. Wow! You're room is very decorative, and festive! You're the best Hand Unit Voice Actor!
    Who am I kidding, you're the perfect voice actor!

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