BALLON D’OR 2019: Rankings

BALLON D’OR 2019: Rankings

Discussions over who should win—or at least
who is in pole position to win—the Ballon d’Or 2019 are rife. Is it going to be the
MessiMagic to shine bright among all others this year as well or the Portuguese Superstar
will put in a BigShow once again? Well, Don’t forget there’s one more big man in the race
this year — Yes, you got it ! We’ve got you covered with the Top 10 footballers
who are at the most dominant place to win the Balloon D’or this year & that’s coming
up ! Hello Folks and welcome to GoalFlix. Click
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video from us. It’s a more popular and more important subject
than almost anything else in football right now, with Virgil van Dijk’s UEFA Champions
League success with Liverpool, propelling him into a genuine challenger’s position for
the crown alongside best of bests. There are others who have put their best foot forward
this year and deserve to be mentioned in the conversation. Give this video a thumbs up and let’s go
to see the rankings Kylian Mbappe, Forward, Paris Saint-Germain (Key stat: 20 Ligue 1 goals in 2019) You know this list is stacked with quality
when Kylian Mbappe, the man Forbes listed as the most valuable player in world football
at the beginning of 2019, kicks us off in 10th.
He has been scoring in an adorable frequency this year, netting 20 in Ligue 1 alone, and
was the only person to really come close to challenging Lionel Messi for the European
Golden Shoe. His turbo speed and incisive finishing simply proves that he’s one of
the best players in the field. Mbappe’s case for the 2019 Ballon d’Or falls
short though, as he was unable to make any sort of defining impact in the Champions League
this year. But, who knows ? Mohamed Salah, Forward, Liverpool (Key stat: 17 combined goals and assists in
2019) For Salah – Ultimately there’s just one blemish
to speak of: a poor performance at the Camp Nou in the Champions League semi-finals, where
he missed a close-range chance that could have changed the dynamic of the tie. Also
in the Africa Cup of Nations Egypt was knocked out by South Africa in the Round of 16s. So,
‘Fingers Crossed’ Eden Hazard, Forward, Real Madrid (Key stat: 16 combined goals and assists in
2019) The UEFA Europa League is a good Farewell
gift for Hazard. He left Chelsea on a high, having played a major part in bringing that
piece of silverware to Stamford Bridge, and he departs having put together one of his
best-ever seasons in blue. His performance this year has been eye-popping. In the wake
of his blockbuster move to Real Madrid, some fans on social media have wondered aloud whether,
he might be the third-best player in the world right now, behind only Cristiano Ronaldo and
Lionel Messi. But… we need statistics for the Balloooon…. Do’or Raheem Sterling, Forward, Manchester City (Key stat: 20 combined goals and assists in
2019) It’s been a monumental year for Raheem Sterling.
He scored a lot of goals for Manchester City, at times making himself seem more valuable
to the team than anyone else. Eight Premier League goals over the final stretch helped
his team win the title; three in the FA Cup helped secure the unprecedented men’s domestic
treble; and four in the Champions League came within an inch of helping his side into the
semi-finals. Hey, he’s got some good stats. haaa… Bernardo Silva, Midfielder, Manchester City (Key stat: 16 wins from 17 club games in 2019) Bernardo Silva’s breathtaking combination
of mazy dribbles, progressive passes and recovery tackles makes him the most important attacking
player this season. And there were times when Bernardo’s ankle-breaking runs into the box
actually were nightmares for the opponent’s defenders.
Then in the Nations League he took command, assisting once in each match as Portugal secured
the trophy and earning Player of the Tournament despite Ronaldo netting three in the semi-final. There isn’t a soul on Earth who doubts this
man’s ability now. So, you’ve made it to the half of the video,
PRESS THE BELL ICON and you’ll be on your way. Alisson Becker, Goalkeeper, Liverpool (Key stat: 13 clean sheets in all competitions
in 2019) It’s very rare that goalkeepers get the credit
they deserve in the Ballon d’Or stakes, but if any individual can buck that trend, it’s
Alisson Becker. He won the Premier League Golden Glove, keeping
close to as many as 21 clean sheets and only conceding 22 goals.
He even won the Copa America 2019 with Brazil. What do you say – A Golli as a Balloon d’Or
? Well, I’ll say why not ? Cristiano Ronaldo, Forward, Juventus (Key stat: 15 goals for club and country in
2019) It hasn’t quite been the outstanding campaign
we’re… used to seeing from Cristiano Ronaldo; and on Juventus performances alone, there’s
not much of a case for the 34-year-old. Seven goals and five assists in league play in 2019
was OK; but, plenty have managed more. Five goals in four Champions League knockout games,
including a spectacular hat-trick in the comeback victory against Atletico Madrid, made things
better but not good enough. And then, It comes to the UEFA Nations League with Portugal—a
feat he was a huge part of. A sensational hat-trick in the semi-final against Switzerland
dragged Portugal into a finals against the Netherlands, in which Ronaldo again played
well in — as they won 1 goal to 0. It can go either way! Lionel Messi, Forward, Barcelona (Key stat: 30 club goals in all competitions
in 2019) Messi has plenty working in his favour with
regard to the 2019 Ballon d’Or. He was the best player in La Liga, the best player in
the Champions League, scored 30 goals in all competitions this year.
Rightly or wrongly, though, the fact Barcelona failed to haul in the Champions League trophy
and the Copa del Rey, may act as an disaster to his Ballon d’Or credentials. Messi also
couldn’t perform well at the Copa America this year. Argentina was knocked out by Brazil
in the Semi-Final and Argentina finished third but Messi’s play for Argentina was NOPE
! He played 5 matches and scored only 1 goal against Paraguay and provided only 1 assist
to Aguero against Chile. He also received a RED CARD in the match against Chile ruining
his Balloon d’Or stakes. Sorry Messi, but it looks the Balloon D’or is someone else’s
this year. Sadio Mane, Winger, Liverpool (Key stat: 14 Premier League goals in 2019) Mane scored a number of crucial goals to maintain
Liverpool’s winning habit, often netting the opener when things were about to get nervy.
He ended up sharing the Premier League Golden Boot with Salah and Aubameyang. It’s something
which spurred Liverpool on to new heights. He played 6 matches and scored 3 goals and
an assist in the Africa Cup of Nations. He netted 2 goals against Kenya, 1 against Uganda,
1 assist against Benin. A true candidate for the Balloon d’Or ! Till now, I think that you’ve already made
a guess. Yes – Virgil van Dijk, Defender, Liverpool The Dutchman became 2018-19 PFA Player of
the Year and Champions League winner. Revered as one of—if not the—best defender on
the planet. Despite coming up against an array of elite
attacking players this year, not one of them has managed to successfully dribble past him.
The Netherlands’ Nations League final against Portugal ended in 1 to 0 loss, it looks that
it won’t affect Van Dijk’s No. 1 spot though. For the first time in a long time,
the elite attackers have a genuinely elite defender to rival them for this kind of award.
Some may write off Van Dijk’s Ballon d’Or claim because the Netherlands lost the Nations
League final, but it only would have been damaging if he played poorly. He didn’t, and
he’s got that shiny Champions League trophy backing his corner in these stakes for the
rest of the year and not much will move that needle. Hey mate, Don’t forget to write in the comments
‘Who do you think will win the Balloon d’Or 2019 ?’ Share this video to your friends
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and we’ll catch you next time.

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  1. Look at the performance of the season not the player name you Messi twats, Messi scored a most goals in Europe as well as van dijk gets the most clean sheets in Europe. Clean sheets and goal are equally important twats. Grow up and get some knowledge about football before licking Messi ass

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