So what they do is.
They have a seat here.
Right in the middle.
So they get all framed up. And when they are in a good spot.
We just take a picture.
That was pretty fun. It’s a bit weird that they
scan your face like that. But very funny to
take part in this. As a young kid you dream about
making it into Fifa. It’s always weird to see
yourself in the game. But the more realistic it looks,
the more fun it will be. Also the kids will have more
fun when it looks more real.
I’ll probably play it as well.
It’s super important. Because the difference between
characters that are…
…created by an artist… …versus what’s created
through this machine.
Is night and day. I thinks it’s very important.
Also because Ajax is a big club.
So the faces have to look real. It’s very nice what they do.
Especially for Ajax. It shows Ajax belongs
to the big clubs again.
And that is really great.

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. Ik heb een vraagje ze zouden vandaag allemaal komen maar allen ziyech tadic en blind zijn geupgrade bij mij op dit moment

  2. Nico, Alvarez, Neres zitten er niet in omdat diegene die alles kwam opmeten dit begin augustus heeft gedaan en zei toen nog op de Copa America waren.

  3. Oké leuk neres, tagliafico en martinez en Alvarez zitten er niet in vanwege copa America! Maar waar is dan veltman?? En huntelaar die waren toch ook niet weg

  4. En nee mensen tagliafico en neres worden dit jaar niet meer toegevoegd/geüpdate ajax zei via insta maybe next year……

  5. Blind zn quote aan het eind slaat nergens op. Teams als Leganes en Eibar en zelfs Fortuna Dusseldorf hebben ook echte faces.

  6. STILL NOT OUT FOR PS4 N XBOX….Why always update come in pc first???people play pc with pirate and more cheap price…all company game take more money from console player…bcoz sell expensive to them…

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