My most beautiful memory is when we beat them 3-0. I will never forget the most beautiful game of my career because it was the Clásico and it was very nice to beat them in their stadium. There are other Clásicos aswell but this one is nationwide. My name is Gael Sandoval, I play for Chivas in Guadalajara and I’m an attacking midfielder. My name is Eduardo López, I play for the most beautiful team in Mexico, Chivas, and I’m a striker. This is the most anticipated game of the tournament in the league and because it’s the Clásico, it’s a different kind of game. This is very important both personally and for the pride. It means a lot to win the Clásico and beat Club América. It’s something that all the players that are here and represent Mexicans are very proud of. I prepare the same way for each game. Yes, this game is on a different level but my preparation is always the same. I always rest, work and practice the same way and this is no different to the other days. Obviously this is a special game, the Clásico, but my preparation is the same that has always served me. I talk a lot with my family. I know they want to give me advice and know how I’m doing. How I’m going to experience the Clasico, how they will experience it… I’m excited to see what happens on Saturday! Party! It’s a party in the stadium. It’s like the “Tomorrowland” of football. It’s fully loaded. People are cheering and supporting, not only in the stadium but also nationally and perhaps in other places aswell. It’s something you don’t expect. It’s worth it to be in the stadium between the fans and you’re going to feel like you are on the pitch. You will love what you will see.

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  1. Hey joltter come to India and watch a game of Kerala Blasters in the ISL the atmosphere is so nice here ,,,thrilling,,😘

  2. unisport I love you're Videos. I think it would be really nice to see a Video nike mercurial vapor 12 vs nike mercurial flyknit ultra

  3. If u guys really want to see what an Indian Dortmund looks like then, head it to Indian super league team KERALA BLASTERS.

  4. Tigres Vs Monterrey is the derby of the century! Two of the best teams in the league at the moment check them out. Don’t forget about the fans the only two best fans and the only teams that always have a full stadium every single game!

  5. What about Real x Barca? Vasco x Flamengo? Borussia x Bayern? LOL A Mexican derby the best in the world? Hahahahhaah

  6. Hey Joltter! How r u doing? Do you remember me? Im the guy who went to your hotel the day before the match 😂😂

  7. You should go to Argentina, there fooball isn´t just a game, it´s culture, Life. The best clasico is "EL SUPERCLASICO" River vs Boca

  8. Thanks for coming to Mexico 🇲🇽 👊🏼😎 it really means a lot for people like you to come thanks , did you lime spicy food??

  9. Que chingon que vinieron México sin duda de los mejores clasicos del mundo con un ambiente incomparable😏🇲🇽🔥
    Nice job unisport👌🔝

  10. Rayados VS Tigres, I have no doubt that its the best clasico of Mexico or might be of America. People in Monterrey take this very seriously and both hinchas are outstanding.

  11. Kolkata Derby(India)….
    East Bengal F.C VS Mohun Bagan A.C

    According To the Asian Football….This Derby match is most famous and most Controversial.

    Its About Over 100 Years of Rivalry.

    When India got petitioned to in 1947. two Country India And Bangladesh. Bengali culture Divided in two.

    One Is 'Bangal"(East Bengal)
    Another is "Ghoti" (Mohun Bagan)

    This Match always held In Kolkata"s.
    Vivekananda Yuva Bharati Krirangan (Also known as Salt Lake Stadium) that hosted FIFA U-17 World Cup Final match.
    I will request to cover that match in your next video.

    This Video Might Proof Of This Comment

    Thank You.

  12. Jolter, you were my favorite guy already and now even more! Chivas is my team since I remember, maybe 3 years old. Mexico is my country and it is a football country. We bleed, breath and eat football everyday and that Clásico is the biggest game the league has and I’m really happy to watch this video and see you wearing not just a Chivas Jersey but the green one! Thank you for this

  13. 10 UniSport. Other derbies…Ok lemme thinking: Lione – Marsiglia , Fluminense – Flamengo or Gremio – International. Maybe, the brazilian derbies are very similar and we know how much brasilian fans keep in heart their football teams: chants, flags all over the stadiums as well many stadiums in South America; anyways, European clubs and fans have to learn something about this!!!

  14. biggest derby in the world is definetly the Paulista Derby. Palmeiras against Corinthians. No better place for it than Brazil, the Football Nation.

  15. I’m a bit late to comment, but you guys don’t know how happy I was watching this! I never thought you guys would cover a Guadalajara vs America Clasico, but big ups to you guys👌🏻👍🏻 #DaleRebaño

  16. Shout out to Unisport for showing the love of the game all around the world and not just putting the microscope on Europe. Unisport is for the people!👍

  17. Should’ve stayed in Estadio Jalisco and just remodeled it instead of building a new one far away on the outskirts…

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