[#BestofReply] (ENG/SPA/IND) Sung Dong Il X Dean Night of Card Game #Diggle

[#BestofReply] (ENG/SPA/IND) Sung Dong Il X Dean Night of Card Game #Diggle

[Best of K-Drama Reply] [Ssangmun-dong’s high roller] Is today the day we get to see your
mad skills? Cut the deck Just deal We’re all pros here… I hear you’re quite the go-stop player,
Mr. Yoo Oh, nonsense
When I was on night duty, I played a couple of games
with the other teachers It’s all empty talk, empty talk Then Shall we clean him out tonight?
Take the money of a high school teacher? Okay Shall we? Okay, the rule is daytime-nighttime – That’s what I’m talking about
– Ooh, 12, 12, 12 I’m sorry, but… What’s daytime-nighttime? My God, I can’t believe we’re sitting here
playing cards with an amateur I’d feel bad to take his money Well, that’s how they learn Since I’m new to this,
I’ll just flip the cards randomly Wow, another Bi Okay, my turn Oh, no! I had the worst hand What are you gonna do?
Deal, deal Come on, deal Deal Hand me the cards Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Yes! One-Go for each card! Godori! Chok! Two-Go! Five-Gwang! Three-Go! Gwang-bak on top of Pi-bak, wow! God, I’m so sorry [He was a swindler?!]
Holy, moly! You two played with Mr. Yoo? That man is shameless You should steer clear from him You must never let your guard down
when you’re playing with Mr. Yoo What does that mean? Anyhow, how much did you lose? – 120 won!
– Geez! Now, don’t you worry
Today I’m going to win ten times the money you lost! Hang tight while I play him tonight This guy turns into a shark
when it comes to Mr. Yoo I think I’m gonna close my store
early tonight [Sung Dong Il the Shark] Yes! 5 points, 6 points, 7 points! 14 points after the shake! Ms. Cheetah has Pi-bak, so 28 points That’ll be 280 won, Ms. Cheetah 140 won for Mr. Sung! Thank you very much! He’s good – How much?
– 280 won 10 won per point is too much
Let’s make it 3, 5, 7, 9, 10 won I’m pretty sure he just got lucky Anyway, Mr. Yoo Deal me some really good cards
this time Alright Now! Let the real games begin! Damn, I think I might have to
rest for this round Oh, goodie
I’ll take what I can get What do you think you’re doing? Enough with the dirty tricks, alright? Heukssari Put them back Heukssari is mine “Heukssari is mine” The two Heukssari cards were on
the floor from the beginning You’re a school teacher and you
pull something like this? Play tricks on me one more time and
I’ll bash your fingers with a hammer No more tricks, alright?
You’re not going to fool me twice 2 points for Cheong-dan and, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 points Ahem, let me see… Do you have a death wish? Next time, it’s going to be your hand 4 points for Cheong-dan,
and 7, 8, 9 points 18 points for Pi-bak, so 180 won Mr. Swindler? 36 points for Pi-bak and Gwang-bak,
so 360 won Cough it up Don’t forget to teach the students
your hard-learned lessons That’s my husband Darling, I’m going to sweep the board and buy you a mink coat Sseul Chok Five-Gwang Cho-dan Hong-dan Cheong-dan Godori [Mi Ran’s secret weapon]
Mayday, Mayday Wee-woo, wee-woo! Sseul! Yes! Holy, moly
It’s Sseul again! Let’s see, Ms. Cheetah’s score is…
Gwang-bak and Pi-bak, oh, my… Excuse me I need some water Hey, hey!
What do you think you’re doing? This is a crucial round! Don’t move an inch! And go get your water! How can I get the water if
I can’t move? How many is it when you call Go
this time? It’s Five-Go, right? What’s Five-Go?
Quadruple? Quintuple? What? Darling, prepare yourself for multiple trips to the hospital
this winter What for? If you get heat rash from wearing your
mink coat, you’ll need to get it treated! Who cares about heat rash when
you can wear a mink coat? I’m so excited! [Trump card: Jin Ju]
Hey, Jin Ju Do you wanna play? Hmm? – Hey, there
– Come here, Jin Ju Come here Hello, Jin Ju Players shouldn’t leave the table
for so long! You’re too late! Now! At this moment, I’d like to yell out once again! Now! Five-Go! [Launch of the secret operation] My God! Holy moly! I think I’m gonna have a heart attack I’m about to hit jackpot Let me yell out one more time! Five-Go! Mink coat, come to mama! – Oh, no!
– Oh, no! Jin Ju, no! – Oh, no!
– Oh, no! This game is invalid!

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  1. 고니: 선생님은 대한민국에서 랭킹 몇 위쯤 돼요?
    평경장: 당연히 내가 일등이지, 임마.
    고니: (에헤헤헤)
    평경장: 웃네? 간나새끼. 화투하면 대한민국에 딱 세 명이야. 경상도에 짝귀, 전라도에 성동일, 기카고 전국적으로 나!

  2. 진주 이용해 쳐먹는 아줌마 년은 양심이
    좆도 없다이 돈도 많은 년이 그리고 진주도 문제야 노래만 나오면 미친년 처럼 뛰고 지랄이야 바닥을 나두고 그
    위에서 뛴다냐 가정 교육의 문제다

  3. 내나이 35 .. 6살때인가 7살때인가 정확히 기억이 안나지만 .. 그당시 영어로 원투쓰리포를 배우고나서 자신감에 겁나 충만했을때였음..
    어느날 집에서 아버지랑 친구분들이 고스톱을 치고계셨는데
    아버지 친구분이 원고! 투고!왜치시길레.. 영어 배운거 자랑하려고 어린마음에 “다음은 쓰리곤가?” 이말햇다가 바로 아버지한테 귀싸대기 쳐맞고 쌍코피터져서 펑펑움..
    지금 상황을 돌이켜보자면 아버지가 돈을 잃고
    계셧으리라 생각됨..
    그이후로 다른 후유증은 없지만 고스톱은커녕 카드게임등 평생 도박은 쳐다보지도 않고살고있음 그러나 리니지를하면서 뒤늦게 도박의 맛을 알아 린지m으로 차한대값날림…ㅜㅠ
    결론.. 김택진 개객기

  4. 동룡:우리 아빠 남포동 사짜야
    덕선:우리 아빠 한일은행 검사부야
    정환:우리 엄마 라미란이야


  5. 설날에 엄마 아빠 형이랑 화투치다 아빠가 지니까 5살 동생 안고있다 살짝밀어서 엎었는데

  6. 도룡뇽아빠 저때는 사람좋긴한데 애들 패는선생님으로만 봤는데 이태원클라쓰에선 회장님으로나오네

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