Bet Angel: Betfair football trading – The worst football trade ever!

Bet Angel: Betfair football trading – The worst football trade ever!

so I’d like to tell you a story a story
where greed overcomes common sense where greed inspires an entire community to
lose incredible amounts of money on the worst football trade ever are you
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videos so let me show you a way of making unlimited amounts of cash really
quickly on football you can see we’re looking at the first goal scorer market
here between Manchester United and Leicester 36,000 has been match which is
a surprise because look over here you’ve got the book at a hundred and two
percent so if I lay the entire book at a hundred and two you can see that my
predicted profit is going to be a few quid guaranteed apart from these ones
where I would obviously make a bit more money so if I place that position into
the market so you can see here I’ve got a profit regardless of whoever the first
goal scorer is within this match I can’t possibly lose or can I so if you’re
thinking about going in to a market and doing this on the first goal score a
market stop don’t do it it’s a trap it’s a trick I’ve tricked you this market
will result in a loss for me I will lose money by doing this and that’s why you
should not do it it’s a false market why is it a false market well if you look at
the number of selections within this particular market you’ll notice there
are a very large number of selections and of course the first goal score is
going to come out of the 22 or so people that play in that particular match it
and what’s happened in the first goal scorer market is they’ve listed
everybody that could possibly score that goal some of which I’m never going to
score others are unlikely and some of them will not even play and if they
don’t play those bets avoid so the percentage at the top of the screen is
not an accurate reflection of what’s going on within the market so yeah don’t
do it and if you did it you stands to losing almost most money but
worse than that you can see that when I put that position through the market my
account balance is unaffected and the problem that you have for that means
that you can do it again which means you lose more money and you could do it
again which means you’re losing more money and
again and again and again and in fact you could end up losing an unlimited
amount of money if you do this as long as people had sat on the other side of
the market willing to let you take a position against them which of course
they’re bound to if you’re doing something as stupid as this now you’re
sort of thinking well who would do something as stupid as that but it has
happened and that this describes the worst football trade ever hilariously it
occurred on the money saving expert forum which I think they should have
changed a money-losing expert after this particular episode it was way back in
2007 February 2007 that this occurred but what happened was somebody stumbled
upon this particular strategy they looked at the market they figured out
that in fact the life side should be only ever so slightly above a hundred
percent and when they walked into the market it was at a hundred and forty
percent so they thought oh you know hold on a second if I lay everything at one
hundred and forty percent I will make 40 percent profit on my stake so they did
that and then lo and behold you know their account balance was still intact
so they just did it again and again and again and they got a massive shovel and
dug the biggest hole you’ve ever seen on a market but worse than that was what
happened on the money saving expect for him rather appropriately the first guy
to spot the opportunity was a guy called cheeky he popped up and he said call me
a fool yes I think we can’t call you a fool but you know I’ve just laid the
entire field here for one hundred and forty percent and I’m gonna get loads of
free money and as soon as he did that loads of other people piled in and
started doing the same thing in this like little massive activity surged into
the market laying consistently above 100% because of course there was no way
that they could lose or was there of course there was if you read the rules
it says in there that their bets will be void on players that do
not start the match and that means that the 140% was never ever 140% it was much
much smaller and it took until 33 posts on the thread for somebody to say oh if
only it were that easy and and of course he got shouted down because everybody
was making unbelievable amounts money and none of it was getting taken out
their account they were just piling in as much money as they possibly could
into this market so when somebody popped up and said all bets will be void and
you know therefore you’ve got a bit of an issue here the penny still didn’t
really drop you know and people and also somebody pointed out that the light you
could actually rack up a libel it’s either far exceeded any of the money in
your account but even then people were coming back
and trying to defend the original poster and the Pearl and and the strategy
itself they were just sort of saying well you know Betfair wouldn’t allow you
to run up a liability bigger than your account balance but yes they will the
great thing about exchanges is you can do all sorts of win wonderful things
there are thousands of strategies that you can deploy some of them are really
odd but necessarily if you get a false market nobody’s going to stop you from
doing that you you bet at your own risk Betfair will not restrict you they will
not limit the size of your bet if you want to take money in a market you take
money in the market at your own risk you have no redress so as a consequence
when you when you’re betting into Faust monket you could end up with a liability
far in excess of anything that you’ve got in your account by post 67 it really
began to sink in that they’ve made an absolutely terrible mistake and then I
think was it posts is 70 73 or somewhere around there in the early 70s the penny
absolutely totally dropped with a crushing reality and then people
realized that what they’re actually done is racked up an absolutely stupendous
liability we’re not talking a couple hundred quid here some people have run
up tens of thousands of pounds worth of losses but of course those losses would
only be dependent upon what the team sheep was you know if
which player was in or out and and stuff like that so when the team sheet was was
announced of course everybody realized they were really really in serious
trouble there because Thierry Omri who was going to be a big part and a big
chunk of the market was not playing so yeah then everything descended into
chaos people were trying to find ways of getting out but of course you can’t you
know if you’ve got yourself into such a massive hole a huge margin the margin
isn’t going to be there on the other side of the book the person who took the
money off of you in one direction isn’t going to turn around to get all poor
sold let me give you that money back it’s not going to happen so they
realized that they’re in a really serious problem at that particular
moment in time so they closed the throat to stop people from participating it
opened a new thread to discuss how they were going to try and get things how
they’re going to try and sort the whole position out because there was nothing
they could do is too late especially when the team shares announce and the
match starts it’s your opportunities gone it’s just a disaster from that
particular point of a point in time so then descended into this situation of
people saying just how serious their positions were and then resorting to
either looking at ways to remove all of their funds from Betfair before but if I
had a chance to debit it from them or going to the FSA or regulatory bodies to
try and reverse the positional a blame game erupted basically at that
particular point and you know maybe it was a sad sight to see
now I actually was known this market so I didn’t pick up on this until after it
happened and somebody pointed me to the road and I started reading it I was
thinking oh no it’s like how could people be so stupid but the fact is it
still continues today not quite on that scale because that was spectacular and
probably never to be repeated but you do see false markets all the time and you
see people betting into false markets all of the time and you know that their
legitimate market they not put up to try and trap people it’s just that there are
some markets where runners are going to be added or removed and there’s not a
great deal that you can do about that but probably the best example is the
first goal scorer market because it’s something that repeats every match and
you can see it all in its full glory for want of a better word
but anyhow if he wants to know how to lose enormous amounts of money very very
quickly that’s the way to do it but I suggest that the way that you overcome
these sort of tendencies to make absolutely horrific mistakes is read the
rules if you haven’t participated in the market before do a tentatively
understand all of the little situations that it could occur read the rules make
sure that you understand what the likely payoff is and then you can proceed
safely but if you’ve never traded a market before just dabble in it before
going in all guns blazing but to anyhow I thought that it would be interesting
to reprise that I don’t think it’s been covered for many years and that’s how
you can perform the worst football trade ever you

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  1. But I don't understand I mean why would betfair keep letting you do it then? Because it would create a completely false market where the money and bets owed isn't covered by anything… I don't get it, if it's not removing money from your balance you have no liability….

  2. It is a little harsh to say people are fools as most markets do not void nonrunners. But another trap used to be when there were more than one winner – example horses being placed. Betfair used to calculate bets as win or lose on all selections – but of course there were 3 winners not one. ( Betfair now clearly state there is more than one winner.).

  3. ~I was about to go to bed,, That tale will for sure give me nightmares! I am confused though, Will betfair take people to court to obtain money they didnt have in their accounts?

  4. So if you bet a 104% racing market and then pray to the horsey gods that no runners are pulled out. EaSy MoNeY fAsT lol. Great video as always Peter 👍🏼

  5. During dutching in correct score market…..I place bets and suddenly odds change in a way that…..whole game goes against me….and I m in loosing position
    ……so how to over come that problem using betangel trading software

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