BH1 News – 9/28/18 – Full Broadcast

hi Baker! I’m Bethany, aka Bethanaenae!
and I’m Gabe
wow you don’t have a cool nickname?
of course not what a loser.
well while you guys say the pledge I’m gonna go cry in a
corner homecoming tickets are on sale now in the front lobby. Baker students tickets
cost $25 and any non Baker students ticket costs $50 cash only.
Homecoming shirts are also available in the lobby for $20.
are you going to homecoming? of course I am!
hopefully I’m exempt from the EQTs this year but I’m not
sure what the requirements are. well luckily for you mr. tobert has some
more info about that!
hey Baker next week is eqt week that is the time for you to
show off how much you’ve learned this quarter and to boost your final averages
just in time for your first report card; however those of you that have been
exceptional students this quarter could take advantage of the MCPSS eqt
exemption policy. in order to qualify for exemption you must meet grade,
attendance, and conduct requirements. let’s take a look at the grade requirements first. now just because you qualify for exemption doesn’t mean
you’re required to use it. you go-getters out there can still take your eqt in an
effort to raise your average, just know that if you take the test it will be
counted to determine your final grade. for specific information about whether
or not you qualify for EQT exemption, see your individual teachers.
be sure to get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast on Thursday and
Friday, and good luck on your EQTs. unfortunately you can’t be exempt from
the PSAT for those you that want to take it. the PSAT will be held on
October 24th. the last day to register is October 5th and the price is $16.
you can sign it for the PSAT in the guidance wing.
my brain is going to be
fried after all these EQTs and the PSAT.
oh you should come to the game
tonight. you could take the hooligans bus to the game tonight and the next game.
it’s only $5 but doesn’t include the ticket into the game. if you’re interested go see Mr. Lipske in room 71.
speaking of sports, here is D Rob with this week’s sports update. thanks guys! our Baker varsity football
team won their first game against foley 17-0. you can hear more on that
from Kyrah. thanks Kyrah! cross country has been doing
phenomenal throughout their season. here’s Hannah with the scoop! We’re back
with a cross country update. The cross-country team competed in the Gulf Coast
Stampede! they competed with 57 other teams from over six different states. the
girls placed third overall and the boys placed ninth overall. the boys and the
girls hope to bounce back next week when they compete and their next meet which
will be the Daphne Invitational at historic Blakely Park in Spanish fort
Alabama. thanks Hannah! our swim team participated
in the UMS swim meet Wednesday. our boys placed second and our girls placed third.
amazing job swimmers! keep it up! Morgan Mangum placed second in the 200
yard IM. Aden Earhart placed fourth in the 50 yard freestyle. Jordan Porter and
Johnny Kupersmith Bethany Kilgore placed fourth in the 100
yard breaststroke, lastly placing first is Morgan Mangum in the 100 yard backstroke. now here is Maia with volleyball. Baker volleyball team is striking out
with the seven match winning streak with their last game played against Bryant high
school. well that’s all for Bh1 sports! now back
to Gabe and Bethany!
with so many sports I’m sure we have a ton of hungry athletes.
yeah you’re right.
the cafeteria lines are so long now.
yeah that’s true.
now that we’re on the topic, students please remember to bring your ID badges to the
cafeteria. the lunch lines are getting really long.
well that makes me kind of
hungry, so I think that’s it! Bye, Baker!

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