BIRTH to DEATH Throw Back – Old 125 Gallon Planted Aquarium Remix

BIRTH to DEATH Throw Back – Old 125 Gallon Planted Aquarium Remix

what’s up fish tank people
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you at the throwback Thursday I’m busy today
I’m meeting with people about this new green house bear with me on the videos
about my old 125 gallon aquarium that I had up in my family room that no longer
exists thanks to the remodel and my wife not wanting any more tanks in the family
room enjoy this video and tank on you’ll notice the Water Sprite actually
coming up out of the water and love the metal halide this is the 125 back in the day before
any drift or anything it was dirted and you can see this is the first time that
I really got into keeping rainbows you can see my old emerald rainbow in there
I had the Irani Reds I even had the yellow Herbert Axelrod I you can check
it out I was keeping rainbows with angels and they don’t typically
recommend do that but the angel was in there first he’s the OG I talked about
him later in this video and he was big he was big and burly I wouldn’t
recommend keeping baby rainbow or baby angels with rainbows but a big
full-grown angel with smaller rainbows I think there’s no problem and work
temporarily here these were the rainbows that went on later into my 220 this is
the og angelfish the original gangster angelfish everyone else in the aquarium
died he was left standing he had the entire 125 gallon aquarium to himself
with nothing but a bunch of small other tetras until his passing he was the
gangsta these are stir bait Cory cats and for
some reason the stir bear Cory cats are not out as often as other Cory cats for
me but I had probably twelve of them in this tank and they used to swim like up
and down the side so we’re just super awesome with that I need to get more
Cory cats in my life I don’t have enough right now here’s what’s going on I don’t do too
many videos of the 125 because it’s it’s up in my family room and I got young
kids that go to bed early and I get home late and it doesn’t work out well so
showing – showing it to you now pretty excited about it people would ask me
about the fish in here I do have an angelfish somebody that’s
coming I didn’t think I had an angelfish I have one angelfish and he’s an OG or
Original Gangster angelfish that I will not replace with another angelfish until
I until he dies so I’m not gonna replace this boy right here until he passes on
and when he does pass on I will be very sad for a very long time but then I will
probably get Ultem stalking to some guys in the chat the other night about all
times you want me to do this cuz I like dig this because this gets don’t really
come out and they don’t do much for me plus they’re sensitive and I do big
water changes which tends to sometimes kill stuff so just want to show this
tent it got some diamond tetras in here diamond cutters if you do big water
changes and you have a good healthy diet and a lot of plants they breed you’ll
see that tiny little one a littler one in there I didn’t buy them like that at
bred so pretty pumped about that I’ve been feeding them a mix of new life
spectrum and then this other thicker meteor flake so they’re doing well with
it I don’t know stank does well I’m pretty
happy I stopped and bought the chair to sit in I want to sit in a chair I love
how the surveys are out now they weren’t ever out before now I can just like get
to check them just down there chill and there’s one of them right there so gotta
love that I think they’ve gotten a little bit I don’t know but yeah it’s
fun then you can see this tank it’s a natural daylight so that’s pretty cool
coming out here you can see that it grows well so that’s fun
I was playing in the 125 got a lot of people asking me about dirt cuz I asked
them what they wanted to know about dirt and I want to talk about the question
that I got the most hey I got asked the most and it was Dustin how long does
dirt last that’s like asking how long is a car last if I’m gonna give you my best
answer right here for y’all obviously I got the dirted tank guide coming out
here this weekend I’m trying to get that sucker out we’ll talk more about that in
a second but yo this is my 125 that I dirtied seven and a half years ago and I
talk about the trials and tribulations and what I did right and what I did
wrong all throughout the guide but it’s been rolling for seven years I’d love to
tell you that this tank is still going at full go it’s not however before the
YouTube era yeah it was a lonely time in my life actually but I had this tank was
running high tech I had like 832 watt bulbs on it I had co2 I was hitting it
with heavy firts it was actually my only tank if you can believe that and I had
no friends in Lexington so I just like hung out and played a fish tank and I
wish I had a video of it back in the day because it was pretty sick but it’s been
running for like seven and a half years almost eight years now the dirt is kind
of starting to slow down but I’m still getting like the growth out of the sores
I mean you can see that sword over there you can see the soar over there I just
did a big old water change on it too I actually ran the water out to the door
excuse me out the window there which was kind of tight through the hose in so
yeah it’s getting a little I’m gonna it’s getting a little out it’s not it’s
not you know bumping quite as much as it was but I mean look seven years come on
I mean he was a tank set up for seven years like that’s that’s a long time I’m
happy about it and you know yes so seven years I mean the Krenim no problem doing
fine still dirt and still rolling I think I could keep going with this so I
don’t know I’ve talked about tearing it down I’m probably gonna do that this
winter at some point so but yeah I don’t know every tanks different if you run
your tank like high-tech high light lots of lots of stuff in it lots of co2 lots
of firts everything the plants grow like crazy
probably gonna eat the dirt a little faster than if it’s a low-tech I mean
whilst it talks about it where she’s like you know my tanks I’ve never turned
him down I don’t know she says they run forever and whatever so everything is
different but they last a long time that’s the bottom line it’s not easy for
me to make okay I I got a lot of love my original 125 I’m going to be tearing it
down and showing it all with you all but I gotta give this tank some respect so
I’m gonna give it some respect the respect that it’s due
this tanks been with me since Cincinnati my boy Jackson had at Ohio University
prior to that with the stand built the whole deal I’ll borrow off of him and
Cincinnati and move with me from Cincinnati to Boca Raton Florida for a
year and then it moved here in Lexington to this location September October of
2006 it’s my first dirted tank I got lots of love for this tank I ran it
high-tech I ran it low-tech it’s been running basically no tech for quite a
while and I’m tearing it down it’s time and I’m gonna show you you know why I’m
doing this okay though the light bulbs are old in the fixtures those are
everybody asking those 150 watt metal halide chloral lifes
with plant involves 6500 K bulbs in them but here’s why we’re tearing it down the
dirts basically giving up the ghost now look September 2006 it’s 2014 almost
2015 the dirt realistically ran for probably six good years but now all I’m
keeping is anubias the swords kind of maintain but whatever so it’s got to go
so what I’m gonna be showing you is how I’m going to take down this 125 dirt how
I’m gonna get the fish out I’m gonna get the plants out I’m gonna tear the whole
thing down and it’s a huge pain in the butt I really don’t wanna be doing it
I’m kind of sad but you know you tear down things and you’re rebuilding so
obviously I’m gonna do a quick rebuild or a rebuild after this so that’s what
I’m doing here’s a last shot tear down the 125

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. Hey Dustin i have a 30 gallons dirted aquarium but my led is gone and i want to put it in front of a window, i have a western window and a northern window. I live in Israel (climate kind of like Arizona, vey hot and strong sunlight) in which window is it preferred to put the aquarium considering the heat and the light?

  2. I think it was great! Look at the size of those plants!
    ( I also spotted your baby daughter in the reflection ( mermaid😊)

  3. I need more plants in my 125. Have also been thinking of adding a couple angels in with my rainbows, but now you have me second guessing that idea.

  4. What an awesome tank, a lot of dedication to maintain so long. Generations of fish, bacteria and plants lived in there happily going about there business. All good things end though, looking forward to the new set up.

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