Bnei Sachnin Football Team

Bnei Sachnin Football Team

Mugrabi has done it!
1:0 to Sachnin! That’s the team of my city,
of my people. There’s the Slomi
Azulay’s chance! 2:0 on the fifth minute,
for Sachnin. It’s a small city
with a small budget. To get to the place
that we are at now… I think it’s amazing. Sachnin is a small city
in the Galilee. Around 30,000
people live here. Here we have Christians
and Muslims… What is special about
this city, is its football team and the people, warm people who accept
people from outside with love. We have Arab players,
Jewish players… Our togetherness is what
makes us special, and that’s the secret
to our success this year. Arab, Jewish,
Druse, Christian… Everyone respects everyone. We make a good family. We speak in Arabic,
in Spanish, throw around words
in Hebrew… Everything. Once or twice a week
we all get together, watch games together… Some players spend time
with each other more than they do with their families. That’s what’s fun
about our team. The Sachnin team has a big
influence on this community. In the past year, a bunch of
players went to different schools with Jewish and Arab students
to talk about the sport, and how we play together,
as human beings, no matter the color
or religion. We wanted to show them
that it’s possible. People see that there
is cooperation, that we can live together. It makes people
feel good.

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