Boise State OC Zak Hill: ‘Hank is a very special player’

What made the difference for Hank?>>Hank’s one of those players where
he’s done everything to earn it. And he’s one of those
players that came in early, was able to learn the offense
through spring ball. And really the way, and
how quickly he learned, it was surprising. I haven’t had many quarterbacks
learn as quickly as he did. And Chase is obviously coming off
a knee and he’s through spring, trying to get back into it mentally and
doing everything he can for that QB unit. And he’s done a great job helping Hank,
too. He’s a very selfless kid and we’ll be seeing him a lot through
the year as well, I can tell. I mean, Chase is one of those players
that’s still getting healthy and and rolling. But Hank is a very special player and he’s
got the ability to do it athletically. He’s got the mind for the game. And then he’s got some intangible things
that it’s tough to teach, some with the footwork stuff and being able to get
the ball out and different arm angles. But he’s been pretty fun to watch.>>You obviously knew you were gonna be
in this situation with Brett going out. How much of a conversation was that with
him during recruiting that there’s gonna be an opportunity your
first year on campus?>>Yeah, I think that was a big reason
why Hank ended up choosing Boise State. Because he saw that opportunity with
Brett leaving and knew there was gonna be competition and obviously was very
confident in what he can do on the field. And again, I take my hat off to him. I mean, it’s not an easy offense to learn. And he came in and
really drilled it with the film and the different ways that he studies and
put himself in this position.>>When-
>>You talk a lot about him and one of his strengths and
one of Brett’s strengths was preparation. So when you think about that with Hank,
what does come to mind?>>Same type of stuff, and Hank’s a little
bit looser personality-wise than Brett. Brett was very laser focused and
very business like, where Hank has a little bit of that
funniness to him and quirkiness. And the guys like it,
the old line likes him and taken him in. And where Brett was really serious, but it’s a different type of
personality but same type of learning. He really locked into the offense, knew
what he needed to do and the biggest part of that was making decisions and
knowing what’s going on on each play.>>When did you start get to the get the
idea that Hank was gonna be right there at the end of this race? When did this to start to
kind of click for him?>>I knew he was gonna have a shot
right off the bat in spring. The first few practices were pretty good. He was very prepared. And right off the bat with
the quarterback position at Boise State, the operation of everything
can be overwhelming. And when you finally get out there to
practice for the first day or two, just everything that’s going on,
it can be overwhelming. And Hank handled that really well. And I think part of it
goes to his demeanor and just kinda the looseness of it, and it’s
never too overwhelming, I guess, for him. And so he prepared well and
that leads to confidence. But it was earlier on when you
could tell Hank had some tools and the ability to be accurate and
enough arm strength and the physicality of being able to go
from high school into college and play. Hank’s got really good feet,
really good feet in the pocket, he can slide and step up. He can take off kinda when he needs to,
and he creates time very well. And I think that’s one of the intangibles
that he’s got that you really can’t teach a whole lot is just
that feel in the pocket. Or, hey, I’m gonna slide, I’m gonna
play that game with the backer and now I’m either gonna run or
drop it over the top. He’s just got, kinda that gamesmanship
tone, which us fun to see.

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