Brick by Brick: The Build Up (Season 3, Episode 1) | San Francisco 49ers

Brick by Brick: The Build Up (Season 3, Episode 1) | San Francisco 49ers

What’s up Faithful? It’s that time of year again. Training Camp En route to his third training camp as the 49ers general manager, John Lynch is paired with head coach, Kyle Shanahan, and the two are on a very clear cut journey. To bring glory back to a proud and historic franchise. Step by Step, inch by inch, and Brick by Brick. I come in here and I always try not to hit Jed’s car. He parks next to me. That’s always a win, when we’re able to do that and then we go to work. There is a little something. A little excitement. A little pit in your stomach. In a good way when you report to training camp. The season is upon us. There’s not looking back now. It’s time to go. That’s why I’m glad where I’m at. I’m with a GM and an owner, people who you can talk to People who aren’t just going to read an article and think that’s what it is. Not every place is like that. I can see how a lot of places where the GM and the head coach, might not be on
the same page. Oh, yeah totally John and I came in together, we did this together. It’s just tough. You hope everyone’s agendas the same you have the same
intentions but when it goes bad. People are also trying to survive and have to
move their families and get fired and when the owner wants to know which one of yours fault is it sometimes people start to have different opinions you know, but
when you know hey we’re either going to win together go down together
it makes them much smoother you know so but you gotta have the right people to
do that you can’t just say we’re gonna do that yeah so I take certain type of
people. Lynch has that type of guy you You win together, or go down together. In 2018, the San Francisco 49ers showed promise, poise grit and growth. They won as a team
and they lost as a team facing adversity as all teams do head coach Kyle Shanahan
utilized his entire roster during the 2018 campaign and the young talent rose
to the challenge needing to continue to evolve and develop the 49ers wasted no
time in building their roster that growth began in Mobile Alabama in late
January. Get a move on it men. Let’s go big boy. Remember, that one you want to catch on the inside edge of the numbers. In a perfect world. What’s up Long? You good man? You’ve got a little juice today? You’ve got a little juice today? Come on, give them a good look. Set, hit! Hands, good. That’s it right there. That’s it Green. Right downhill. He’ll take you out that way. Not turning back to him. The main thing I want you guys to focus on is really what’s important and why you’re here. Everything that you guys do, it’s going to be judged by what you guys put on tape and how you carry yourself. Show that you work hard and show people who you are. To practice as good as you possibly can put us best stuff on tape every day and try
each day to get better. Just as Kyle Shanahan advised NFL hopefuls at the Senior Bowl the team also got better and did so in the opening throws of the 2019
free agency period by signing some of the league’s most coveted players the
acquisition of defensive lineman Dee Ford and linebacker Kwon Alexander galvanized the vision and direction of the team while strengthening and already talented defensive front the 49ers scouting Department fortified
the front seven but wouldn’t stop there. Additions like cornerback Jason Verrett
and running back Tevin Coleman who played under coach Shanahan in Super
Bowl 51 now don the red and gold for 2019 showing the franchise’s commitment
to assembling a deep team of diverse players. With key positions addressed
there were still spots to be filled and both John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan joined
the rest of the coaching staff scouting department and team leadership as they
prepared to add more pieces to the puzzle in the 2019 NFL Draft. Hey Nick, you ready do this thing buddy.
Nick Bosa: That’s what I wanted to hear. Welcome to the family buddy
Bosa: Thank you so much
So fired out buddy we’re very excited Nick Bosa is a player who we have long
coveted probably every time we watch him it gets better and we’re very
pleased to have him part of our organization. I think he adds to a very talented group on the defensive line is something that Kyle and I had as a priority when we got here. Deebo, how you doing buddy? You ready to be a Niner? Yes Sir. We’re fired up man Hey Jalen, It’s John Lynch buddy we’re gonna make you a Niner right now Hurd: Let’s do it You’ve got a great vision. Man well congratulations my man take care The first two days netted great gains for
the organization and the third day of the 2019 NFL Draft would see more of the
same. With the off season roster for the most part set and ready to roll it was
time for organized team activities or OTAs in the words of defensive
coordinator Robert Saleh players were All Gas No Brake. We can be violent with our hands Heavy emphasis Michigan and Detroit. We’re getting some play action pass and run. So, run fits and working our fits in the pass game right. All your moves, it’s going to be like so icy Bunch Right, Y Left, Three Jet, FTP Whatever you do with your hands. Quick and Violent Get to that hook! Get there! Aziz! Good Deebo! There you go! Way to work today men. that’s way to compete let’s go see how
we can get better even better and we got one more chance to put it all together. Good work today men. I like that. Give me one of them live break Kwon. With OTAs almost complete the team was
already prepping to take the next steps and in doing so the 49ers welcome back a
player who had previously helped the team realize great success Still smells the same. Smells like turf Feels very hot How you doing? I’m glad you’re here man. Appreciate you having me. Congratulations That will be a photographer right there. What’s good man? What’s good Bo!? Boy, you look good man! I’m going to holler at you before I leave. Hey fat boy. What’s up baby? How you doing man? I’m good Congrats. So you’re doing it huh? How you guys doing? Excited for daddy’s day? I’m good. Just another day in paradise You look good. Thanks, I’m 220. I was about to say slim. I could probably play corner with you now You good though? Yeah, I’m good. It’s kind of a special day for us though. Let’s get Bo up here. He’s hanging it up today. He’s going to be a Niner for life. Let’s get him in here to break us down one last time For real man, I love all y’all boys. Represent the organization well. Play hard this year. Listen to the coaches. At the end man, y’all in it together. Win or lose. Family on three alright. As the team formalized that a former great would retire a Niner. Navarro Bowman
wasn’t the only special guest the 49ers had on the practice fields. Head coach
Robert Mendez of nearby Prospect High School paid a visit and was greeted with
smiles from the squad. Born without arms or legs
coach Mendez is a living breathing example of the human spirit
so much so that he was the recipient of the 2019 Jimmy V Award for Perseverance
at the ESPYs It’s wonderful what you’re doing for those kids What high school are you at? I’m at Prospect High School. Just down the road actually On Lawrence and I’m not too far away from here. I’ve seen you yeah. I saw you’re little ESPN thing. I thought it was dope. Hey, give me a fist bump. Nice to meet you I want to say it’s an honor. Jimmy how you doing man? There he is. Hey, this is so cool. I’m at home. I coach football at Prospect High School. Which, is just down the street and football is my passion it led
me to a lot of different platforms and I’m truly blessed to be able to coach to
be able to think to be able to just to breathe and be with you guys you know
what I mean look at this beautiful wheelchair I’m doing donuts. After I say, who says I cant! You guys say Nobody is that cool? Yes Sir! Who says I can’t! Nobody! Who says I can’t! Nobody! Who says I can’t! Nobody! Yeeeeeeeeeah! Hey Niners on three family on six, Oh.
All right here we go one two three. Niners! Four, five six. Family! We got it done. Daddy’s happy! Before closing out OTAs the 49ers
assured that their longest tenured member would be a part of the 49ers
family for the duration of his already Can’t get rid of me yet? Nope! We heard you screaming Sign, sign, sign Should dad be for 49ers forever Grace? Yes! Niner for life! As spring in the Bay shifts to summer, the 49ers operations team shifts into high gear. Preparation to transform the team’s practice fields into a welcoming experience for the Faithful is underway. Since 2003 the team has held training camp in Santa Clara,
California soon the team will arrive as will thousands of fans to get their
first glimpse of the 2019 San Francisco 49ers Coming up on the next Brick by Brick presented by SAP The annual return to
training camp brings familiar faces and newcomers And the battle for the 53-man roster

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    Who Says I can't…Nobody
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  13. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy this Season 3 Episode 1 of Brick by Brick, but it feels more like a documentary now and less like the past Brick by Bricks. I'm sure that'll make it better to come back to in future years though. People will be able to look back on this video to see what the team was like before everyone knew how good they were. Meanwhile the Faithful (in the future) will be sharing the video saying "we knew how good they were back in the offseason of 2019."

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