Buffon vs. Reus | Head to Head Battle | PUMA Football

Buffon vs. Reus | Head to Head Battle | PUMA Football

Hey Gigi, have you ever been Bundesliga player of the year? No, but have you won seven Serie A titles? No, but have you ever had 40 assists and goals in one season? No, but have you played in five World Cups? No, but did you score a goal on your national team debut? No, but have you kept over 60 clean sheets for Italy? No, but have you been recently named one of the top 5 European footballers? No, but are you the most expensive goalkeeper of all time? No, but have you ever played a European Cup final in Berlin? No, but neither have you…

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  1. Not only he is best goalkeeper of all times, but he also has outstanding acting skills. If Gigi would not pick a football career, with mimics and charisma like that he'd definitely succed as an actor. Too bad that Reus looks somewhat dull and robot-like, no emotions on that face whatsoever…

  2. ДжиДжи, как и все итальянцы – актер, и живо смотрится в видео. А Ройс как будто мертвый какой то…

  3. – Ройс: Эй Джиджи, тебя признавали лучшим игроком Бундеслиги?
    – Буффон: Нет. А у тебя есть семь титулов чемпиона Италии?
    – Ройс: Нет. А ты набирал 40 очков по системе «гол+пас» за сезон?
    – Буффон: Нет. Но принимал ли ты участие в пяти чемпионатах мира?
    – Ройс: Нет. Но забивал ли ты в первом же матче в составе национальной команды?
    – Буффон: Нет-нет-нет. А у тебя были 60 сухих матчей за сборную Италии?
    – Ройс: Нет. А называли ли тебя в списке пяти лучших европейских футболистов прошлого сезона?
    – Буффон: Нет. А ты являешься самым дорогим вратарём в истории?
    – Ройс: Нет. А ты играл в финале Лиги чемпионов в Берлине?
    – Нет. Но и ты тоже, – подытожил Буффон.

  4. конечно Буффон более харизматичный…Ройс зажатый немного

  5. LOL…i was hoping Reus would sign with Juve…too bad..i think he wouldve fit in well with Lichtenstiener (both speak german) each both on the left and right side midfield…i think Juve could really use Reus..especially if Borussia is struggling and facing relegation, he could have gone to a top tier club. (not saying BVB isnt top tier but look at the situation their in) but i respect Reus for staying tho..

  6. I love both of them but this is cringeworthy 😛 I can only dream that Reus one day plays for us in the black and white, but until then, you're going down brother.

  7. "Have you ever played a European Cup final in berlin?" "no but I have played a WORLD CUP final there" should've been the reply 😛

  8. Marcolino, Gigione ha giocato una finale Europea (Champions) e una finale Mondiale a Berlino. La seconda la anche vinta e nonostante ciò non si è montato la testa e la stagione successiva l'ha giocata in Serie B da vero campione

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