BYU vs Idaho State Full Highlights

BYU vs Idaho State Full Highlights

us as we roll out the full game highlights that you two just called. Bengals and cougars, Zach Wilson trying to shake off the rust. One of three sackings given up by BYU. Tanner: Definitely something they have to work on is the offensive line against San Diego state. Spencer: Zach Wilson waiting, not much there, runs out of bounds. David: He has learned not to throw into coverage. Broken down play, eat it, fight another day. Spencer: Dayan ghanwoloku got my game ball. This is something we have seen since Boise state. Safety run blitzes. David: Came up the corner, gets a big tackle for loss. Spencer: We have seen this highlight six or seven times during the post game. Austin Lee pays off after the Chris Wilcox deflection. That changed the tenor of the sideline. It was kind of sloppy and in the drudges if you will before this play. Blaine: Chris Wilcox, not swiping, not interfeing, put the hand in the zone. Spencer: Sione Finau, part of his 100-yard day. Zach Wilson deep to Micah Simon. Dave Mccann, how was your view of this play?>>Spectacular. So many penalties that robbed this catch. Hill’s spectacular grab. Penalties and still back at it. We don’t like penalties. Blaine: 10 offensive penalties in this game is way too many. Tanner: This player here as talon misses the potential receptions. Zach can keep plays going, keep plays alive and make difficult throws. Receivers have to stay ready. Spencer: Dayan ghanwoloku probably would have had a pick six if not for offensive pass interference. BYU gets the ball back. Wilson, we can do that, Dave. David: He gets a knock on him. Sometimes that helps shake off the rust, get that first hit and get you in the rhythm of things. Spencer: Into the second quarter, one of the more impressive throws I saw Zach Wilson make. Only for six yards, long across the field, sets up Micah Simon for a touchdown. Blaine, he has been coming on really strong. Blaine: Great senior leadership. How about talon Shumway. The best downfield blocker of this receiving corps and gets it done week after week. Spencer: Idaho state answers back. Matt struck to Michael Dean setting up the Bengals for their first and only score in the first half. This a fourth down play call to extend that drive. David: Great play call. Misdirection. Dirty eyes, talon for a first down. Spencer: That looks like a field goal I would attempt. But that one does go in, hits off the upright and Idaho state is on the board. BYU right back to work. Micah Simon puts on the the brakes. Blaine, I loved your explanation. How does he do that? Blaine: It surprised everybody. I didn’t know if it was an okey-doker, an ipsy-doodle, I don’t know. Dave: Finau, you knew no one would keep him from that touchdown. Tanner: The offensive line made it look easy. Spencer: David Nixon, what are you seeing on the block? David: Everybody is a hat on the hat. Freeland on top, downfield blocking. Spencer: Kyle Griffitts, the senior, pushes the guy into the punt. David: This is where Griffitts says mano Y mano, I’m going to drop you back. BYU sets them up for a touchdown. Tanner: How about talon Shumway, dominated the one-on-one, the grab and the touchdown. 28-3. Spencer: Now the clear bright spot for Idaho state was range who ran for a career best 142 yards. Dave and Blaine, what did you think of this young man? Blaine: 24 carries, 5.9 yards per carry. Phenomenal. Dave: Love the fight he brought. Shout out to Idaho state. I think they knew they were going to get hammered. They didn’t quit, they ran hard and positive plays. No hifo today. Tanner: BYU missed him, but good for Dax Milne. He made the most of his shot there. Spencer 31 yard on that return. The second half, first drive, Micah Simon once again making plays into the red zone. That good for 25 yards. Now let’s take a higher angle look. How does Simon make this play and the read set it up. Tanner: Brady Christensen has to make a difficult block. He gets the job done, allowing Micah Simon to break free. A great play call, but only possible because of Brady Christensen able to make that happen. Spencer: Talon Shumway, we had true blew feature on him in the pregame. David: Tanner mentioned this, Finau allowed Zach to run out. Talon Shumway, the body control, the concentration to come up with that ball, keep it in the end zone. Second touchdown of the afternoon. Spencer: Dayan ghanwoloku comes up with his interception. That would set up the refrigerator Tonga. Blaine: Nixon will want to cover that in the “Afr”. Spencer: Zach Wilson, dipsy-doo there. David: Turf monster. Spencer: It is okay because here comes khyiris Tonga. Dave: And saves Zach from taking a hit. The big guy gets there, did he fumble? Nay are like, okay, here we go. Spencer: Do it again. Tanner: Either way he is working on ball security drills come Monday. Spencer: 42-3 BYU. Dave, you won’t call another touchdown like that all season, I bet. Dave: You are right W. I don’t think he will get the ball again. Spencer Malakai range, 54 yard. That helps that 5.9 average when you rip off one play of 54 yards. Tanner: A lot of young players that led to that gash. It is valuable reps for them. Spencer: Into the fourth quarter, Zach Wilson is hoping we are not showing this highlight. Dave: After the pick, Zach Wilson doesn’t hesitate to stick the tackle. He broke his thumb on that one. Blaine: Too late.

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  1. Go Cougars, you're the best. Idaho State played their hearts out which was great. They sacked BYU quarter back. Idaho State getting better.

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