BYU vs Utah State Full Highlights

Dave: Welcome back. The 89th meeting. Let’s roll through the game. Kalani sitake is all fired up. Is that crazy Kalani? Blaine: Yeah. Crazy Kalani. When he is crazy Kalani the guys play with a passion, their hair on fire. Dave: Aleva hifo with a first down. Cap that drive with hifo cuts into the end zone. The first lead. First offensive possession of the game. Blaine: Don’t do that unless you are going to score. We were okay with it. Dave: Gerold bright coughs up the football. Devin Kaufusi jumps on it. The cougars come marching again. Dax Milne 36 yards on this reception, what a catch. Three catches for 6 0 yards on the evening. He has become a great receiver. Dave: Emanuel esukpa fumbles the football back. Recovered by the aggieses. A red zone trip again. I don’t know if we saw him again after this fumble. Blaine: You have to get a field goal, cannot turn it over. Dave: There goes Riley Burt, former BYU cougar, gets four yards. Finishing up his collegiate career. A beautiful pass from love to mariner. On to the second quarter. An interception and this one is fa nua. Bloip I know BYU is frustrated, but you get twice as many guys in the coverage. Blaine: What is different is you can’t stop him from running the football. BYU with the option. Hall turning it up and getting a touchdown. The three man rush BYU was able to hold Utah state to 127 yards running the ball. Dave: Payton wilgar got his third interception. Hifo on the reverse. 12 yards. The playbook more creative in the second half. Blaine: Here is a rever pass. I love how hall made the read and threw in the flat to moroni. Dave: He takes a hit here, we didn’t see him again. Everyone is expecting concussion. Blaine: Watch the hit. Right on the head. David: I see that concussion. If he hadn’t had one a few weeks ago, I doubt that would be a concussion. Dave: Gerold bright on the screen, just gets akros the goal line. The 21-14. Cougars come out of the locker room with a new quarterback. Baylor to brother gunner. 30 yards inside the 10 yard line. That sets up Micah Simon gets into the end zone. Blaine: I love the run after catch tonight. The guys on ESPN2 doing the game, rod Gilmore kept saying, a lot of it. David: It is technically a screen because of the Lionel. Dave: Brother and brother, love that seen right there. Later Romney is picked off. Underthrown and cam Lampkin grabs for the aggies. To the fourth, this is how Austin Lee got my game ball. Fourth down and goal, the cougars take it over. As good as a turnover. Later on the punt, Jake Oldroyd is hit and is running into the kicker. Gives BYU a first down. That sets up this, Katoa, Blaine, takes off. Blaine: That punt roughing is as bad as a turnover for the aggies. Again, in the screen game, the last couple of weeks playing off big dividends. David: In and out of the game for first and second down. He gets rewarded for the long pass. Dave: Aggies catch a break. Second botched catch of the night for hifo. This was a turnover. David: Clean up special teams as far as punt return. He has to keep his hands on the ball. Blaine: Four man pressure,

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