Carp Fishing The Modular Tackle System

The lads in the Gardner warehouse, they’re
on it when it comes to nice little niche luggage items and they had one of those suggestions
at the end of last year, which was a b’jesus why has no-one else thought of that moment.
They came up with this beautiful little compact system, it’s a highly versatile tackle storage
system that fits perfectly into a large carryall and if it fits in a large carryall sideways
it will fit in most rucksacks. And essentially it’s called the Modular Tackle System. It’s
a series of three bags designed originally as a buzzer bar and sounder box carrying thing,
but turned out to be transcend that and go far beyond the original remit. It’s turned
out to be a brilliant all purpose carryall for all your terminal tackle, hook links,
leads, buzzers, everything is in this really compact storage system. It’s padded, the base
unit is 22cm by 30cm and so that’s the perfect size for even fixed three rod buzzer bars.
I’ve got my Nano’s with my ATTs and spare batteries, sounder box, everything in the
base compartment. And the top two compartments, well the world is your oyster. No more carrying
loads of silly little bags about when you’ve got a beautiful system that fits perfectly
into your carryall and will hold everything you need even for the longest session. I used
to carry a couple of buzzer bars, a buzzer bar pouch and a couple of different carry
bags, now it’s all in one lovely tidy compact storage system. It’s available in the shops
now. It’s made out of really good hard wearing material, high quality zips and the compartments
all separate and that means you can use just one section of it if you want, if you know
that you’re going somewhere or you’re laying the rod on the floor you can just pick up
your little tackle compartment and have everything to hand. Tidy, nice, neat, organised. That’s
what you need when you go fishing.

About the Author: Garret Beatty

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