CARPOOL: Stine Jørgensen & Mads Mensah | STATE TV

CARPOOL: Stine Jørgensen & Mads Mensah  |  STATE TV

Shall we? Yes, let’s get started. The highlight of your career so far? – Gold at the Olympic Games.
– Yes. In 2016 I think that is… That one is nice. Yes, I am pretty satisfied with that one. Your resume is better than mine. Our bronze medal at the World Championship must be a highlight. I think it was in 2013. Winning the Danish League was a big thing as well. The biggest disappointment of your career? Oh, unfortunately I have had several, I think. Me too. I was the only one to miss in a penalty shootout – – when I was 14. It was in the cup tournament. Oh, okay. – It still hurts a little bit.
– It was a tough one. It was a very tough one. Afterwards sitting in the dressing room with teary eyes. You got something worse than such a nightmare of a 14-year-old? It was a good one. I have to think. Oh yes, I got one as well. When I was a youth player in Aalborg DH. An important match trying to qualify for the playoffs. We had a timeout and made a plan. And I’m not the one to finish the attack. But I shoot anyway. They score on the counterattack – – and we did not make the playoffs. That was tough. I felt kind of… Especially if you don’t stick to the plan. But okay. I’ve played several league finals, where we threw it away. They hurt as well. It took me a while to put it behind me. – You’ve been fighting for it all year.
– Yes, exactly. To be this close to the title and then miss the opportunity… – It really, really, hurts.
– Yes, it does. What are you doing 10 years from now? I chose to believe that I still… Still got the physique to play handball. Sometimes I’m considering, if it could be fun to be a handball coach. So if we travelled 10 years in time right now – – my best guess would be one of those two. How long do you keep playing? As long as we do? We typically stop our careers a bit before the men do. – Having children may have an influence.
– Yes. I don’t think I’m playing another 10 years. Starting out as an assistant coach could be an option – – and then see if I am ready for more. I could see myself doing that. On the other I think that being a coach… That it is a really crazy job. At least in a women’s team, because handling… …18 ladies and unite them as a team – – and help everybody to perform. That is not easy. Do you think that you are more difficult to handle than we are? No, maybe it’s just a conception. I just think that we are a bit more… What can I say… Girly, you know. That is a very vague term. Yes, it is. I think I will leave it at that.

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