Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Rebuild

Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Rebuild

Chelsea’s plan for a rebuilt, 60,000 capacity, Stamford Bridge is the culmination of years of work, and represents the dawning of an exciting new era for the club. The plans propose the tearing down of the existing 41,600 capacity stadium, the expansion of the site, and the rising of a modern gothic structure from the rubble – over the space of four years. In year one, expected to coincide with the
2018/19 season, Roman Abramovich’s plan is to build decking over the railway which runs behind the East stand. This is to expand the footprint of the site. In year two, Chelsea intend to temporarily
move out of their home since 1905, while it is demolished. The plan is to then dig down below the existing pitch level, and start from a lower base. Usually, if architects want to build something bigger, they simply go higher. But Chelsea are not allowed to that because of a century’s old law protecting the view of St Paul’s Cathedral from King Henry VIII’s mound in Richmond Park – a line upon which Stamford Bridge sits almost precisely in the middle. By going lower and wider, instead of higher, the new stadium will be able to accommodate almost 20,000 more seats than at present. And if the developers deliver the new stadium on time, it should be ready for the start of the 2022/23 season. So far it has not been announced how the stadium is to be funded and owned. Abramovich has already pumped £1bn of his own cash into the club, and the development is likely to cost more than £500m on top of that. To attract outside investors, Chelsea will
need long term certainty about the future of the site. They lease the land from Chelsea Pitch Owners:
a shareholder organisation owned mostly by Chelsea fans. This unique ownership structure is something
most fans are happy to keep; so shareholders have agreed to offer Chelsea the chance to lease the land, for a nominal fee, for 999 years – effectively forever. It remains to be seen if Abramovich will accept such an offer. One of the things that makes this development
more complex than others is the fact Chelsea want to rebuild on their existing site. While Arsenal and Tottenham have been able
to move a very short distance, and West Ham have moved into a readily built stadium owned by someone else, Chelsea will have to move somewhere
else during the long redevelopment. The question of where has not yet been settled:
with Twickenham seen as extremely unlikely, Wembley a big possibility, and the Olympic
Stadium also under consideration. The plans also require Chelsea to put £22m
into local community improvements, including: affordable housing; increased street cleaning
on match days; community facilities for local people; ​and help for local pubs, restaurants and other businesses that may be affected by Chelsea’s three- year absence. The hope, and Abramvich’s dream, is that Chelsea
will return to a towering new Stamford Bridge in summer 2023 – with a stadium that puts both the club, and the local area, in a better
position for generations to come. For more stats and stories, do go and follow us on Twitter at uMAXit Football. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. Ngl, for that monstrosity I would want at least an 80k capacity, and don't call it some crap like the 'Yokohama Community Stadium' or the 'Blue Fan Stadium'

  2. Is it me or does 60k still seems small I dont like having to fight online for tickets, corporate and long lasting members nothing against those guys we have a huge fan base

  3. That is the UGLIEST fucking thing i have seen in my life
    Ambramovich may be a Billionaire but he sure as fuck did not make his money from Architecture. Its not too late though. Fire the architect responsible for this and build a PROPER FUCKING STADIUM

  4. To depressing a structure for a fan base comprised of rent boys and plastic flag waving. I expected something camper

  5. This channel is the best sports related thing I've seen in years. In ten minutes I get more clarity then ten hours of itv/bbc. These videos should have millions of views. Thank you so much.

  6. @Tifo Football I'm pretty sure Spurs' new stadium is in the same location as the previous one, that's why they moved to Wembley for a whole season. I know you must be much more informed than me, but as a Spurs fan I assure you the same thing as well. XD

  7. As a Chelsea fan. I'm disappointed with the design of the new stadium. I want the club to build the stadium like San Mames, the arena for the Athletic Club. I want Chelsea to have a nice stadium. I hope so. I hate that kind of design. A lot of other fans would think so.

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