Chicago Bears win at home over Dallas Cowboys

woo what’s up everybody was up woo Wow
you know what lose Chicago Bears lose Chicago Bears down that is what we’ve
been waiting to see all year that’s three double use in a row now that’s
right that’s right did the Chicago Bears whoop up on the
Dallas Cowboys woo Barbara and you know what Dallas Cowboy fans that ain’t
coming from a Chicago Bears fan that’s coming from Minnesota Vikings fan beware
beware I love football and you know what if I was a Green Bay Packer right now
woo I know I don’t Aaron Rodgers I know all of them are been playing good but
you know what my pants are about to drop my sweatpants are about to drop into my
my white ass will be showing and why is that because I would not want to be on
the opposite side of any team right now that has a bear in it whoo no Chicago
Bears are alive and they are hungry just like tribrubski said one game at a
time we’re one a no again I’m like what wasn’t Oh wanna know you know what a
little bit about Dallas Cowboys I know you guys are still in it man I would
hate to be a Dallas Cowboys fan right now you know and I used to be a big
Dallas Cowboys fan when Emmett and Troy and everybody played oh I live
down south for a little while then when I moved to Minnesota back to my hometown
I had to I had to raise the purple flag for a Viking that’s right for a Viking
because I don’t swing that way anyhow 24 I mean sorry 21 31 21 31 24 31 24 31
should have been 21:31 that no 10-point not know seven points but hey you know
what it’s all good they wanted to they wanted to see if they could do an onside
kick I understand I understand I understand I understand
hey help I’m having me some victory popcorn that’s right right out of the
nuke rally nuke and it’s getting cold so I’m getting off here I just wanted to
say damn those Chicago Bears they’re in it they’re in it they want it they want
it bad they want it bad I sucks because we have to go up against them the
Packers have to go up against them they’re a swept Detroit like I said in
my earlier video damn congratulation Chicago Bears fans keep
it up keep it up I think you guys are gonna do some wonders do some wonders
you guys are on fire right now whoo I bet you a lot of other teams
right now wish they were at their top of their game right now even if they were
in their shit game and but they wish they were in their top of their game
right now and damn the Bears I think they’re there

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