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  1. He's trying to get Sorensen's secret for how he figured out the fake punt, but he wasn't about to give it away. "Thats my job" < a great non-answer answer!

  2. My game ball today goes to dirty dan sorenson. Enjoy it buddy, you worked, you executed, you endured, you inspired. Now do it 2 more times. Nothing but love for ya sir. You got the stones needed to see this through. Thank you from all of us here in Sedalia, MO…. Go Chiefs.

  3. Definitely gets the game ball for the tackles on the fake punt and the forced fumble on the kick return, which led to 14 points for the Chiefs. Would have been much more difficult for the Chiefs to make the comeback from down 24 without those plays.

  4. Dirty Dan looks lost. I don't think anyone knew he could speak. But I think Chiefs Kingdom is finally gonna embrace him…Hopefully

  5. This guy has been a liability for like 2 years now. And half year, he just started showing up. Spagnulo plays him to his strengths. Im impressed with Sorensen, and the D's turn around. I did not think they could do it.
    He needs to bring that same energy, and attack Derrick Henry. Sorensen might be the guy that can do it.

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