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  1. I tell you what there’s a reason he plays defense, because he can’t catch for shit! He dropped like 3 passes where he shoulda picked the ball off.

  2. The chiefs got the juice. As a Raider, we need a ball hawk safety if Karl Joseph leaves and a couple deep threats in free agency or the draft this year. Nice job Queefs. It’s still F all y’all.

  3. Honey Badger we sure miss you man I woke up one day you were gone, OB has to much authority not to know what the Hell he's doing, good luck again the Titans!!!🤠😊🏈💪💯

  4. Holy moly we used to respect their athletes and look up to him and they're clean cut collegiate now look at this guy he's one step and assemble away from robbing a 7-Eleven

  5. OMG…the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl. 2 years apart…this tale of two brothers will tell you why.


  6. I didn't learn until this morning that it was Dirty Dan who also caused the fumble by the Texans that Dtrain picked off. Two huge, huge plays by Dirty Dan. Got to respect a guy who has maximized what he can do with the talent he has been given, the team has been looking to replace him more talented players and yet he keeps on coming.

  7. I like Eric Berry, still got his jersey. But I really didn't see the impact that HB32 has. This guy is a legit game changer

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