Cigar Talk — Perla del Mar Maduro — Low Country Pipe & Cigar

Cigar Talk — Perla del Mar Maduro — Low Country Pipe & Cigar

Hello everyone, I’m Hadassah Hallman.
And I’m Barry Lyman.
And we’re here to do a review for Perla del Mar. This is their Maduro blend. When me and Barry are here at the store, a lot of customers come in and they have never smoked a cigar or they’re getting into it, and one of the first things they say, you know, what is your suggestion. Barry will take them into the humidor and we love to take them to the Perla del Mars. They have a Connecticut offering as well as a Maduro. Generally speaking when a customer comes in I try to get a little bit of information out of them as to what they prefer: medium, mild, full body and when they tell me a mild cigar I generally will lead them directly to the Perla del Mar. It’s a very mild cigar and they’ve now come out with the Maduro, which is more of a medium bodied cigar. Leaning more, in my opinion, a little bit more to the medium-mild (ra)ther than the medium to the full body.
For sure if you want to try a more full bodied cigar but you don’t want to go a complete complete on that full full side, this is definitely the cigar for you. It’s got a lot of taste to it, lots of smoke on the first initial light, you’re going to find a lot of cocoa notes. What do you pick up from it Barry?
Picking up a little bit of coffee, cocoa, very creamy flavor. It is a very smooth cigar. I do get a lot of smoke out of this cigar, even in the beginning of the cigar I’m picking up some coffee flavor and a little bit of cream.
For sure, for sure. Now the main components of this cigar are Nicaraguan, the difference between this and the Connecticut offering for Perla del Mar is the wrapper. This is Connecticut broadleaf as opposed to the Connecticut shade on the lighter offering that they have.
Another point on this particular cigar is the binder and the wrapper actually comes from four regions. So it does pack some good flavor in this particular stick.
For sure. If you are a fan of the Padron Two, Three, Four Thousand series in the Maduro, definitely give these a shot. They will definitely have that flavor that is just as similar to it, with maybe a little bit, you know, different notes that you might pick up on as well. Now Barry let’s talk about this wrapper here. This particular wrapper, this Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is an absolutely beautiful wrapper. I like the way they’ve done the band on it. The wrapper is absolutely beautiful. And pay particular attention to the ash look at this I mean that is just a beautiful ash, it burns true, I mean there’s no canoeing on this cigar. It’s just a beautiful white ash on there, burns evenly, just an all around good smoke.
That’s all we have for you guys today, folks. Definitely leave us your comments. If you try the cigar we’d love to hear from you. Barry I think I’m going to finish enjoying my corona, kick back, and and see what else it has to offer me.
I think I’ll join you. Thanks guys, have a great day.
See you next time.

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  1. That's a great looking store front and lounge, next time I'm passing through I'll make sure to stop by and pick up some things.

  2. Really impressed with the Perla del Mar muduro. Very mild, extremely smooth and probably my new favorite cigar at the price point. Nice review. I agree it's a great beginner cigar because I consider myself a beginner and I really like it.

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