Cleaning Muddy Trucks in the Car Wash with Gecko’s Garage | Trucks For Children

Cleaning Muddy Trucks in the Car Wash with Gecko’s Garage | Trucks For Children

All of my friends are having a great time
playing with Max the Monster Truck at his stunt track. Everyone’s getting covered in thick BROWN
mud! I think it’s time to get cleaned up! Max! Rebecca! Fiona! Danny! It’s time to bring everyone over to Gecko’s
Garage so that you can all get cleaned up in our Truck and Car Wash! How many yucky, mucky, trucks and other vehicles
are there? Can you help me count them? 1
2 3
4 5
6 7
8 9
10 Ten muddy vehicles needing a wash! Let’s start cleaning you all up – one at
a time, into the car wash, biggest vehicle first! Here comes our biggest vehicle, the first
to wash today… Ahhhh, it’s Larry the Lorry, he’s big
and tall and GREY! Who is the second vehicle – I don’t know! Do you?… Of course, it’s Bobby the Bus – back to
a PURPLE hue! And third in line for cleaning – flashing
lights upon her head… It’s Fiona the Fabulous Fire Truck – shiny,
strong and RED! The fourth truck is so dirty, only her eyes
can be seen…. It’s Rebecca the Recycling Truck with her
paintwork bright and GREEN! The fifth truck has four giant wheels – he’s
really very mucky… It’s Max the ORANGE Monster Truck – It’s
his fault they’re all yucky! Do you know who the sixth one could be – covered
in gunk and goop… Ahhhh, it’s Danny the Digger with his enormous
YELLOW Scoop The seventh with a mud filled loudspeaker,
balanced on her head…. That’s right it’s Amber the Ambulance,
now she’s back to WHITE instead! The eighth one through is smaller, let’s
get his colour back… Its Tony the Helpful Taxi, with his paintwork
glossy BLACK The ninth one is another car, at least that’s
what I think… It’s Sophie the Speedy Sports Car – what
a nice shade of PINK! This last vehicle is the tenth we’ve seen,
let’s make her good as new… It’s Millie the Motorbike, on two wheels,
a brilliant shade of BLUE. Everyone looks fantastic. Now you are all washed and clean you can go
back to your important jobs! See you all again soon! Watch out for the muddy puddle! Uh oh, too late!

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. My toddler loveeees this Gecko. I am looking for this Gecko toy and couldn't find one. It will be wonderful if it comes out!

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