College Football Week 13 recap

Candid Sports Semifinals part 1 week for some teams.. with
a W.. they can advance to semi-finals part 2… the conference title games..and still
have a shot at the playoff. Or otherwise known as Rivalry week. Alabama-Auburn: When rivals play. throw the records out the window. Not so much. this year. Auburn was the last team to defeat #1Alabama..
that was in 2017. The Tide became the 5th team this year to
beat Auburn.. 52-21. The Tigers can take pride, in fact, the game
was tied 7-7 after 1 quarter.. and only trails 17-14 at halftime… The Tide likely have reserved a spot in the
playoff.. as they will face Georgia next Saturday in the SEC title game.. even a loss to #4-Georgia..a
one-loss Alabama team gets in. The Roll-Tide are the first Candid Sports
playoff lock. There are actual rivals.. like the teams are
somewhat evenly matched.. they go back and forth. Clemson-South Carolina is strictly a geographical
rivalry at this point..the Gamecocks did take a 7-0 lead in the first quarter.. and hung
in for most of the first half. before #2 Clemson pulled away for the 56-35
win. Clemson will remain in the top 4.. and will
face Pitt in the ACC title game next week. In a win-get in game.. a Clemson loss to Pitt
opens the door for Oklahoma. Ohio State..and yes. MAYBE even UCF. Then there are traditional rivalries.. like
Notre Dame-USC..which actually turned into a good game Saturday night.. with the Irish
coming back from a 10-0 deficit to beat the Trojans 24-17. Next week Notre Dame will enjoy not being
in a conference.. and not playing in a conference title game where a loss could cost them a
trip to the playoff. Notre Dame is in. Finally a top 10 matchup for rivalry week. Urban Meyer entered the game 6-0 vs. Michigan..
on Saturday..#4 Michigan finally realized why they hired Jim Harbaugh and paid him all
of that money.. to finish second in the Big 10 East. Ohio State beats Michigan. Again.. 62-39. Defense struggling to stop people? Just score 62 points. The Wolverines playoff run ends. Ohio State gets to the Big 10 title game next
Saturday against Northwestern.. and keeps its playoff hopes alive.. and for the next
week.. will have its entire season compared to Oklahoma’s.. to see who gets in. Of course, a rival what’s to derail the others
playoff and title chances.. when this is the case a lot.. might be a sign the programs
are heading in different directions.. ask Georgia Tech.. who optioned out of a competitive
game. losing to Georgia. 45-21. Georgia is set up with a rematch from last
years National Title game in the SEC title game. where a win gets them in.. a loss and they’re
out.. 2 loss Georgia doesn’t get in. Almost a top 10 matchup.. in #6 Oklahoma vs
#13 West Virginia. who tried their hand at a repeat of last Monday
nights Chiefs-Rams game.. with Oklahoma leading 35-28 at halftime.. and ending in a 59-56
win for Oklahoma.. who will find themselves now in what could be a beauty contest with
Ohio State for a playoff spot… The Sooners get another shot at Texas in the
Big 12 title game. basically another audition for the playoff
committee to review. LSU-Texas A&M=Rams-Chiefs-on meth. 7 Ots.. tied a NCAA record.. 74 points given up by LSU.. most ever by a ranked team..the 146 combined
points.. the most in a FBS game.. The Aggies prevailed 74-72.. officially ending
LSUs playoff hopes.. which were already unofficially over anyway. The Tigers loss does open the door for UCF
to crack the top 7. #8-#16.. at the beginning of the year.. the
Huskies being number 8.. and the Cougars being number 16 would make sense.. that got flipped
around in 12 weeks of college football.. UW may have closed that gap with a 28-15 win
over Wash State.. who end their bid as a one loss team who had a shot at the playoff…
the W sends the Huskies to the PAC-12 title game against Utah.. in the first PAC-12 game
played this year that doesn’t start at 10:30pm. The I-4 war suffers a casualty.. McKenzie Miltons knee.. no.. we aren’t going
to show the injury.. Milton suffered the gruesome injury early
in the 2nd quarter with the Knights leading 7-0.. sophomore RB Greg McRae runs wild for
181 and 3-TD as the Knights win their 24th staight.. beating South Florida 31-17. The Knights get a rematch with Memphis the
American Conference title game.. The Knights should enter the game ranked 7th..
hovering outside the top 4.. hoping enough chaos happens to give them a playoff chance.

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