Comedians Tackling Depression & Anxiety Makes Us Feel Seen | Laughing Matters | Documentary

Comedians Tackling Depression & Anxiety Makes Us Feel Seen | Laughing Matters | Documentary

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  1. Calling depression "depression" is like calling a heart attack "heartburn". It's the experience of being suspended in brain death.

  2. The lord of the ring part of the dark twited guy talking to the king representing depression, totally tautgh the same but with the harry potter's third film or book with the kind of black flying spirits taking the energy out of people. Thinking I dont even mind dying, totally get that. Needing what I love the most to help me out totally. Feeling guilty as hell off feeling down or mostly for me anxious, cause even tho I went trough hell my life was still really great, checked. We feel like people cant understand cause off course its not like having a pain on your body. Great great video.helping people in volunteering helped me a lot. Find professional help and passions WE WILL SEE THE LIGHT BROTHERS AND SISTERS, bless you all with all of my heart.

  3. Grateful for the sharing, but they still accomplished something. Imagine feeling this way and doing nothing with your life.

  4. Thank you soulpancake. I needed to see this at this point in my life, and I believe alot of others might have needed to as well. So many great points, and honest testimonies given. To all struggling, you are not alone.

  5. This needs a part two… Just wow… Pain is such an individual thing. It can envelope and make deaf your life and the people in it. You become deaf to help and others become deaf to your suffering. What a terrible feeling. I've struggled with this very thing… All of it… These past 36 years have had ups and downs and joy and pain but the pain is the constant… And all joy is tainted by the pain… To hear that others feel this, breaks me a lil more… But I won't give in… Just wow… Words aren't always wind… Thanks for this…

  6. Telling stories let’s humans feel more connected, I think that’s like the ultimate goal. Depression inherently isolates. It is incredibly lonely and disconnected.
    Also think about why people google things about suicide, is because google is a safe space when you feel too ashamed to talk to another person about it. Telling these stories and being candid is the key to helping others and yourself

  7. I am so glad I happened upon this film. I am grateful to hear all the various perspectives of this very important issue. As a depression sufferer myself, this made me feel connected in such a perceptive way. Chris Gethard talking about him and his Dad had me audibly sobbing… just wonderful! To all my friends in the dark, DON'T GIVE UP!

  8. People don't give Sarah Silverman enough props for being who she is. They just see a Jewish woman saying dirty jokes and judge her on that. She is one of the most articulate beautiful people (Inside and out) I have ever seen, and she is one of my all-time heroes.

  9. Me too me too me too.

    I wonder how many of us could be helped by guided, therapeutic use of psychedelics. I’m hoping to be part of a study in the Spring.

    I wish you all health and happiness in the new year.

  10. 'A panic attack is like the inverse of an orgasm' That is absolutely the most precise and funny description of a panic attack I've ever heard.

  11. After a traumatic year being mentally tortured by my 6th grade teacher, I had an emotional breakdown which manifested physically as an inability to walk which saved me from ever having to see her again. When I was better, my mother took me to a psychiatrist but she took me in the back door and swore me to secrecy. That evening, I overheard my mother tell my dad about the visit, telling him that the doctor said that "there was no wrong with the daughter, it was the mother who needed help but I know he was wrong.' So, who did broken me believe: the doctor or my mother? My mother of course. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for my whole like. Today I am in my late seventies. Some trauma never goes away. When I did try therapy, it always seemed my job to entertain the therapist….and I am not even a comedian.

  12. Been tearing up for the last 28min49sec… Not sure why…But there was also a good feeling that came with it: feeling a little less alone, feeling hugged. Thank you

  13. When I was in high school, the school Psychologist said she liked me.. because of all the students who come talk to her, I was the first that knew what was bothering me. That could express the pain and frustration.. She diagnosed me with Clinical depression.

  14. 26:13 “that dude”
    The softest term of endearment for a parent. For anyone really.
    I need someone to be that dude for me. pls.

  15. SoulPancake was one of my first favorite Youtube channels, I found you guys during my teens. From the beginning, you guys have always expressed and conveyed the power of individual stories. Thank you for creating a great platform, thanks for bringing out the humane in us. With love.

  16. I have always felt kinda average, not happy, not upset, not angry, not anxious, not insecure, just assured of who I am and what I am doing. I can count on two hands the number of times I have not felt that. I am kinda of always centered and takes a lot to move me either way. I am neither motivated or hindered by my emotions, which have a very narrow range. so I am always surprised that other people feel feelings so strongly.

  17. Interesting because of the contrast between the comic who makes people laugh, bringing others joy and at the same time that Comic is simultaneously living in dread.

  18. I struggle so I watch comedians. They make a difference by being themselves. Maybe if they knew the positive impact they have on millions of people they would feel better.

  19. This isn’t long enough. It needs to be a series, where new comedians come on every episode and talk about their struggles. Some great stuff in here. “Clarity is misery” was especially poignant.

  20. Too tired to read all the comments but I being an mature psy major working careers of mental health counselor, inspector/investigator of health care facilities, Administrator of a health care facility, owner of a health care facility, then transferred into law enforcement I truly believe this is the best video I have ever seen. Outstanding! We have to be here for each other…period. Not just family but strangers. It is a real struggle out here and we cannot really prepare for the journey because it is too much. We just have to go thru it. We all have anxiety and depression however we all operate on a continuum. From we just can handle it to the extreme of being institutionalized. It is real and has no barriers. It can come out of nowhere. Because of my Catholic faith I'm alive. Not because of ex husbands, parents, siblings and damn near perfect 4 adult children but because of the deep faith. Learn to be extraverted and learn how to live alone and be in every public place alone even as you age. Make yourself. If you can only do one small task today just DO IT! Unless you have experienced really chronic anxiety that turns physical and true chronic depression you may not really understand. Hang in there cause as you age it may get worse…more likely than not. Peace love forgiveness. Just hang on and stay busy…how when you cannot get out of bed or your home well sometimes meds help but it is more masking. So do the best you can do. Even if it is that one shower or brushing your teeth. Get the hell out of the house or indulge in the depression or anxiety. You won't die just breathe for this to shall pass.

  21. -I congratulate Google-Youtube Algorithm on this month of January 2020, because it's when the Suicides always peak around the world.
    -Right now I'm struggling but in my Youtube feed I'm finding videos about Depression and Suicide Prevention and I appreciate that.
    -If Artificial Intelligence is about helping us Humans count me in all 100%.

  22. yepyepyep. totally relate. and theres no medication tht works. medicine/science dont know f*ck-all abt depression&anxiety

  23. ….change shadow into laughter,…because if it takes control….that's a disaster! Know tomorrow life can change…at the blink of an eye… is sooo w/in sane!!

  24. That was fascinating. I lost my two sisters to suicide within a nine year period. We should not be shocked by this. I thought I would be the one who would do myself in because I take medication and was hospitalized three times. My sisters never had to take medication nor go to anyone else for help. I thought they would be ok, but I was dead wrong. I still find it hard to believe that they're gone, but I decided to live and have God judge me.

  25. Am I the only one that laughed to themselves a lil bit at the last image of "Funny or Die" lol…ol? Also was very moved by this. Thank you

  26. It still breaks my heart, rip Robin Williams. And Mitch Hedberg was great. I like these comedians. Glad they talk about it, great job.18:48 <This.

  27. The saddest thing about this is that the mental health establishment was literally designed to kill all of you and to specifically prevent you from sharing your stories. You aren't unwell, this society is a pathogen that we are all spoonfed dozens of times per day. The midcentury notions of mental health were literally a continuation of the genocide on which this country is founded. Please stay alive, please keep fighting, please keep throwing whatever intellectual bricks you've got at the things that oppress you, that's how the rest of us know who to question. When we get down on comedy, it's because punching down is a tool of fascism, punching up is liberation lay-theology.

  28. I too have lived with anxiety and depression to the point of hospitalization. The good news is there is help available. Just reach out to a professional.

    Today, I seldom experience anxiety and depression having been on effexor or cymbalta for the past 15 years. I am happier today than i have been in 40 years. The irony is i was very successful in the corporate world and part of senior management yet intense, anxious and explosive in nature in my private life. Today, others see me and i am calm, caring, kind and at peace within myself. I am a listener and counsel to others. My doctor who deals with addiction calls me a miracle. I would like to change aspects of my past by I can't.
    It is help by many others that i now can be a help to others. Life can be good if you seek treatment.

  29. Love, love, love this documentary. This honesty alone is healing. Thank you to all the people who worked to make this possible. 💜

  30. Chris Gethard HBO special is incredible, if you have the ability to see it , do and share it like crazy! I hope he took that show on a high school tour around the world!

  31. I think it's a completely different outlook on depression when it's coming from people who make you laugh and who seem so happy. I don't know why but I never really thought about comedians being depressed, it's helpful to feel like even the most unlikely deal with the same issues as me.

  32. Ok, i don't ever comment, and already deleted my first comment. I don't know why this video showed up on my YouTube list when I turned it on this morning. I've never searched for anything on depression, or anxiety. Just knowing that people like comedians, and I have seen rock stars that deal with depression. It doesn't really help me, it just tells me I'm not alone, and even if you fulfill your dreams, that depression never leaves. I do know, that knowing you have it helps. There was one comparison that I like, because I thought it sounded pretty close. He said "just knowing is like having a wild animal on a leash". But even at that you never know how long your going to have to hold on. But I think there are people from all walks of life that have to deal with this. But I feel like if we can hold on through this time of depression, we also get to experience a natural joy and blissfulness. That's just my thoughts, and way of dealing with it, and I'm not saying it's right, in anyway.

  33. I asked my mother for help as a teen, over and over. She turned me away to save herself. This week my daughter begins therapy, and it could backfire on me bigtime, because I have made mistakes. But if I drive her to therapy, at least I will have done this one thing right.

  34. huh, can't see my comments on other computers… are the middle managers at youtube being all annie wilkes humorless about politics? you're hallucinating that world you live in where it's you vs nazis; that world doesn't exist, it's just one where you are heroic and smart and important

  35. Drinking works if you stop after one shot but they don't let you do that at work and alcohol is cancer causing to every cell in the body… they need to make a drink that isn't skull/crossbones toxic and doesn't cause permanent changes to the structures within neurons (look it up, it's hard to find but yeah, doesn't kill the neurons but leaves them permanently altered so they're never the same and it accumulates until one day you have no more books in you and you kill yourself if you're name is Hemingway) tyfyt.

  36. Let me Cheer you up with one of my dads joyfull stories spoiler alert: my dads stories always end up one of his friends dying by car accident. Now i see why the guy why has a deep rooted solid pessimistic view over everything, huh. Anyways we are at the table having diner and we got a relative with us who recently lost her dead. My dad wanted to add to the conversation as the theme was like you never how you may gonna end up or actually die regardless what doctors say. Like once a doctor said to this guy you got three months to live and he lived 20 more years and he died of this thing. My dad said we had this sworn accountant he used to tell me all the time you know every night I go to bed and wish to never wake up again. I was like woah wait what but it doesn't count the guy had depression. My dad went on with his story but he didn't die like that though one day I heard he got hit by a bus in front of the hotel near our work place. Awkward South Park silence at the table.

  37. Yes Neil Brennan, there IS "something to it". Most of us are victims (and I don't use that word lightly) of a monumentally flawed hypothesis made "fact" about 50 years ago. A doctor named Ansel Keyes decreed that eating fat was bad and carbs were good.

    Depression and anxiety are very useful mechanisms that many species have evolved. When we become ill in some way, depression acts like a quarantine that protects the "tribe" and reduces the appetite to allow autophagy to kick in and aid the body in cleaning/healing itself. That is how it's biologically meant to work, and it's extremely beneficial to a species.

    The single largest cause of stress and anxiety (or lack thereof) is caused by what goes in the mouth. Rather than write a book here, I'll just give a few thoughts to consider…

    – There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate for our species.
    – A calorie isn't just a calorie.
    – Try to find a carnivore that suffers from depression or anxiety (or any other malady). I'm not selling carnivore btw. The real takeaway is: Fat good, carbs bad. Find what works best for you, with that as your #1 rule. And do your research, because the FDA sure as hell won't do it for you!
    – 2 books essential to understanding this are: The Hacking of the American Mind by Dr Robert Lustig, and The Good Gut by Drs Justin and Erica Sonnenburg.

    What's actually most depressing are documentaries about human health and happiness that are completely oblivious to this.

    I wish you all the best in your journey to unlearn what you have been taught and discovering what you are and what an optimal human diet is! 🙂

  38. I just learned that "passively suicidal" is a thing. I felt that way for a while & just didn't know it was legit. Comedy gets me thru- I'm grateful to comedians for saving me.

  39. “Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears.

    Says, "But doctor…I am Pagliacci.”
    ― Alan Moore, Watchmen

  40. I don't feel joy. I have this. It doesn't bother me that much anymore.(These days maybe Every couple weeks I do now, its nice) But people seem to get freaked out or think I can positive meme myself into it. LOL

  41. For anyone not ready for or not seeing results from traditional talk therapy, please look into body based therapy calles somatic therapy. Theres a whole world of somatic therapies out there that work with the subconscious in the body and can even help preverbal trauma (like anyone who has traumatic or depressed memories from before they could speak).

    Heres some of the best trauma therapists to research:

    Peter Levine and Irene Lyon
    Gabor Mate
    Bessel van der Kolk
    Lindsey Gibson
    Ross Rosenberg

    Also Lisa Romano and Inner Integration on YouTube are good to understand family trauma that includes narcissism and alcoholism.

    Consider not eating refined sugar, fried foods and try out an anti inflammatory diet as depression causes neural inflammation due to chronic stress. Vitamins and supplements like omega 3 oils, b complex, adaptogens, and nootropics are highly beneficial. Magnesium for sore muscles.

    Yin yoga and myofascial release are very helpful for chronic muscle tension. And Internal Family Systems therapy or Shamanic Soul Retrieval meditations are helpful to integrate traumas emotionally and mentally. Journaling your feelings using validation and compassionate inquiry, and doing self care activities for mindful rest is important to healing your mind and body.

    Lastly, any kind of meditation that calms your body, and that teaches you to recognize the voice of ego (which is based in toxic shame and toxic guilt and dread) so that you can disregard it when it tries to sabotage you is very helpful too. Schema therapies can also help with recognizing what emotions and mental patterns and assumptions youve picked up from your family or society that are causing you pain due to not being truth or half truths.

    Also breathing exercises. If youre a freeze and disassociative kind of person, do box breathing or pranayama breathing. If you're a fight type of person with anger issues, look into Wim Hof style breathing or Breath of Fire from yoga. (If youre a depressed person you maybe shouldnt do Wim Hof until your nervous system is strong enough to handle it. Irene Lyon has a video talking about this and how to tell if youre a person who has a nervous system that is hyperaroused vs hypoaroused.)

    This is all I got so far. Good luck to everyone. <3

  42. Questions that came up for me while watching this amazing, helpful, well-produced, highly needed video:
    1. Were all the other funny or die videos leading up to this one?
    2. Are there really more depressed comedians than any other occupation or are they just more well known? When I did a paper on suicide 35ish years ago dentists had the highest suicide rates in the country (probably because everyone feared/hated them – that’s a lot of pressure.)
    3. If comedians used humor to deal with depression because they love to hear laughter, do accountants do mathematics to cope because they love math?
    4. Is it still suicidal ideation if you wish you were dead but you’re afraid of pain and doing something to end you life just seems like it would take too much effort.

  43. This video nailed it. So thankful for this video. I dont feel so alone anymore. Someone out there gets it afterall. "Stay alive"

  44. To be suffering and to be guilted for just expressing yourself is something I face everyday. To be deny any point of release from stress is my life. Knowing is not the same as helping. I don't even know how to help others when I am struggling. Stand up is eye opening and a kick in the guts for me. The truth hurts more than the words that are not said.

  45. Listen to the music, the stories, the art…its all the universe (one song). Try to realize you are the universe and you create your life like sebastian in the never ending story.

    To quote you the universe…"free your mind and the rest will follow"

    There is no spoon!

    You are sovereign, you're free will is THE WILL!

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