Cowboys Fans During the Bears Game

Cowboys Fans During the Bears Game

– I still can’t believe the
Eagles lost to the Dolphins. ‘Bout to go up two games in the division. Trubisky is garbage,
this game should be a W. Here we go baby, we
getting the ball to start? We have the first overall
offense in the league?` How do we not score any points? Good run, Zeke! Tony Pollard is out? Connor Williams is on IR? Blake Jarwin nice catch! We get it Troy Aikman, we
haven’t beat a team over .500. Zeke is eatin’ today! Letʼs go Jarwin. Third down conversion. Witten might need to re-retire. Gallup, beautiful first down. First and goal. Why are we running with Dak? Give Zeke the ball on the goal line. Handoff to Zeke. Touchdown! Easy baby, what a drive, that
is how you start the game! Last time we scored first, the
Bills scored 26 unanswered. Not today though. What is this camera angle? I donʼt like this angle… What is that? Defense are we really gonna let them walk down the field? How are we letting Trubisky
run for first downs? Jourdan Lewis, interception. He was out of bounds? Thatʼs two feet, he
got two feet in bounds! About time we got an interception. We finally got a turnover on defense. We got the ball on the
one yard line though. There we go Witten, give
us some breathing room. That pass to Gallup
was almost intercepted. Caught a break there. Of course we don’t do
anything with the turnover. Sack, Darian Thompson. Let’s go. First we jump offside, then
we let them get a first down. The Bears set that screen up perfectly. Allen Robinson scored. Our
defense can’t stop anything. We really respond with a
three and out on offense? What is our defense doing? Can we tackle someone? This is just like last week. Third and ten, they converted it? Block in the back penalty (laughs). Bring that back. Shut up Troy Aikman, let
us have this penalty. I didn’t see a face mask,
did you see a face mask? I didn’t see it. I hate when Troy Aikman
broadcasts our game. We need Vander Esch back immediately. Eddy Piñeiro, 36-yard field goal. Right down the middle, must be nice. Ten unanswered points, I’m scared. Coop, first down. Coooooop. Let’s go Zeke. He broke one. Ahhh! 31 yard run, Zeke’s already
over a thousand yards this season. Olawale turn around! 42 yard attempt, let’s
see what you got Brett. Of course, of course he misses. I expect him to miss. Just go for it on every
fourth down, we might as well. This is his last game! How does this man still have a job? You might as well just let me kick. How do we jump off sides
on third and short? We don’t have any discipline. Come on Michael Bennett. This is the Bills game all over again. What type of tackling is this? 50 seconds left, let’s
hold ’em to a field goal. False start, yep on
the Bears, there we go. How did Jaylon Smith not intercept that? 22 seconds left, first and goal. Jaylon Smith, great
defense, two plays in a row! Dang, he landed on Javon Wim’s ankle. That didn’t look good. That’s an interception, that’s not simultaneous possession. Jaylon Smith took it away. They’re not even gonna review it? I cannot believe we’re
making Trubisky look like Tom Brady, let’s get it together. We’re a third quarter team. C’mon D, let’s get a three and out. Another first down for Trubisky rushing. Michael Bennett, thank you for the sack. Cordarrelle Patterson
should have been tackled for fourth down, instead
they got another huge gain. Please do the wildcat more often. Holding on Xavier Woods
on third down, of course. And Anthony Miller walks
in for a touchdown. Amari Copper was wide open. Dak has been off all game. Zeke missed that pass. And we go three and out. Did we actually get a three and out? This is the Bears’ first punt of the game? Why is Jaylon swiping right
now, we’re down 17 points! Khalil Mack sacks Dak? Another three and out. Fumble, Jaylon Smith got it! Let’s go (claps). Gallup missed a wide open pass? We gotta go for it, fourth down and four. How did Dak get rid of that ball? That’s what I’m talking about Gallup. Zeke couldn’t get the first down? We gotta go for it again. Fourth quarter. Touchdown Zeke, let’s go! We back in this. Maher kicked it out of bounds. Great job Maher, great job. You got one job, keep the ball in bounds. Chido go for the ball,
you could’ve had that interception on Robinson. Trubisky kept it on the read
option. He’s gonna score. Are we even trying? We really out here making Trubisky look like Lamar Jackson. I haven’t felt this
hopeless since Quincy Carter was the quarterback. Intentional grounding on Dak. Third and 22 now, phenomenal. Incomplete on fourth down,
and we’re punting again. Fifth three and out. We got a stop on defense, what? Why did Cobb fair catch that? At the five yard line? Who’s our Special Teams Coordinator? Why are we running the ball with Zeke? We’re down three scores. Fourth down and four. This is the game right here. Incomplete, sounds about right. Nah, I’m done. I’m not watching anymore. I’m done, Jason Witten
didn’t un-retire for this! Our defense is complete trash! Why do I even watch anymore? Over here letting
Trubisky run all over us. Can we go back to having slow starts? At least we were
competitive in those game. We used to have pride. Fire Jason Garrett! We used to have discipline. Cut Brett Maher right now! All this talent and we
can’t beat Trubisky? They’re not gonna fire Jason Garrett, Jason Garrett is gonna be back next game? This team has given up on Jason Garrett. We keep playing around, the Redskins are gonna win the division. I cannot believe I
stayed up to watch this. Nobody to blame but myself. Ridiculous. (somber music) I’m a grown man. – Scooter, uh ha ha. Wassup man (laughs). I’m at the game right now. Y’all losing man (laughs). It’s over for y’all man. Tell me what Jerry say man. Hello, hello?

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  1. 😡😡😡😡 My top Five most disappointing seasons! At least when we went 1-15 in 89 I understood with the talent we had it was expected but this year! This is underachieving to the 100 power!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. While I get your frustration I will tell you if you guys cut Maher Belichick will be in the streets Shiving other GMs to keep them away from him until he gets the contract signed…

  3. First time I've watched. As a die-hard BEARS fan, dude….I could easily watch a game with you. I feel the game like you. "MAHER……….YOU HAVE ONE JOB……….KEEP THE BALL INBOUNDS!!!!"

  4. I'm a UK Cowboys fan and yea this pretty fucking accurate. Not gonna lie….. Kinda getting fed up of trying to defend this dumpster fire. At this point I might just switch to Pats and hide my cowboy gear in the basement in the corner. 👀

  5. I don't like American football. I don't like the Dallas Cowboys. In the past two weeks, I have become a Scooter Magruder fan, and will remain so for life! Man, I hope your team can win one for you soon!

  6. Who’s more pathetic? Cowboy fans who actually believe their team has a chance at a Super Bowl championship every year, or Raider fans, who’s team leaves them for another city every ten years?

  7. We as the cowboys have so much talent but it’s the coaches jerry needs to make the move and fire the staff not just Garett

  8. Honestly, as a Bears fan, Trubisky will go down if you breathe on him, so…doubly embarrassing that he rushed like that on y'all.

  9. 3:14 that reference had me rolling!! I completely forgot Quincey Carter lol.

    Thank you for being a light in this dark time lol.

  10. My man said Qince Carter. I feel the same way. I told my family not to get me any COWBOYS gear for Christmas, no monetary support until Garrett is gone.

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  12. He’s the only cowboys fan I respect and i watch every episodes! Cause it makes a Cowboys lost that much better but this one right here I’ve been waiting all season for!! #BearDown!! Made the bears win that much better 😂😂

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