Cowboys Fans During the Giants Game

Cowboys Fans During the Giants Game

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  1. I was waiting for the Google search but then made up for it with the "how do we loose to the Jets though?" 不不不

  2. How DID we lose to the Jets, though? They lost to the Dolphins. The DOLPHINS. And we gave them their first win? Dang, man. Only a Super Bowl can wash that taste out of my mouth.

  3. You cant seriously think the cowboys are still going to the Super Bowl. Come on. They are still only one game ahead of the eagles, and even if they manage to win the nfc east, its most likely as the 4th seed. No way theyll be able to compete with the #1 seed 49ers.

  4. "How did we lose to the Jets though?"
    —Regardless of how the season plays out, that is a question that will be asked every week, and well into the offseason.

  5. Idc what none of yall say, Quinn grabbing Hernandez by his facemask and talking like a parent about to whoop their kid in church was the highlight of the year for me

  6. Maher the only NFL kicker with multiple kicks over 60 yards but we still worried about him missing from close range lol. He did good thought this game so he redeemed himself.

  7. Not a Cowboys fan by any means, but you know I'm watching every one of these Cowboys videos. I'm more up to date on how the 'boys are doing than any other team aside from my Bills!

  8. I think, 'I'll just watch what he does with the opening play interception… then I watch the whole video. You are good. You make the unfunny funny and the funny funnier.

  9. I really hoped the "how did we lose to the jets though?" would make it in, glad it did. It's probably going to be a weekly question for me the rest of the season.

  10. As a giants fan i wanted to dislike this but I didnt.

    I will dislike if u win a playoff game n make a video tho. I petty.

  11. They still talking about the OBJ catch, Who won the game? No one want to talk about who won the game!

    Theres a black cat on the field they trying curse us.

    refs trying to get the giants back in the game

    Someone slap Will Hernandez

    Blindside block 賤

    I would want to fight too if I played with the giants

    How did we lose to the jets though still trying figure it out doesnt even make sense


  12. I absolutely love your energy bro your excitement is unmatched, when the lady came up with the accordion I said the same thing and at the end I was busting up the jets the lets!?!?! Lol

  13. Itll be 6 years from now, Scooter still be thinking about that loss to the Jets like Spicys HS be loosing to Central by Three touchdowns.

  14. Man I barely started watching these videos I have never laughed so hard for football . Love your videos man , but not gonna lie Im also lost on how we lost to the jets

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