So guys, we haven’t agreed on who gets which car. That’s why I suggest we do a challenge. Penalty shoot outs, but not normal shoot outs – call out penalties. Let’s do scissors, paper, rock. Okay, let’s go. I won. We’re shooting first, okay? Okay. Let’s go! Ohhh, both! Michi is already standing at bottom left. Then shoot bottom right. You can go away there my friend. Let’s go! Aw man, that responsibility… That wasn’t even bottom right! What are you doing? So they just thought I was shooting in the middle, but it actually was bottom right. That means you can shoot in the middle now because they definitely won’t stand there. I’m going to shoot it in the top right corner. Your shot, dude, your shot! We still have bottom left and the top shots. You have to score this one with a precise strike. I’m gonna save this one, I’m flying! I think it’s the balls fault. I’m gonna shoot this one into bottom left corner. Yes, dude! Hahaha, first I thought… What a douche. I’m gonna slam this one in the top left corner. He’s not gonna shoot high. No? Lukas also can go for the middle .. it’s hard to guess right Just trust your feeling, okay? Let’s go, come on Lukas! Concentration bro, concentration! Lukas, are you planning on shooting today or are you gonna do that tomorrow? Nooo! He didn’t wanna score in the bottom left corner! Clever guy! I’m telling you he’s gonna shoot left. – So this side. *unidentified mumbling* He will go to the left upper corner Just go for the middle – i think they don’t get it.. Let’s go, we’ve decided. Ahhhh, he was insecure. Are you serious?! The good thing is, they’re totally confused now. They don’t know where we’re gonna shoot. Konzis shots are so shit! I can’t even tell where they’re gonna shoot! That’s a little bit difficult. Keep calm guys. That was all tactical play. I’m gonna shoot in the middle now. I’m speculating middle or bottom right. Full throttle in the middle. They’re shooting in the middle. You can’t top the drama. I knew it! You can get in the car and leave. In what car? Whooa! Okay in which corner have they shot already? They still have the top shot and the middle. Position yourself in one corner from the start on. It’s tactics, you have to learn that. Try to get your shot in the top left corner. Left or middle… Okay, Top left. I’m just gonna try. If I miss, I’ll just say “fuck that”. Are you done over there?! It’s hard. Get lost! I’m gonna try and shoot top right. You’re gonna do it dude, you’re gonna do it! already forgot where you wanna shoot. I know! I know! Noo! That’s way too complicated for me. Two shots, one for Michi, one for me. We haven’t shot left… Where are they gonna shoot? Down there or up there… Exactly Okay we’ve got both bottom shots. We think they believe we’re gonna shoot at the bottom right corner, but we’ll shoot bottom left. No he’s gonna shoot high. He saves that one, I can’t believe it! He can’t believe it. Disappointing performance… Fighting bruises! Hematoma. Middle. Save that one now! Let’s go! I don’t know where I’m gonna shoot anymore. It was supposed to go in the middle. Last shot. Quick conference. I discovered that you always have to be able to block everything out as a striker. Bottom right from my perspective… yes. It’s clear which corner’s left. I never know…with his foot… He has the experience, he’s been in the game for ages. Sorry Michi man! Bottom right. He just smashes that one into the corner! Dude what’s up! That boy is just too good. He did place that one well. Yes, but I thought you’d already position yourself in that corner. Okay so you won. We’re driving Benz and youuu….! Whoever’s first in Ascona. We’re finally heading to Switzerland. The winners’ car. The winners’ car from the first challenge. The winner is also going to take part in a special challenge. That’s a statement, so…! We’re gonna head on the Autobahn now with this AMG. Bye Konzi! Stupid Benz driver… Traffic jam… Toilet stop! [TRAPVERISON] We just arrived at this stadium. We found one on the way. accidentally We will do a try-not to laugh challenge. The first one to laugh loses. Wait a second… You lost .. You lost .. Let’s start! Okay Michi is out! You can go home. Final. Last clip. Michi dude, drive faster!! You have an AMG dude! Step on it! 230 kph! No what is he doing? He’s overtaking us! So the next challenge is up. It’s a football quiz obviously. Michi are you ready? Yes, let’s go! Starting the game! Which goalkeeper saved 3 penalties in the Champions League final 2000/2001? Cech, Casillas, Illgner or Kahn. Kahn. What part of the body is not allowed to intentionally touch the ball? Upper leg, knee, elbow, chest. Elbow. How long is a goalkeeper allowed to hold the ball in his hands? 6 seconds… yes 6 seconds. Which nation won the Euro Cup 2012? Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Italy. Spain. What’s the defined FIFA standard length of a pitch? 90m, 80m, 140m, 105m. Should be 90. Yeah 90. What, 105?! Which one of these clubs have never won the German championship? Bayern Munich, SC Freiburg, Borussia Dortmund, 1. FC Kaiserslautern. Freiburg. Who was co-trainer of the German national team in 1974? Ribbeck, Derwall, Nertz or Klinsmann. No idea, I’ll just guess Derwall. Correct! Who is the Equipe Tricolore? France, Spain, Brazil, Netherlands Errr France, yes, Equipe Tricolore. Who won the Champions League in 2000/2001? Arsenal, Bayern, ManU, Chelsea. Bayern, right? Against Valencia. Yes, Bayern. Who got the silver shoe during the World Cup 2002? Gomez, Müller, Klose or Basler. The World Cup? 2002? What is the silver shoe?? No idea dude! I’d say Klose right? Correct! Which coach won the title during the World Cup 1954 with Germany? Beckenbauer, Herberger, Nertz or Vogts. Herberger. Who scored the crucial goal to win Borussia Dortmund…. Everton! Where was the Champions League final 2012? Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dortmund. Munich! “Finale dahoam” Which German player played to most games in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup? Sammer, Beckenbauer, Matthias, Meier. Beckenbauer! Noo!! Who became World Player of the Year in 2001? Figo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Ronaldo. 2001… must be Ronaldo. Damn, it was Figo. Who was female coach of the year 2010? Silvia Kleid, Silvia Neid, Silvia Weid, Silvia Meid. Kleid or Neid? Kleid! Nooooo! What a stupid question dude! First touch my friends. We’re moving on. Yo, arrived in Switzerland. Let’s do it this way. We’ll do this challenge 1 vs. 1 – quiz challenge. And the best of each team has the opportunity to film with the German National Team We have gathered for the last challenge. We have gathered…hahaha. We had a tie in the last quiz challenge in the car. The winner of this round is allowed to go sky diving with the DFB and so on and so forth. Lukas is going to read out the questions. Each question has 4 possible answers. If anyone knows the answer instantly, you’re allowed to clap. Who was the german topscorer 2010/2011? A) Miroslav Klose B) Luca Toni C) Mario Gomez D) Giovane Elber Gomez. That’s right! 1 – 0. Who was World Cup winner 1998? France! That’s Right! I wasn’t even born.. wait no, I was. Now the 3rd question And maybe the last one? Right, if Michi is answering this one right .. I’m not German.. Who won the Champions League season 2009/2010? A) Borussia Dortmund B) Bayern Munich C) Inter Milan Inter Milan! The score is 2 – 1. Which German player has played the most World Cup games? Matthäus. You were a little faster. No! It was exactly at the same time! Now Michi will join the DFB Team & film with them! He wasn’t faster! I want to see the slowmo! NOW! Who won the Euro Cup 1996? Netherlands, Spain, France or Germany. Germany. Correct! Who was the Coach of the Year in 2011? Put your arms down! Pep Guardiola Alex Ferguson José Mourinho? Wrong.. it was Pep Guardiola The next question is about the defender “Jerome Boateng” From which team did Jerome Boateng come to Bayern Munich? Manchester United Manchester City! If this answer is right?! Yes, it’s correct! Who scored the final goal in the finals at the World Cup in 1954? Ottmar Walter Hans Schäfer Helmut Rahn Rahn! That’s correct! A special freekickerz question! With a story, please! fable story time with Michi! What’s the maximum weight of a ball before a match? Konzi should know this! 4000g-4500g 410g-450g 410-450! I would’ve said so too! Correct!

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  1. Hi freekickers macht mal mit der ganzen deutschen Fußballmannschaft ein Video und sagt Manuel neuer er ist der aller beste Torwart ever sagt liebe Grüße von ks Sami bzw Samira

  2. Wo wobt ihr ich hab auch ein Kanal mein Kanal Geist Sedat Özveren ich hab auch fiele fussballschuhe

  3. Kleine Korrektur 9:20: Tatsächlich wurde Freiburg mal deutscher Meister, aber nicht der SC sondern der FC Freiburg, vor knapp 110 Jahren. 8)

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