Crazy Indian cow interrupts match and doesn’t let go of Football || Plus top Cow meme compilations

Crazy Indian cow interrupts match and doesn’t let go of Football || Plus top Cow meme compilations

*Local Audience Insults Cow By Booing,Implying she isn’t fit to play * -look there he is -He rides the Cows? *Cow Poses Inviting For a Challenge* -Omg,Sexy Pose!!! -Should have brought my DSLR!! She really knows how to pose!! -Hey,One of you go on the other side! *Are you Scared of me MaawtherF*ckers* -Jimmo,Come in Front… *Take it from the front you beach* -Recording is on -This Guys are so scared that… -Why don’t you go dude? -I Have problem in my Legs *Come on closer Beach* *Audience Does Crazy Laugh* *Is that all you GOT??* OMG,Look at him, He simply ran there!! She is going to throw him down! The Ground is wet,If he gets stuck then his gone!! *Oh you want to try again f*cker* -Hey Pankaj, Scare Her with Stick ! she will go away! You shut up dude,let her play! * F*ck F*ck F*ck !! * Run,run,runrun!!! *Im gonna get it back Bastards!!* -Pankaj ,Score a goal!! Pass the ball!! *Bloody hell* -Pankaj ,put it in the goal!! Oh my GOD!! Hit the ground! They are Fu*ked! *Run Bitch!!otherwise I’m going right through you* *Its A GOAAAAL Bitches* Boil Souza!!

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  1. i think the cow has lost her calf thats why shes behaving like this. A minor trauma has attacked her brain.

  2. M proud to say that this is our daily playground and they all are are my friends😂😂😂😂😂 but I missed this.

  3. This video is soooooooo hilarious I have watched it for like 20 times and still laughing.. this cow actually spread happiness..

  4. We should try to find happiness everywhere but certainly not in these cases. She is a broken heart mother. Feelings are not copyrighted for human only.

  5. Well actually that cow lost its calf in an accident and is acting very wierd since.
    Maybe she thinks it's her calf.

  6. Heart-breaking story behind the viral cow’s ‘football skills’

    The cow had recently lost her newborn calf. It was hit by a vehicle on the road a few days back and the calf eventually succumbed to its injuries.

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