Creating a 3D Football Session on

Creating a 3D Football Session on

Welcome to I’m going to demonstrate how
simple it is to build a session, in a matter of minutes. I’m going to create a session
using the SessionBuilder. This is a progression pick-and-mix. You can build a session by adding
existing drills from your library, and modify them as you need. I’m going to build a session using
three existing progressions, and drag-and-drop them into the Drop Zone. Then click “Create Session”. Here are the three sessions that I
selected in the SessionBuilder. I can edit and modify them;
and now I’m going to create a “Technical Warm-up” practice
to complete the session. I’m going to click on the tab, add the title and then I’m going to select
the pitch type that I want. Zoom-in, and then change the grass texture… And using the concertina menu on the
left-hand side I will start the session by adding equipment to the 3D window. You simply drag-and-drop the
equipment onto the 3D area, and the grass texture can
help when adding the cones. I’m going to add the mannequins
into the middle of the pitch area. And then I’m going to select the players. You can use the yellow control
to rotate the players. make sure they’re in the
direction you want. I’m using the Passing and Receiving players in this particular diamond drill. And once I’ve added on all
the players that I need, I’m then going to add the lines. I’m going to go into an overhead angle to apply the lines onto the
pitch, because it’s easier. I’m going to select the passing line first.
I’m going to put this on in a clockwise
direction to speed things up. And now you see that the Diamond
practice is taking shape. Do exactly the same for the other practice. And then now I’m going to
add on the movement lines. I’m going to edit the movement lines,
because I need a double-headed arrow. And this is to show that the
player in the middle is going to be moving to-and-from
the mannequin repeatedly. You can re-adjust the arrows. You can rotate. You can shorten.
You can lengthen. Now I’m going to add the text:
I’m going to label each of the players. This will help me when I add the
comments and explanations later on. And now I’m going add the text. And I’m going to go into full-pitch view. And from this, I want to get
the exact camera angle I need, so that when I view my
session later on in the Session Library, this is exact
angle I’m going to see. Once I’ve done that, I’m going to
move the tab to the first position, because I want the Diamond Drill to
be Warm-up in the first progression. I’m then going to add a Session Title, Categorise the Session, and then I’m going
to save it as a First Team session. And then click “Save”. This is going to re-direct me
to the “My Sessions” Library. Click on the thumbnail or title, and this is now taking me
to the “View Session” page. On the “View Session” page,
you can present your session, share your session,
or to print your session. At the bottom of the page there is a key for all the lines that you have
put-in when creating your session. When the 3D logo appears, it means
that you can rotate the picture. You can rotate, zoom, annotate
with the Scribble-board and use in full-screen mode
for your presentation. And that’s it:
you’ve created a session, saved it into your “My Sessions” library.
And it’s as simple as that.

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