Cristiano Ronaldo was stolen Golden ball and not one

Cristiano Ronaldo was stolen Golden ball and not one

Ronaldo stole a Golden ball and not one Voting for the “Golden ball” will never be
authoritative. This is all about reputation, which you can
easily spoil before the vote. This has happened to Cristiano Ronaldo more
than once. Now not everyone will remember how much dirt
poured on the Portuguese in the so-called era of Lionel Messi, when the Argentine 4
years in a row came on the scene as a winner. As soon as it came to voting, the press immediately
wrote about some conflicts with the Portuguese teammates, raised the topic of his sexual
orientation, attributed to him non-existent words… Even all officials of FIFA and UEFA were drilling
into people the idea that Messi is better than nobody and never will be, and Ronaldo… Suffice it to quote Joseph Blatter: “Ronaldo
spends too much time hair.” Or let’s remember Michel Platini’s words in
2011: “I Hope Messi wins his third Golden ball.” Do you remember what happened in 2014 after
the victory of the Portuguese? Platini was sad: “Very upset that Ribery didn’t
get the Golden ball. For 50 years, the Golden ball was awarded
for achievements during the season, and now people are looking at how the players played
before.” In General, it was great to hear such words
from people who held at that time the highest positions in the world of football. All this caused invaluable damage to the reputation
of the Portuguese striker. It’s funny that even now, when the era of
Messi is far in the past, it is customary to say that Cristiano and Lionel are both
great footballers. Last year, Messi was not among the favorites,
and Ronaldo again all the evil won the Champions League and became the top scorer of the tournament. When the victory of the Portuguese seemed
obvious, the battle joined scandal Kathryn Mayorga. In this story from the beginning it was all
clear and thank God that yesterday, this story is officially over, and Ronaldo was found
innocent, but who now remembers that the Portuguese just stole the “Golden ball”? If you still don’t understand how bad reputation
affects voting, here’s one simple example of a journalist from Pakistan, Natasha Rachel,
who openly told everyone that she was not going to vote for a rapist. The girl did not include Ronaldo EVEN in the
TOP 5, but at the same time found a place for Courtois! That begs the question: how’s that for you,
Elon Musk? Today, the same girl commented on the police
decision: “the System works against victims of violence, especially if the offender is
an idol worshipped by idiots.” Here such here “adequate” journalists choose
the owner of “Golden ball”. And this is just one bright case, and how
many of them around the world? By what criteria do they choose the winner? Why do they get the right to do it? Many questions, few answers. The story of Mayorga is over, but no one will
return Cristiano’s Golden ball. That’s sad. Установите приложение
на смартфон и работайте офлайн

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  1. Мне ентересно с такими дебилими который не ценять Роналду , блядь а кто такой Месси или Ван дейк у них нет не одного резултат , а Роналду всегда вес команда ташит в перёд не знаю куда все смотрят 2 раза ужее у Роналду украдут золотой мяч

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